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Google Pixel 3 Not Pink (64GB) $259 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Almost the lowest price on this mobile phone. Deal runs for one day so get in quick if you want one!

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  • Is this brand new in sealed box?

    • Yes as per the site

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        Yes as per the site

        That is what is advertised but doesn't appear to be based on experiences discussed here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10842108/redir

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          Just checked out this thread for the first time. I bought one from BHPhotovideo and it came with the transparent seals as per those videos. Yeah, these ones were probably opened and US charger replaced. RIP

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      Received it. It was only sealed with two round white stickers. I emailed them and they said that is the original seal for the pixel.

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        From this Youtube video, it got square transparent stickers instead.

    • Is this brand new in sealed box?

      It is unclear if it is based on the experience others have had. To get a better understanding have a look at these comments:

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    Battery is very Poor…. even if it's on extreme power saving mode it looses juice quickly

    • Loved the phone, hated the battery. I assumed it was just in my head until I bought an LG with a larger battery.

  • whats the camera like on this phone, in 2018 it was great but what about 2021

    • Should still hold up. Wouldn't have hybrid super zoom though.

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    I have the 3XL and it's a fantastic phone

    I reckon this is a good deal

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    Which is better pixel 3 or xs or s9?

    • XS still getting updates, made out of metal, faster processor by far than both s9 and pixel 3, battery life in xs will be better than both phones too. It weights more than both if that matters.

    • If you don't mind iOS, definitely get the XS.

  • +1

    Nice cheap second android phone to root and fly the Choppa. Will pay itself back within a year.

  • According to other sites it should have an esim, but on mobileciti it doesnt state it, anyone know if it does? Thanks.

  • Their site broke:
    There has been an error processing your request
    Edit: Now their site shows under maintenance, in the middle of a major sale?

    EDIT2: Its back up, just bought one :)

  • Looks like Citi is down.. "There has been an error processing your request"

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      pls try again

      • entire site is down

      • nope, whole site is down as TommyGun said.

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          Let's put on a Pixel deal.. it will raise sales and drive more traffic to the site.. they said. :P

      • Still getting the same error message.

      • Site is still down.

        • site up now

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    Took some of the best photos with Pixel 3 while on holiday pre-covid.. photos were amazing (especially low light) and had family and friends on iPhones X and XS at the time asking about it. Battery, screen brightness and component quality are not up to the best flagships in 2018/2019 but still a pass. If only after a cheap non-heavy duty phone it is good enough.

    • +1

      Yea it's good compared to old phones, average compared to new ones. Very limited with low fps, no optical zoom or wide angle, very very bad video quality and terrible mic.

    • Since then all the phones have caught up while google hasn’t advanced much. What a shame

    • +1

      I really like how the Pixel 3 has a sensible 12 MP main camera. Some of the phones on the market in 2021 have cameras with ridiculous numbers like 108 MP. Not needed at all.

  • Thanks for posting been holding out for a low cost pixel and I'm a big fan of pink so win win!

  • Its back, I just got one. Thanks

  • Is this better than a budget $250 2021 phone? Like a realme or other equivalent chinese brand?

    • +1

      Apart from Google update phasing out, the gcam is invaluable (impressive computational photography + unlimited original quality upload to Google photo until Jan 2022 and beyond that high quality unlimited upload).

      • I understand gcam is software and I guess it must be updated all the time. Does this 2018 phone come with the 2021 version of gcam?

        • Yup, software gets updated even if the phone misses out security/ os update.

  • I would love this but I do need dual sim

  • -1

    Shit phone, good camera. This should have been the price when it was released. Yes, I owned one and sold it after using it for two months

    • Why?

      • +6

        The phone battery was pathetic even with normal use. I would just be reading news articles while listening to music during a 1.5hour commute and my battery would be like 40% charge at noon and would be dead before I got home at 6pm unless I charged in office. The phone itself had pretty weak hardware and was glitchy at times for me.

    • +2

      I gave u an upvote. I disagree your comment about this should have been the price to begin with but google so trash for releasing a phone with bad battery life.

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    Ordered this for my mum, she wanted a better camera on her phone. Thanks OP.

  • Wow, how can I get this tech for under $300? Cheers OP

  • Is it possible that I buy one pixel 3, add all family members google account to it, and everyone still able to get unlimited google photos storage on their own non pixel android phone?

    • No… only tied to the phone itself only…

    • People have used the Pixel 1 for this purpose, but they normally tie it down to a storage that receives photos from other sources. The Pixel looks at the storage for new files, and the storage receives files from every where else.

      I've used this trick with Pixel 2 for mass uploads of photos before Google ended support for it.

  • @rep, does this phone support esim?

    • I have a usecase for an esim enabled phone, so maybe I ordered this in error, thanks. O.O

  • Seems like a good deal. Do you think the camera still holds up as excellent in 2021 (for the price)?

    • essentially the main camera is practically the same 12-megapixel camera found on the Pixel 3, the Pixel 4 and the pixel 5.

      But have added (or taken away) additional cameras, software improvements and other hardware advancements/ changes across the 3 gens.

      • Thanks, I bought one

  • Why not a Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC or Pro?

    • Unlimited google photos backup, mainly. Otherwise I'd give the edge to the Poco X3 - there are capable gcams that are on par with the Pixel 3 nowadays.

  • Good deal, would recommend to anyone who has an s8 or the equivalent or lower.

  • I'm still using the 3. Fantastic phone and does the job for me. Love the photos from it as well. Just sad that it's dropped to this price - what's my re-sale value worth :(

  • +1

    It's a good phone apart from the bad battery life and dim screen. Issue is that official support ends in a few months (will get Android 12) which isn't ideal. It would still be usable but there is a risk the further you go without security patches.

