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Fitbit Sense $299 Delivered + 6 Months of Free Premium @ Fitbit


Fitbit Sense is the advanced health watch that helps you tune in to your body with tools for stress management, heart health, skin temperature & more. Includes a 6-month free Premium trial for new Premium users.

Apply coupon code to get $150 off the price on website.

Try this link and use the coupon code -

Mod: Code is unique to email subscriber.

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    Isn't that a $400 device


      Usually $449.95 but with the code it comes down to $299. Title just needs updating to reflect this information.
      Note: I haven't confirmed the code works (yet), just based on the information given



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    Anybody ever used this product? Some of their stuff is pretty gimmicky


      I personally haven't, but was tempted by all the marketing on their website. I usually go to DC Rainmaker for reviews ( https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/09/fitbit-sense-in-depth-re... ) and it's so far a bit hit and miss. Could just be due to the review being done upon release (it's now almost 1 year later) and they've fixed/updated things.


        I've got the MI BAND 6 it does everything I need not that worried about the Smart features just the health stuff

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      I bought one. My takeaways:
      - overall its a polished device.
      - well made, responsive OS, fairly basic in its interface, but works.
      - battery life is pretty good
      - I use it quite a bit with google home. It's great to use it with a smart home setup. Feels a bit like i've got a star trek comm badge ;)
      - auto senses when exercising
      - taking phone calls is cute, but haven't used it much, though it was useful to take a call while riding a bike
      - doesn't allow storeage of music on device (has 4gb storage) which is crap. Can sync to bluetooth headphones, but what's the point if you still have to bring your phone around when running?
      - for music, it offers spoitfy and deezer accounts. I have youtube music and doesn't have it (yet)
      - gps is solid
      - tap to pay is great. Use it all the time now. It has failed on me on two occasions so i can't rely on it and ditch my physical cc
      - it tracks a bunch of things which is interesting, but to get anything 'meaningful' out of the data they try to get you to sign up to their premium service which is kinda of a cop out. I'd like to see if you are able to download data and use it to to interpret the data in other ways
      - does track heart rate constantly which is interesting. Tends to be fairly accurate (I need to get my obs done and the numbers match up)
      - I take the tracking data with a grain of salt
      - almost all of the other watch faces are garbage. I have stuck to the default one
      - there is a google authenticator addon which i'm interested in using which would be handy

      Would i recommend it? hard to say - It's definately a compenent and well made device, but i'd love for it to be completely free from being connected to the phone (music, google home), but if you use it to exercise or tap to pay, it can function on its own.

      I had a amazfit pace before this one and that was also great and really affordable. This device does show a definate step up compared to the pace. I pulled the trigger for this watch for around the same price


    Add a bit more and get an Apple Watch at this price for iPhone users. Else I would go with Mi Band for a budget option or Garmin for sports

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      Apple watch don't have 5 to 6 days battery life mate.


        True, that's the biggest flaw with Apple Watches, but for iPhone users, the integration is very good. I would, otherwise, go for Garmin.


          Garmin venu sq is similar price to fitbit versa/sense - so Garmin does better for heartrate/sport?

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    Is ECG is still not available in Australia?

    If ECG is not available then Sense is effectively just a Versa 3


    We've given-up on Fitbit. We've had a run of bad luck with various models. I still have my Charge 3, which does the job, but every now and then has issues.

    My housemate switched to a Huawei Watch Fit, and has had far fewer issues. It seems to have much better data presentation. Of course, there will be those who will immediately say to avoid because of who makes it, but given he uses a Huawei phone, this wasn't an issue.

    He has had a very bad run with devices, mainly issues with syncing data. From his first TomTom watch many years ago, through Garmin, and several Fitbit devices, all had issues trying to sync, with 3 Fitbit devices failing after a firmware update to ever sync again.


    Getting "Sorry, the code is invalid" - anyone got it working?

    1. Do I have to sign in to use the code? (can't find the place to enter the code while checking out as Guest).
    2. Missed all recent Firbit Inspire 2 deals. is there any reasonable deal for Inspire 2 at this moment?

    Yeah I agree Fitbit seems over rated. I got a mi band 6 for under $100 and it does all the heart rate and steps and sleep plus other stuff like that but none of the smart features or phone calls except basic notifications on the screen….


    Anyone else have one of these codes by any chance?


    Never mind - wife had a old fitbit, gen 1 and she had an email offer to upgrade. Thank you

    codes above do not work, anyone has a spare and can share, please pm me

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    it should be removed from here. it is once of offer for fitbit member only.


    Does anyone have a spare code please? Would love to get one


    would be great to get a spare code


    Does anyone have a spare code I can use. Thank you.