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Gigabyte G32QC-A 31.5" VA 1500R 165hz Gaming Monitor $429 + Delivery ($0 Delivery for Metro Areas) @ Centre Com


I found this deal from centre com and bought one.

Pro: no delivery fee and since I am in Melbourne CBD it's only 2 days delivery. It's 2k and 32inch curved.

Con: not the lowest price. If you wanna pay till Christmas they gonna have a lower price but depends on whether you wanna wait or not.

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  • This or Samsung G5?

    • Samsung G5 is a better brand but more expensive, I am looking for budge monitor anyway. And after carefully compared few 32 Curved monitors, I choose this one. Also I am only looking for 32inch curved monitors, so depends on what you need.

      • Samsung 32inch G5 was $379 during EOFY via their website.

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          Yeh, sadly, I am posting for people who missed the EOFY sales and don't want to wait till the Christmas sale. This monitor sales as $350 something one month ago. But I just missed it and don't want to wait.

          • @Jin798: fair enough!
            I missed out on the Klarna deal for this monitor. But not in a rush so willing to wait. Hopefully some bargains on Black Friday

        • Any idea how much the 32" G7 was during EOFY?

    • G32QC-A has a different panel to the G32QC, I think the original G32QC is the better one out of the two but both are better than the G5 IMO. The G5 really isn't a great monitor.

  • Saw this this morning also. Thinking if should buy or not…..

    • I have been considering this been the whole weekend haha, hang in there bro.

      • Yes me too, comparing this with the Phillip one with is similar but comes with a $50 steam card

        • i got this gigabyte one for 399 and my experience with it has been quite good, really nice monitor for gaming and watching content since it's so big

          Upgraded from a 1080p 32" 144hz a long time ago for 400 so this was a no brainer

  • Anyone who has this monitor can share what they think in turns of gaming and office use?

    • I don't, but a quick Google suggests it's a BGR panel. Be wary for office use.

      • Source on it being BGR?

        I'm aware there's a couple of IPS models by Gigabyte that are BGR, but this one's a VA panel and after a quick search I'm not seeing anything to suggest that this model is BGR.

      • Is BGR bad?

      • this model has a RGB panel. M27Q is the one with BGR.

        • Yeah, you're right. Amazon was lumping reviews for both models together.

    • has annoying occasional dithering when running 165hz gsync

      has headphone jack but no speakers

      otherwise not bad

    • +1

      I purchased 3 of these for a triple sim racing setup about a month ago and have been very happy, no issues and quality is fine. The only thing that would be nice would be speakers but not a deal breaker for me. Can't comment for office use.

      • Perfect … this is what I have been wanting to know. You wouldn't happen to run ACC. If so .. what kind of FPS are you getting ?? TIA

        • +1

          Running iRacing. Mostly 150+ but down to about 115 in large field races at some tracks. Using Intel 10th Gen i7 with 2070 super GPU.

  • I own 2 of the 27 inch versions of this monitor. AMA.

    • +1

      hows life

  • anyhting else close to this for the price? Missed out the xiami 34" been hanging for something similar since

    • Are you buying mainly for gaming?

      • yeah gaming is a consideration

        • AOC CQ32G2E, Samsung G5 (was $399 during EOFY sale) and the Dell S3222DGM during eBay sale are all around this price range.
          S3222DGM is rather new and not many reviews are available, G5 really isn't a good monitor IMO, AOC is inferior to this in terms of ghosting & black smearing control but both AOC and Dell have better warranty than Gigabyte.
          Not sure about G32QC A but the original G32QC is a pretty good monitor for the price, the problem is quality control isn't great and backlight bleed is rather common for all Gigabyte monitors.

  • Be wary of these.
    Bought 2 in 2020, one malfunctioned within 3 months. Got it replaced and it's replacement has the same issue. Was a lengthy process for the replacement too.

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