    • What is this risk exactly?

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        Every now and then, a few vulnerabilities will be found in Android. Those are then patched in a subsequent security update. If the phone doesn't receive an update, then the vulnerability still remains. This risk depends on what the vulnerability is.

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    My parents have been using OPPO phones. Would this be comparable, or is the OS experience very different? They're getting older and prefer to avoid confusing OS changes…

    • Oppo is amazing you won't get a new Oppo for this price though but a good second hand Oppo Reno 5G you may, I just upgraded to the find x2 Pro but that's like $700+

      • Well they don't need big specs on CPU/GPU or camera… just a phone that has familiar experience and "just works"…
        What about OPPO A53? $229 from JB?

        • +1

          got a a53 right now amd gotta say love it.

          wanted a cheap under 300 dual sim phone for work number and this has far exceeded my requirements

          cameras good (not gonna beat a flagship but does a good job)

          no wireless charging but has nfc and solid battery life (usually charge it every second day)

          no issues with hanging apps or freezing but i dont play games on it (do xbox streaming via cloud and console fine)

    • +1

      I switched from Pixel 3 to Oppo (Find x2 Pro from recent sales). Oppo's hardware is way better. I dont see any disadvantage using ColorOS11. I am not a heavy user.

  • +1

    what is the best way to transfer the photos in iphone to pixel in order to utilize the storage benefit.

    • Same question here

    • +1

      Probably downloading them to the Pixel from the iCloud photo website.

    • Is there Syncthing for iOS?
      Looks like there was a beta


    • +1

      Mobious sync is your answer there - haven't tried it myself but I assume this can be used to sync iOS Photos to android.

    • +1

      I'm not sure about the storage conditions, but I do know that there is a sync process on pixels, you can connect your old phone to your pixel and it will transfer old content you'd like to keep across. Not sure on the details, but I remember it was an option for me on my 2xl, so it'd be worth looking into.

  • I have a brand new, unopened Google Pixel 1 (128GB in Just Black) that I'm not using. Any suggestions for a fair sale price?

    • 100$

    • +2

      I'll happily pay $102. But your best bet would be to check eBay sold history.

      • Look I’m down $103

  • Debating whether to replace my S8 with this. Dont want to spend a fortune on a phone - my days of getting flagships has come to an end - but want something with a decent camera. Any thoughts?

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • 2 questions for someone more technical than I am.

    1. How does Google know you are uploading from a Pixel 3, so you can have unlimited original size images until Jan 2022?

    2. If I have 1000's of photos already in Google in high quality and want to make use of the unlimited free original size.
      Is the only way to get them back onto Google at original size to delete them and upload again, seems like a big process.

    • 1) Because you literally upload from the pixel.

      If you have another device, say S21 Ultra, you would sync from the S21 to the Pixel (and turn off Google photos on the s21) and then the pixel would do the uploading.

      2) Yes

      • As videos are allowed, can one just sync, for example, 40Tb of 4k movies from this device for safekeeping indefinitely?

        Since HDDs are expensive at the moment I'm wondering if this is a more viable option.

        Asking for a friend …

        • Yes you can

        • While I don't suspect google ever going to vanish, local backups are still good because you will literally have them on you. If google goes down and you only have it backed up there then you will be stuck without any access to your memories

  • +1

    OK.. I caved in for the unlimited photos (even at reduced sizes - better to buy it new than 2nd hand). Doing it..

  • +1

    so where to buy screen protector and case ?

    • +2

      Progadgets have spigen cases with free delivery

  • -3

    $329 now

    • +1

      Use the coupon code at top of page.

  • +1

    For anyone waiting, I received mine and the case/protector this morning. All good

    • Does it come with a case ?

  • Op, any possible to repeat the deal? Thanks

  • +1

    It came with Android 9 installed and I upgraded to 10 then 11 easily. What I find frustrating is that I'm now on my 7th separate security update and still going. For these old phones perhaps I'll have to separately run through each monthly security update for the last three years? Surely a single update should be provided? Is this normal?

    • Update - it stopped at 7. Not as bad as I thought.

  • Just to clarify please on the statement below:
    Free unlimited online original-quality storage for all photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos from Pixel 3 through 1/31/2022. Photos and videos uploaded before 1/31/2022 will remain free at original-quality.
    Does this mean any uploads prior to 31st. Jan 2022 will not affect the 15GB account limit? In other words, if I upload say 20GB photos prior to that date, I still can enjoy the full 15GB storage account limit - thanks

    • Yes that's correct. Upload your content before then.
      Or buy a Pixel 1 and enjoy indefinitely

      • Thank you for confirming this. Expecting my new (old) Pixel3 shortly and will have to do some uploading then

        • One more question if I may: Uploading say 3000 pictures is understood, However is there any smart way to organise them by uploading in folder/categories? This is almost essential as one one would be frustrated to loacate photos if they were just all located in one folder. This refers to the free pixel photo storage, not the 15gb account storage which probably would accept folders. Any link to instructions or other feedback on this matter would be very helpful. Thanks

  • One more question if I may: Uploading say 3000 pictures is understood, However is there any smart way to organise them by uploading in folder/categories? This is almost essential as one one would be frustrated to loacate photos if they were just all located in one folder. This refers to the free pixel photo storage, not the 15gb account storage which probably would accept folders. Any link to instructions or other feedback on this matter would be very helpful. Thanks

    • +1

      Google photos can sort by face,location,events etc.

      • Thanks, I will check google online storage sorting capabilities. However, I would prefer if the free google photo storage would accept my own Categorizations/folders, in the same fashing they are presently stored on my own devices. In other words, I know best which photo should be placed in which folder.

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