Tyre Leak on SUV - Need Help

Hi All

My suv is leaking air from the nozzle side- where you normally pump air into the - the base of the nozzle is leaking- aka valve stem is leaking (not the actual nozzle). I was going to replace all 4 tyres because they're old but wondering would they replace the nozzle as well? I.e if i buy new 4 tyres -do they come with new nozzles ?

Otherwise the new one would leak to lol

BTW if anyone could let me know of any good deals for suv tyres (size- 215-65-16)





    It could just be a loose or damaged tyre valve. Yes they can be replaced and you get new ones with new tyres.


    If you know anyone that does 4x4 offroading, they'll definitely have a tyre deflator that can help you screw it back in and may stop the leak.

    One of these: https://www.bcf.com.au/dw/image/v2/BBRV_PRD/on/demandware.st...


      thanks, but actually leaking from the valve stem-


    Is it within (inside the valve) or the steam inside the tyre?

    Either way, take it to a tyre shop and they can generally swap them out pretty quickly.

    If it's the value (inside pin) it might just need to be tightened. You can get the tool to sort this out (like a valve cap) from repco, supercheap etc.


      like the photo i attached- just theres like a gash on the side of the valve stem?


        sorry. missed the pic.
        put on the spare and head to a tyre shop.

        The steam needs to be replaced. Tyre off rim job.
        If you don't have a spare, you should not do this - but you could use some glue, seal the split and then head straight to the tyre shop.


          Thanks. Most of my treads are gone so I'm going to replace all 4


            @funnysht: In that case, prob not a bad idea…

            If you're in Sydney just pop into Tempe tyres. They are prob one of the cheapest around. If not, you can also have them shipped pretty cheap and fitted at another store for a few bucks each normally.

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    For what it's worth.

    All new tyres come with new rubber valves. The shop never reuse the old ones.

    Hope it helps


    I assume every tyre repair shop changes tubeless valve stems even if new since it probably costs them 30 cents each or less since they buy in bulk. The only exception would be if you have one of those fancy tyre pressure sensors.

    I don't know which tyres are good value or safe. But wherever you buy tyres, shop around first (if convenient) and then ask for a discount at the cheapest place (normally $5 per tyre). Or even ask for a price match or beat if you can't drive far.

    In terms of repair, you can get a minor tyre repair in Sydney for as low as $20 (https://www.tempetyres.com.au/services-and-accessories?minor...) and a major repair might cost $30. I don't know what they consider a valve stem replacement, but it seems easier/faster than an everyday puncture repair and costs them maybe 30 cents in materials.


    You could have the valve replaced. It’s a simple job tyre shops do pretty regularly.

    If you get new tyres, you get new valves. If you get new tyres and the tyre leaks after a few days, you take it back and ask them to repair it, especially if it’s a valve that is leaking. That’s a sign of a faulty install or part.


    Valves are usually replaced when you get new tyres.
    You can go to a tyre shop now and they can easily replace the leaking one now, should only cost a few $.

    "BTW if anyone could let me know of any good deals for suv tyres (size- 215-65-16)"
    Need more info… do you go offroad much? Put those specs in google and you will get a lot of prices.
    Dont go with no name brands to save a $ they turn out to be the most expensive.
    Suggestions.. https://www.tyreright.com.au/product/Michelin-Energy-XM2-Plu...


      Yeh no offroading really. Just roads maybe some gravel ones thanks!!

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    If you get a new valve, you'll likely pay $30 or more for the tyre shops time to remove and refit the tyre and re balance the wheel. If the tyres need replacing, or almost need replacing, now might be a good time.

    Just get a top tier brand, usually one of them is on a 4 for 3 offer.

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    I had a similar issue the rubber came away from the brass insert.

    Cost me $40 but its 4x4 tyre btw tyre shop will most certainly not replace them unless requested.

    Prolly 10min tyre off 10min work and 10min put tyre on.

    As for good brand good go one of the main stables, a SUV is very broad term these days and depends what you want performance, cost, wear, roads/speeds you will be traveling.

    If its a soccer mums car then its not horribbly going to matter, if you are doing a caravan/boat for extened periods it makes more difference, if its a jeep trackhawk then yea it will.


      If it's a Jeep, tyres don't matter at all, as it'll spend most of its life at the mechanics….. Just saying


    I certainly wouldn't be going off road on 215-65-16 tyres. Good dirt maybe but good dirt is not going off road.


      Why not? That’s Subaru Forestwr size. Not great for off road, but the sidewall ratio doesn’t equate to ‘low profile’

      It does indicate a smaller SUV however and might be one that is not suitable for more difficult than gravel roads.