This was posted 4 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker BBM800 $379 (Was $439) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


They are trying to clear them, maybe a new model is coming out or they're just not selling well.
Bought one myself, old demo model for $350 at CityWest Harvey Norman.
Choice Magazine gave it 80% and recommended model, but not the highest rating model.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    I bought this unit nearly 2 years ago through Myer on Ebay for $255 after discounts.

    You can find it for less than $379 delivered on Ebay right now (at least with Ebay Plus membership) and I wouldn't go supporting Gerry Harvey anyway if I could avoid it.

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      And? What’s it like?
      I’ve got an old SD255 Panasonic bought in the UK when I lived there over 12 years ago. Still going strong but I would like a good backup

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        The Panasonic won't die, I wouldn't worry bout it

      • I'm pretty happy with it. We've probably made about 650 loaves with it so far. The first one we got failed after about a week, but was replaced with a completely new one quickly and easily by Breville/Myer and the replacement hasn't shown any signs of dying since.

        The fruit and nut dispenser doesn't work unless I give the hinges a spray with cooking oil - we very rarely use it so it's not a major problem.

        I have replaced the pan and the paddle once, (pan seal failed first, then later, the collapsible paddle got so stiff that it would no longer collapse despite cleaning as best as I could after each use and it started to lose its non stick coating) but at least the replacement parts were reasonably priced from Breville. We had 2 of the Panasonic bread makers before this one and they both had the non stick coating fail and replacements were going to cost almost as much as a whole new unit.

        Maybe I'm too rough with cleaning the pans, or doing something else wrong since others don't seem to be having these issues - we do make a loaf pretty much every day though which does seem to be uncommon…

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        I got a Panasonic SD2501 and it’s the best and they are very durable

        Try this recipe
        1 cup rye flour
        2 cups white flour
        1.5 tsp yeast
        1.5 tsp salt
        2 table sp sugar
        1 table sp butter or olive oil
        1 and a 1/4 cups of water
        Use 4hour program light crust medium size

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  • Wasn't there like a $15 bread maker last week?

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      I was wondering how many fancy loaves of sourdough I could buy for this. Turns out 47 loaves at $8ea. I think we’d buy one per week or two, but not always $8 fancy ones, often just the $4-5 supermarket ones. So that’s about two years ish?

      Yeah that’s just the raw economics but I know people love making their own bread.

      I’m just grumpy at my own mostly failed attempts at a decent loaf of bread (let alone sourdough), I just opt to buy it, let the experts do it for me. I think it’s good for my mental health.

  • I've had this bread maker 18 months and make 1 or 2 loafs a week it took a few tries to get the bread how we like it but now it's perfect every time very happy with it ,my brother has the Panasonic and he says my bread is a tiny bit better than his .I brought mine second hand .

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    I've had this bread maker for about a year and it gives great consistent results. We also use it to mix and raise pizza/pasta/foccacia dough.

    Just make sure you clean the collapsible paddle very well everytime! Filling the tin with water and then using a straw cleaner or similar to clean the paddle as dough gets into all the small openings.

  • My Bread Maker from Kmart cost $69. :)

    • Looking at getting this. How's your experience?

      • Decent. Makes a good Banana Bread with nuts.

  • Mickice, what's your Kmart one like please?


  • I had one… worked perfectly till I left it in storage for 2 years…
    Nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread!!!

  • No way buying from hardly normal, also remember they pocketed the jobkeeper money.

  • I get it to mix my dough for making steamed buns

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