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[VIC] 100 Free Burgers & 50% off Burgers - Online Orders Only @ The Cowboy Burgers (Avondale Heights)

  • free burger codes available on Thursday at 12noon and 2pm via Facebook and Instagram
  • 50% off codes available at 4pm via same channels

Came across this post on Facebook. I have had their burgers before, and they were pretty good. Seems like they are re-opening with this offer.

2/1 Military Road, Avondale Heights


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The Cowboy Burgers

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    go, cowboy!

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    Appreciate this good deed during a tough time like this.

    I will be more than happy to be a returning customer and pay at full price.

    Go Cowboy!


    There is only ONE burger for $12.90 - the classic boy. The discount is $13 but all other burgers are above the $13 :D So you will be asked to pay the difference.

    the 1st code is "countdownbegins"


      Yeah I just noticed the same, but honestly seems fair to me. I like this better than places that only offer one free burger and that too after waiting in line outside their store. I wanted to try their chicken burger and I can for almost nothing.