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Artiss Sofa Covers: 1 Seater $4.95, 2 Seat $6.95, 3 Seat $7.95, 4 Seat $9.95 Delivered @ OzPlaza Living eBay / Catch / Kogan


So its really a good deal seems like from the last deal that was posted as about this same sofa cover which is OOS from Bunnings Marketplace.

There's two designs that are of the clearance by the manufacturer's/ retailers I think QUILTED, STRETCHABLE ones

I looked up and research find these links in case eBay will go OOS, which is very likely to happen. I am pretty sure I saw these Artiss Sofa covers on AMAZON yesterday for cheaper i.e. $7.78 instead of $7.95 and like $5.53 instead of $5.95 something like that anyway AMAZON STOCK IS GONE.

I only bought 1 of 2 seater, 1 of 3 seater, 1 of 4 seater all different colors and designs just to make my home non-matching like one of those people who dont wear same socks.

ANY WAY THERE's the links, you chose what retailer you want to buy from, may be you had been stuck with Kogan GC or credit, or eBay voucher, etc. make use of it now.


Video for installation instructions and suggests not to throw old sofa instead make it new like using covers, unless it smells/stinks

Good luck to you, I am still waiting for my order which has only just been confirmed like earlier today. Not sure about the quality of these. But I can say that the website have their list prices ridiculously high like $63 something for 2 seater, or like $74 etc. which are non sense, just the Artiss website's retail pricing I think.


Hopefully not taken by bots. Let someone who actually need sofa cover buy it.

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    So I have bought both types for my 3 seater sofa.

    Both look great in the photos but terrible IRL.

    The stretchy one never fits great.

    The quilted one is so much worse in quailty than what you see in the photos.

    I paid $25-30 each for them.

    Trying to return the quilted one as it's not waterproof like described.

    If I had to recommend one, I'd say get the stretchy one


      Thanks for your recommendation.

      The quilted one they claim it to be WATER RESISTANT, yet they also say the spill should be wipped out IMMIDIETELY so i dont really trust their WATER RESISTANT CLAIM, like your review.

      But honestly speaking i dont think one can for wrong for $ 5.95 for 2 seater, $7.95 for a 3 seater Cover ?? Or can they?

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        I videoed it for evidence.

        Using a medicine cup, I poured 5ml of water and it soaked in immediately.
        Not only that, it went right through and wet my sofa.
        It was only 5ml.

        . Offers Zero protection for stains.

        The fabric is a disposable type fabric like what they make those 99c shopping bags out of. It's terrible quality.

        Even if I had paid $7.95 instead of $27, I'd feel ripped off


          It still offers some protection, especially against kids ripping out sofa or like make your old sofa look like a slightly new one. etc.

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            @DisabledUser229346: I think both made my sofa look worse that it did without them.

            It looks different not new.

            If you want to protect against stains, better spending the $8 on a can of Scotchgard.

            I'm in about $50-60 now since I paid full price.
            Would've been better off spending that on a new sofa instead, or a steam cleaner.

            Incidentally I decided to buy a steam cleaner too and a wet dry vacuum, primary to clean the sofa.

            Sure I could just buy a cheap IKEA sofa for $200 brand new, but seems wasteful throwing out a sofa because it's sightly stained


              @edrift: IKEA sofa probably have a cover you can change over.


      Do you have a picture of how the stretchable one looks?


      Yeah, I mean, there's no way that is the same sofa just with a cover on it. For <$10 I'll give it a go though.
      How wide is your couch btw? I feel like it it's on the shorter end of the size recommendation it probably fits worse… Mine is about 183cm.

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    I have all of these on my sofas. The quality is not very good but they serve the purpose. Be prepared to replace every 2 years.
    I’ll buy new ones to replace current ones (they start ripping as very thin)
    At these prices I recommend the stretchable ones as they protect from stains and shit (I have teens who like to watch telly whilst eating )

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      …… and defecating (apparently).


    I wonder what jatacid would say:



    I bought one but just so you know I’m currently using the big w ones below and they are really good when you stretch them to fit around the cushions


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      That's just a fleece throw?


        Yeah but protects my lounge. But I needed 4. Will stack this 4 seater throw with them


    All the 3 seaters are $26.95 for me..

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP

    Bought coffee colour 2 and 3 seater for $13.95 from Deal Plaza

  • +1 vote

    Used Kogan credit of $7.95 for a 3 seater. Thanks OP.

  • +1 vote

    Great write up OP!

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, bought 2 x 2 seater. Not sure if I will bother with the old couch that's basically my dog's now, but I normally use a sheet on the newer one that we share. It's quite large, but according to the measurements the cover should just fit.


      If you bought the stretchable one i think buying larger would not be a problem because you can just tuck the extra on bottom of sofa


    According to https://youtu.be/kT0SocHtw24

    Dont throw your old sofa unless it smells/stinks

    Otherwise use the sofa cover to make it new like


    Is the sale over? 3 seater's showing $26.95 for me…


      Try different colour, and may be different link /website


        Yeah, all showing $26.95 for all 3 seater covers as far as I can see.


          The quilted one on ebay is still 7.95 for 3 seater

          And the stretchable one is still at discounted price at kogan, other websites


    Great price


    Can't accept the dodgy Kogan tactic. I put the items into the cart and when it came to the payment, the price increased 10%.


      Yeah that happened to me, only I paid full price plus 10%


    So apparently there's is a decent quality version of these quilted covers that cost $100s called 'sofa shield'

    Then there is this version which is a very terrible copy.

    Other brands claim 30min water resistance:

    But with the ones in the OP post it doesn't hold water for even 1 second.

    Anyway have been promised a refund so let's see if it comes through


    Just received email from OzPlaza:
    We are very sorry to advise that this item that you purchased from us was found damaged during our regular stock take. We understand that this is disappointing, and would like to assure you that we will work with our supplier and delivery companies to prevent this from happening again.
    As the item is also out of stock, we are not able to supply you with another item.
    As such, we would like to offer a full refund.
    Likely story!!

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    The quality of this is horrible tbh,

    Artiss seems to only sell low quality cheap stuff.
    I bought a bed off them and left a negative review. They had the review deleted. You can't trust their reviews, because they delete all the bad ones.
    Bit dodgy

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    I just received my parcel.
    There was no packaging material, it came in the original clear bag so you can actually see what's inside! Haha
    I wouldn't complain cause the postage itself is probably costing them more than $9.95 that I paid for.
    As for the quality, I wasn't really expecting much, so I am pretty happy with what I got.
    It will do the job - cover all the stains and rips when the guests come around.