Never Seen This Screw before - Wood through "Flat Head"?

Hi all!

I'm in the process of ripping out my kitchen, but currently am stuck on what these screw/clips are that hold in my wall cabinets.

They look like the top of a flat head, but there is a piece of wood going through the middle of it. I've tried turning as if it was a screw but dosent seem to budge (even when using a drill with a flat head bit)

Any thoughts? It's about 1cm wide.

Thanks all in advance!


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    Is it a piece of timber dowel with a slot cut in it?

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    more likely than not just a flat-head counter sunk screw.

  • Camlock nut or maybe one of those cross dowel nuts? Just guessing

    Some of the camlocks are really hard to undo once locked, if it’s a cross dowel it would need the bolt that goes through it removed.

  • Ask the builder guy in the other thread
    But you could try turning with a flat head screw driver, with a rubber band placed on the screw first. The rubber band helps create some grip and seal the gaps between screw and screw driver.

  • Flat head screw into masonry wall with dowell anchor.
    Are you trying to save the cabinets?
    Try to pull it out with claw of hammer or cut screw head off with Angie grinder.

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      I would like to meet this Angie grinder you speak of

  • Is it wood or metal the flat head?

    What's the wall behind made of? I doubt that that's all that's holding it up.

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    If in doubt drill it out.

    P.S. This is bad advice.

    P.P.S. I'd drill it out anyway.

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    Normal flat head thats been puttyed over before painting and the groove gets filled up. ?