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Finish Rinse Aid 0% Dishwasher 400ml: 12 Bottles for $12 @ Coles (Online Only)


Finish Rinse Aid is an effective cleaning enhancer. For shine, you can really see and dry dishes ready to use, add Finish Rinse Aid even on top of your multi-benefit Finish dishwasher tablets.

Added to cart: 12 for $12, save $84.

Mod - Warning 1030am: Your order may be refunded due to stock. See discussion below.

Edited 14:12: My local store is still in stock.

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    Note: For these Online Only deals, make sure to change in "Your Trolley" in the checkout to "If something's out of stock — Don't substitute it, just leave it out". That way, they don't substitute it for something lesser for the same price and you get refunded if they're OOS.

  • Says unavailable for me. Amazing deal if you can get it though.

    • Try to switch to another store close to you? Just checked still available at broadway NSW.

    • It's available Perth metro

  • I spent $50 minimum for free delivery. $30 of Glen 20 and Pineoclean has a $10 deal.

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      What’s the deal on glen 20 and pinoclean

      • If you buy $30 worth you get 10 dollars taken off at the cart automatically. Some of them are on special too.

  • What if you buy 12 instore

    • Online only deal.

  • I was wondering if they short supply how will they charge the items?
    Usually if I order multiples, they only send 1 or 2.
    I ordered so I’ll see what happens.

  • It won't allow me to click and collect says minimum $50. Perth Metro. Minimum order $50 for CnC.

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      Buy 50

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        I chose $11 delivery. Minimum $30 per order

  • Lots of people against using this due to health concerns. Just saying.

    • Source?

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          If you google is the earth flat you will also get conflicting results

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            @frenzalanimation: According to the Flat Earth Society, they have members all around the globe.

          • -4

            @frenzalanimation: Exactly, so it all comes down to what you believe. Your common sense or MNCs pushing their products down your throat. And limit them wherever possible.

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      Miele user manual also suggest vinegar if you hesitate to use rinse aid

      • Just in place of the rinse aid, that is into that rinse aid compartment? Would be a good idea to try.

      • Wouldn't there be a strong after smell?

        I guess you could simply not use it, my dishwasher basically adds 5 extra minutes in the drying phase without rinse aid.

  • Never used rinse aid. Just tablets and it dries the same.

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      I have seen cheap machines don’t do such a good job as high end ones.

    • Isn't rinse aid in the tablets?

      • Yeah, some of then are "all in one".

    • Unfortunately my machine wont even start unless there is rinse aid in the compartment. would rather not use rinse aid

      • What if you just put water there? Or like someone said above, white vinegar?

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          yeah…ill try white vinegar now. Cant believe it never crossed my mind to put something else in there lol

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            @Sammyboy: We have used vinegar instead of fabric softener for years in our washing machine, without issue. Saves all the crud building up on the internals.

            • @Matt2018: But vinegar so stink though? Would it not stink the clothes you have? Thanks

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                @BigLeviathan: Not at all. Dont forget it adds during the rinse cycle so is diluted, plus then any residual smell goes when you put them on the line to dry.

  • Waiting for Amazon to match

  • Christmas in July, thanks OP!
    Also bought these half price.

  • Does the fact that these are being sold for 12 bottles for $12 potentially indicate that aren't a great seller?

    I have never used this particular product so don't know about the quality but was just wondering why so cheap.

    • I've used this and the standard Finish Rinse Aid. I only use a low dose. I haven't noticed any significant difference.

    • Looks like a pricing error. It's $8 per bottle for smaller quantities.

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    Think its a price error

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    Says 100 washes per bottle so that's 1200 potential washes. If only 2 washes a week then they will last 10 years. Doubt they will be usable in that time frame. Realistic thinking

    • I use the extra dry function on my Bosch dishwasher, so I know that uses more rinse aid. But I wouldn't get anywhere close to 100 washes per bottle

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      2 washes a week? I do 2 a day, at least.

  • Ordered for click and collect, will see how we go 😂

  • Ordered, thanks

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    It's either a price error or they won't have stock or both.

    How on earth can an online deal allow local picked-up same or next day? In predictable Coles fashion they will cancel the order or send less items.

    • Is that even legal?

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        In typical traditional Australian retailer style they are incompetent when it comes to anything online.

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    Ordered for click and collect as it said stock was available.

