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"No Rush Delivery" Discount (Save from $0.49, Delivery from $0.50) @ Uber Eats


With No Rush, wait a little extra to save on your order. Your order will be held in a queue before the restaurant receives it. Good things really do come to those who wait.

I've stopped using Uber Eats because it's too expensive, but raising awareness for anyone who still uses it.
Selecting "No Rush Delivery" on the payment page appears to put you in a queue behind those who pay for Priority delivery and adds a discount to your order.

While the screenshot on Uber Eats shows a $1.50 saving, from the few I've checked in Sydney it seems to be more often 49c (bringing 99c delivery down to 50c or $4.99 delivery down to $4.50)

  • 10% Service Fee ($1 - $4) still applies
  • Don't forget the gift cards!
  • Doesn't appear on all venues
  • Factor in the Uber Eats price vs picking it up locally

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  • +4 votes

    Does it come tomorrow?

    • +5 votes

      They probably give it to AusPost

  • +25 votes

    Uber Eats is a rort now. Aside from the blowout in delivery times, that service fee combined with an already expensive delivery fee is not worth it. Plus don’t they have the worst commission sharing structure?

    You’re better off ringing your local, they’ll probably cut a deal with you if they deliver.

    • +11 votes

      Agreed. I haven't used it since they introduced that "Service Fee", which is pretty much them renaming the Delivery Fee so they could call it "free delivery".

      Posted this to raise awareness for anyone who still uses this as I know some of my local restaurants aren't availble through any other apps and they don't deliver themselves.

    • +2 votes

      as bad as uber is when there is an issue with my order they refund me quickly. and are the fastest of all others.

      have better service, but more expensive.


      Agreed! Uber Eats is $15 more expensive than Menulog with the same meals i order from my local indian joint

    • +1 vote

      They are being very sneaky. That said, no one delivers themselves beyond a few pizza places. I have definitely ordered at more restaurants lately because of UE and Menulog. UE has more availability for me and a better interface, but I try to use Menulog when I can.

  • +7 votes

    UE has become an absolute joke. All started going downhill when they went from $10 to $20 for shared delivery, then the service fees started creeping in.

  • +10 votes

    This barely seems like a deal.

    Who orders before they are hungry?

    Who would then want to save 50 cents to have your order delayed by a random amount and be hungry for longer?

    • +3 votes

      And colder. Paying a service fee and a delivery fee and a higher item price for cold food? Yuck.


  • +16 votes

    Also known as the 'cold food' option…


    How about a full refund for cold food after 3 hours wait?


    I assume held in queue until enough drivers available to pick up order. Might be risk that restaurant cancel it or become closed by the time the order is released from the queue for them to accept.

  • +3 votes

    Joke post?

  • +5 votes

    Sheesh, this leech of a company seem like they're really trying to milk every last cent from both the business and user these days. Next they'll introduce an admin fee and a extended extra no rush delivery option

    • +1 vote

      Don't give them any ideas.

  • +7 votes

    As an Uber eats driver, I can tell you how this worked. They charge less delivery fee then hold your order back and find a driver, send 2 orders no matter who is closer, give the other order delivery first, you may live 1.2 km away from restaurant, however driver needs to deliver the other order maybe 5.5kms away then come back to you, that could be 10-15 min different. The Uber eat pay also is cut now. I Much prefer menulog.


      I had menulog do this to me, my place is about a 5 minute drive from the restaurant, their driver went 15 mins in the opposite direction. food cold and inedible. wouldn't refund but offered me a $5 discount on my next order

      • +3 votes

        Simply this driver took multi deliveries from different platforms eg menulog and Uber eats , as Uber eats has rating, so he choose to do UE first hence your order is late.

  • +2 votes

    Haven't used UE in ages since the delivery cost + service fee is a total rip. Most places I have found have the same menu prices on Deliveroo and they have $1 delivery with no service charge. It might not be long before Deliveroo cotton on and also jack up their delivery prices and tack on a service charge so I'll take advantage of this as much as possible for now. I also noticed DoorDash are now similar to UE in delivery fee and service charge but at least you can buy a 10% cashback giftcard on ShopBack so it almost negates the delivery plus service charge if you spend around $60. Bye bye UE.


      Deliveroo have started going the same way - they had $1.99 lunchtime delivery on almost everything for a while, but now a lot of places will have $5-$6 delivery, usually making UE delivery+service fee cheaper. There are still some options where deliveroo have $1 delivery but far fewer now.

  • +3 votes

    Menulog killing it as far as I'm concerned. The customer service is non existent but still better than doordash.


    People still use Ubereats over Menulog and Deliveroo after they introduced the service fee? Why?

    • +2 votes

      it always comes down to restaurant availability.


        Fair enough, i suppose living inner city i never have that issue. I've deleted ubereats since they intro'ed the service fee


    I still order from UE as it’s the only platform my local fave cafe is on. Weirdly when I’ve used the no rush delivery it’s actually come much faster. Might have been a coincidence though. But I paid delivery the other day and my driver had a stop “along the way” which was actually two suburbs past my house. And then today I opted for no rush and it was here in 1/4 of the time,

  • +2 votes

    I’m sorry I’m going to neg. The discount really negates the value because depending on the type of food, if it doesn’t travel well, you’re in trouble. They will hold your order until it is paired with another “no rush” or standard order, then the driver will likely make another delivery before yours. This can make the store to your door time 20-30mins. If you’ve got anything other than Thai or Chinese, your meal is going to likely be stone cold and crap. The no rush feature is awful. And sadly because of it and them repeatedly stacking orders, I have to pay for priority.

    Their service charge which people are discussing I think is because they screwed up giving away 6months of free delivery to regular app users. I won it twice in a row and was enjoying having ridiculous things such as cans of drink delivered for free. The service charge meant my delivery was no longer really free.

  • +2 votes

    Terrible deal, same as everyone here stopped using UE after service fee. I was almost a platinum on uber because of good deals like BOGOF, some $ discounts, the free delivery for ING customers last year (best deal of my life there lol) and yeah but I have not used the uber platform for 3 months and don't plan on it. Everyone should boycott it, it's not even like the fee goes back to the resturant or anything it's just money for them.
    AND based on this new deal, I'm almost certain you are going to have 2 options in future a priority delivery for $7.99 or higher, or no rush delivery for $4.99 etc there will be no such thing as "standard delivery" trust me…

  • +1 vote

    This is a variant of service rather than bargain.

    Terrible value with service fees in the first place too.

    Personal experience was horrid two nights ago. 0/10 don't waste a meal on it.


    What’s up with UE delivery drivers sharing their account? Nearly every time I order the guy doesn’t match who’s showing up on the app.

    I chose this no rush option last order and the inky difference I noticed was it took a few minutes extra for the restaurant to confirm my order.

    Delivery was quick, maybe because the other order he was delivering was in the same complex as me. He got his first as well lol.


    Not a bargain at all. It's a restructuring fee scam.


    Food is 30% extra then you pay a delivery fee - steep but given the convenience acceptable trade off.

    Uber Pass comes out, $15 a month for no delivery fee. If you use it once a week it makes sense, but at the same time they add service fees.
    They also added drivers doubling up, not 2 orders from the same place. But they pick up my food, go and pick up another order. Deliver the other order and then mine.

    If I say no rush are they going to do 3 delivery’s?

    Company is trying to add charges all over for a worse service, then claiming they’re offering a discount.
    Bugger off Uber.