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[PC, Steam] $0 RunnerDot @ Steam


Enjoy :)

RunnerDot is a casual little game made to kill your time. Seriously. When you're feeling like doing nothing, fire up RunnerDot and enjoy! You play as a little dot, and you use your mouse to navigate. You avoid stuff coming at you, and you collect points. Survive the longest. Compete in leaderboards.

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    smh the amount of upvotes on this post has made me lose faith in ozbargainers

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      Free is free, even if it's only $2.95 at full price and nobody had any intention of buying it

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    thanks op, added to my steam library now :D

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    Looks like the game is being withdrawn from Steam by the owners, having discovered that the developer they paid to create it stole it from another client.



      I hate it when people delete their own post because if you now look at it, there's no longer any context to go with it!


      Looks like the entire game was all taken out by one guy - Obey the Fist!… 5k reviews, I don't think this guy even has a life or a job unless his being paid to write all these "honest" reviews… And it would appear the developer is trying to hide it all so new customers don't know the history behind him….or… so he doesn't cringe everytime he sees it…

      Hmm…..is this guy jim sterling's account? Coz I remember he also took out a few games by himself by doing reviews too….


    lucky I didn't pay for this game after reading the latest news about it.