    Just received an email saying they have been swapped for 3x 500ml and that my order cannot be cancelled now.

    Not ideal

    • Did they charge you extra or still the same $12 as this deal?

      • Does not look like the price was changed.
        I ordered some of my normal groceries also for the click and collect so I’m wondering if I can just return the unwanted rinse aid

    • +1

      That is scam. its 12x400ml not just 3x500ml. They should work harder on their math.

      • Yeah what made it worse was it said the store had 4 x 400ml in stock but they opted to give me 3x 500ml.

        Go figure

    • Typical Coles

      • Definitely not in my good books

    • -2

      Coles Online doesn't provide rainchecks on Goods ordered by you. Coles Online will select for you (unless you advise us otherwise via your account or at the time of order) a substitution for Goods that are out of stock. Coles Online will try to ensure that all Goods you order (and any agreed substitutes) are supplied. Coles Online can limit sales to reasonable or normal household quantities. Substitute items are charged at the lower of the original and the substitute price..

      • -1

        You downvoted Coles T&C's?

        Just because you don't like it doesn't make it bad info. Try reading the guide lines for downvoting before you downvote this too.

  • definitely price error, I can see it says $12 and actually $8 when added into the cart, lol.

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    Think it should be 2 for $12 similar to other promotions they have on finish products.
    Ordered 12 anyway for click and collect tomorrow, doubt they'll have the stock but let's see

  • Just got email & sms that order cancelled.

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    I picked up from my local Coles. I ordered 20, what I got is 11 x 0% ones and 9 x original ones for sub.
    Now I don't have to buy Rince aid for my whole life.

    • +1

      Good news~

      • +2

        Thanks for your sharing buddy.

    • Good news indeed!

    • Just curious to know, how did you order 20? When I tried to add more than 12, it said something along the line like the maximum number of quantity have been reached.

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        I don't know. When I added 100 for testing, it said the maximum amont is 20. So, I put 20.

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    Click and collect worked for my 12. All in stock 😀

    • Good news~

  • Now unavailable

  • OOS everywhere

  • our order a124582408 has been prepared, ready for delivery/collection on Wednesday 28 July 2021, between 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

    This email is a notification that unfortunately, some of the items you ordered are unavailable. We apologise for this inconvenience.

    Where items are unavailable you have not been charged. Where we have substituted an item, we’ve charged you at the lowest price. Your order has now been finalised with the below item changes and can’t be changed.

  • My order was partially filled. They only had 5 in stock, so I was only charged 5 dollars. ($1 each)

  • Zero stock and replaced 12x 400ml with 4x 250ml wtf Coles. Shouldn't be surprised, they screwed me a while back even worse when I tried to do an eBay order.

  • -1

    Have to neg this. I ordered the 12 for pickup, order was changed to 2 citing out of stock, rocked up to the branch to find the shelf full. It looks like someone told the staff member to only give the 2 and still charge $6 a piece.

    I didn’t end up picking up the order snd will be cancelling it for a full refund.

    • can you actually cancel the order? I thought you need to pick it up as my card was already charged for the order.

    • +1

      kudos to you for checking, did you raise it with them (feedback, chat box?)

      I was happy with the 5 that I got at only $1 each, though would be disappointed if they substituted it would coles brand as has happened above.

  • My pickup is tomorrow night. Should I edit the order and remove it?? I’m thinking so?

  • Showing as unavailable

  • Received 8 out of 12 400ml bottles, was substituted with 4 of the 250ml bottles. Can't complain!

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    is there anyway to check where is in stock like woolies does?

  • +1

    Called up and got a $12 credit, he said next time I make a "bulk order" to do pickup for 4+ days ahead so they have time to get stock in the store. My first thought was if that is true then why not just build it into the website to tell you that or not allow you to select pickup earlier.

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    Picked up mine today :D

    Turns out it’s 6x400ml 0% and 6x500ml regular. All for $12.

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    Picked mine up. Didn't get the 0%, they substituted for 21 Finish regular rinse aid 250ml and 1 Finish regular 500ml.
    $12 well spent, the small bottles say 80 washes each so I'm good for about 5 years at 1 wash a day.

  • +1

    Out of stock for me so they substituted for the 500ml regular rinse aid (12) good deal thanks

    • Great news, glad to hear that :)

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