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Carbon:ate Carbon Steel Frying Pan Skillets 24cm $19.99, 30cm $29.99 Delivered @ Fresh Australian Store


Carbon:ate Carbon Steel Pans - both reduced to clear.
24cm - $19.99
30cm - $29.99
Price includes FREE SHIPPING

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    Price in title please OP

  • nice price, bought my 30cm for 35 a few years back

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    Just be aware the store name is somewhat a misnomer. They are apparently designed in Australia, but made in China.

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    These are terrific to cook on - incredibly fast heat up time but I've been having a bugger of a time getting the seasoning to stay on them. Multiple coats applied but it seems to flake off after a while - I've got a lot of cast iron so aren't doing any of the silly things that could cause this. Just seems they're tougher to season & maintain than cast iron.

  • Thanks, I bought a few!

  • How do these compare to genuinely Australian-made SolidTeknics Aus-Ion range?

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      a huuuuuuuge price difference

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      Like comparing the Ballarat 5ths to Richmond in 2020

      • Definitely not 2021 Richmond

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          Well, even 2021 Richmond is way better but no, I was careful :-D

    • Solidteknics ftw

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    Thanks OP. Bought one. Hopefully it'll rekindle my interest in cooking again

    • i think a wok might be better if you want to rekindle interest.

  • Haha. I'm very used to cooking with a wok. But the carbon pan has piqued my interest. Hence the purchase.

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Let's see how I go with seasoning it.

  • Bought both but then realised I have an induction cook top. Are these easy enough to season in an oven?

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      the website says these pans are compatible with induction hobs…

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        He needs to season them first, which is hard/impossible to do on induction.

        Hence the oven question.

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          Yep you can (instructions on the website)

    • I've done it with other pans. I wipe the outside and inside down with vegetable oil. Place the pan upside down in the oven so any oil will drop out.

      I put it on 190°C for an hour and let it cool down in the oven.

      Then wipe out any exceed oil hanging about.

      I just got this off a YouTube video.

      • Cheers. I realised I did it wrong previously with my cast iron!

      • great thanks for the tip. i'll hit up some youtube clips in preparation.

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        add to that,
        use linseed oil for best results. you want high smoking point oil. but vege oil will do just fine.

    • Use a portable single gas stove (those camping ones). Inexpensive if you don't already have one.

      I've done two woks on them. Came out perf.

  • Can you remove the silicon handle and does the metal handle gets hot?

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    Fresh Australian Store selling Chinese pans

  • I bought two of these last month but unfortunately had to return them. I have spent heads of time seasoning them- by oven or stove top but cant get them to bond.

    • Ah, bought one today, will I be disappointed as well

    • Is the oil smoking? Maybe you're not getting it up to temp.
      With a domestic stove and such a thick gauge pan, you might need to heat it for a while.

      If it's not smoking then it's not hot enough

      I seasoned mine on a domestic gas cooktop. Took about 10mins to do.

      • Invert it and stick it in the oven at 220 degrees for an hour.

        And ensure you have only the thinnest smear of high-smoke temp oil wiped on and padded down with paper towel before oven seasoning it.


        • That's not how it's spelt

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            • @OzBragain: LOL!

              Insta-warriors will be sharpening their pitchforks as we speak…

            • @OzBragain: Even news.com.au should know that's not a spelling mistake, it's just using a wrong word. Which isn't a problem, but a major media outlet should know better.

              • @mickeyjuiceman:

                Even news.com.au should know that's not a spelling mistake, it's just using a wrong word.

                Not a huge problem in terms of survival of the human race but a mistake nonetheless

          • @inasero: True dat.

            Which, incidentally, is not how "dat" is spelt.

            I won't even attempt a big word such as, "anal-retentive"…

            • @UncleRico: Yeah, or that might be too complicated for some people
              BTW, "complicated" means hard :)

  • I don't like the low angle of the handle. But it's solid enough, with pretty thick steel, much thicker than my Pyrolux one.

    • Ships from Amazon
      Sold by The Fresh Australian

      Not exactly a price match when it's same seller

      • How about cashback ?….so it's better via Amazon. XD

        • I understand Kitchen category has 0% cashrewards also free delivery for over $39 if not prime.

  • I highly recommend this.. it will level up your food if you're currently using non stick coated pans.

    These pans are 3mm thick, heavy and retains a lot of heat, which is important for home stoves that aren't very powerful.

    Unfortunately I paid $50 for one last week before the discount. (arrived yesterday)

  • Mine pans arrived today. Very solid. Wow.
    Look forward to using it in my new home in a couple weeks.

    I also received a follow up email, thanking me for my purchase. I thought that was a nice touch. Above the usual confirmation email.