Recommended Courier for Small Business

Hi Ozbargainers

Hope everyone is doing fine under our 5th lockdown (VIC)

I'm looking to change courier for my small business as my current one is quite unreliable.
Is there anyone who is using a courier that you can recommend (prefer something affordable)?

My own experience is DHL is pretty good but they're expensive.
TNT, Australian Post, Startrack … (and almost everyone else) got 1.x * reviews on
Sendle has excellent reviews but I've never heard of them before (anyone has experience with them?)

I'm shipping about 20 small boxes (less than 3kg) per week from Victoria, metro area, no signature required.

Many thanks

Thanks everyone for the advices and vote!! I really appreciate it and will most likely go with Australian Post.

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    Australian Post
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  • Hi,
    I use Sendle w/Velocity because Points. lol

    The Rate Card is on the Link.

    I guess most Carriers are affected by Covid-19.

    • Thanks holdenmg, the points seem to be a good incentive. Do you get any discount from the rate shown in that link? I haven't contact them yet. Do they require signature?

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    Imo not sendle.

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    auspost all the way, customers first choice too

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    We send 20-30 parcels/packages a week and use a combination of Australia Post and E-Go. Each has their own benefits, Australia Post because of their general reliability and discount for 20+ items a week. E-Go because they price on the overall weight of the shipment and not piece by piece as with AusPost.
    We always do a price comparison and if it is a single to remoter areas then AusPost generally has cheaper pricing.
    We would never touch Sendle or any other freight broker because they will use the cheapest carrier, and this is normally the least reliable.

    • Thanks! Good to know this.

      During Christmas, would you also recommend Australian Post? I can only imagine they will be over loaded.

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        So far I know they are very reliable. No complains during Xmas.

      • They are no more overloaded than all delivery services, but they prepare for the event better than most

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    As an involuntary customer of Sendle I would not recommend… it would be like getting Airtasker to do your deliver sometimes I reckon.

    • Plus they contract out to CP and Aramex networks.

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    If it's just metro/state-based - send with Couriers Please and AusPost.

    Just check which is the cheapest for each of the shipments.

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    Don’t forget to use auspost business for discounts if you’re a frequent user.

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    courier please, offer pickup for around $10-$12 up to 3kg (dyor)

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    I currently send 20-30 parcels a week all around the 5KG mark
    I have been using Auspost and found that overall they are the cheapest
    Once you register a My Business account with them (not a credit account, just an online account)
    you get discounts as you send more and more parcels.

    The upside of this is that Auspost will deliver to Parcel Lockers ( blown away by how many of my customers have them)
    You can also dispatch parcels via parcel lockers if you wish
    they have online integration with eBay (so i can import orders in bulk)
    They have a pick up service (for a fee) (i only use if i have a LOT of parcels to be collected

    • Good point about parcel lockers. I never thought of this actually.
      Mostly everyone is going for Auspost as well!

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    Heavy items (6kg+) with Couriers Please.
    Lighter items with Australia Post.

    With Couriers Please their performance is strongly correlated with your local franchisee, if you have a good one you'll be fine.

    You should be able to reach Band 4 savings on Auspost My Post Business which is about 19% off interstate.

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    AusPost cover all areas, unlike Fastway & Couriers Please.

    I have stopped using Fastway. Too many issues, not worth the time and hassle when you raise a claim, then they pay you the cheapest price (MINUS GST), so if you sold a Computer for $1400, and you paid your Supplier $1100 Inc GST, they only give you $1000. Their argument is you can claim the GST on your next Tax Return. A couple of losses like this could send a Small Business under.

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    AusPost cops a lot of flak, but they are generally pretty good in my experience.

    Although my experience involves items being sent to my PO Box, so I don't have issues with contracted delivery drivers not attempting delivery.

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    I post a couple of packages a month. I always end up back with AusPost, even though they are more expensive. Sendle can be excellent or atrocious - it all depends on the sub-contractor they use and the individual driver. I have had packages delivered within Sydney in one day and other times packages have not been picked up for 10 days despite daily chase ups. Don't expect a credit under their policy as the driver simply records "package not available for pickup" first thing the next morning and they always side with the driver. At least AusPost is reliable.