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10% off Car Insurance (via Referral Link) @ PD


PD was the cheapest car insurance I could find. 10% off for my OzB friends should make it even better. I checked with Neil before posting, and I think I followed the guidelines.

For those who also want to share a referral link, I coudn't find how to access it online - it might be just by phone. I got my code after they mentioned in when I called. Give them a buzz and ask if you are keen?

The details from the email that I received are:
"For a limited time, if you refer friends and family to PD Insurance you can both benefit through our unique Refer a Friend program. It's easy - if someone you refer purchases a comprehensive car insurance policy with us they get 10% off their premium and you score a $100 Visa gift card!*

Step 1: Forward this email to friends and family.
Step 2: Tell them to call us on 1800 776 473 to get a quote and mention the referral code.
Step 3: If they purchase a policy, they get an extra 10% off their premium and you get a $100 VISA gift card (one for every person you refer).

*Terms & Conditions: 1. For each policy term, you can get a $100 gift card for each friend who signs up with PD Insurance with a maximum three friends. 2. You'll get your gift card 45 days after your friend's policy commences and as long as it is not cancelled. 3. You qualify for the gift card only if your friend takes out a new PD Insurance comprehensive car insurance policy. 4. Your friend will get up to 10% off their annual base premium only."

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Referee gets 10% off their premium. Referrer gets $100 Visa gift card. Must sign up by phone: 1800 776 473

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    Did a "Quick" online quote and it was almost double what I currently pay with RACV for my car.
    I know it depends on individual circumstances but I definitely recommend shopping around if your getting insurance for the first time.


      Yep, not as big a difference for me but even with the 10% it was more than I'm currently paying.


    Why do they put the 'up to' in t&c's?

    "Your friend will get up to 10% off their annual base premium only"

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      Interesting catch! Might be worth doing the "Quick" online quote beforehand to ensure they're actually taking 10% off.

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    Don't waste your time. Almost 80% more than what I currently pay and too many questions..


      Who do you use? Interested to compare mine.


        Youi. They charged me $850 for my Brand new car. (same with PD Quoted me nearly $2000).
        Youi also returned some money every month due to Covid.