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50% off 6 Month Expiry Prepaid SIM Plan $75, 125GB Data (First Renewal Only, $150 Thereafter) @ amaysim


Very good deal from Amaysim on Long expiry plans

125 GB $150 Plan on $75 Discount Plus Cashrewards or Shopback cashback $21 = $54 for six month

120 GB $200 Plan on $50 Discount Plus Cashrewards or Shopback cashback $35 = $115 for One Year

Six-month plan is more value for money you get 125 GB of internet data Plus free International Calls on selected Counties

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  • So new numbers only or port ins or can exisiting Amaysim customer extend with this?

    • Its a starter pack … So only for new customers …

      But if you are an existing customer, your need to port out and port in again … ! !

      • What's Amaysim's porting policy? Kogan requires 30 days off

        • As far as I know, amaysim don't have that 30 day waiting period I guess… I did it 2 years ago, I totally forgot if I accidentally waited for 30 days before porting or it was less than that ..
          But some experts might enlighten us….

          • @GDayStraya: I don't think Kogan has that 30-day rule two years ago neither. They're always trying to increase the threshold to save.

    • it's for new customers, but you can buy any other $2 sim and port the number to there.. once you get your amasyim sim just port the number back.

      • I find Boost to be the least painful when porting out to a $2 Sim.

        • Porting across networks is typically fastest and easiest. Optus-Optus MVNO transfers always take a bit longer.

          • @get-innocuous: I meant as an intermediary between a port out and back in to the same carrier to take advantage of a new customer deal.

    • I got this offer on my passive amaysim number (on the As You Go plan) so if you have an existing account probably contact their chat to see if you can get the offer - they're normally very helpful (before the Optus takeover anyway).

      But I still think the 3x$10 for 165Gb is a better choice.

      • That plan is only for 3 months though

        • If you don't mind sim slutting there's always good prepaid deals imo something will come up within 3 months and there's always cheap Kogan 90 days plan to fall back to.

          Plus no need to worry if the cashback works or not but each to their own.

  • +3

    cant do conference calls

    • Yes, noticed that, will look for another operator

    • Noob question. What are confidence calls?

      • +1

        Conference call not confidence is when more than two people talk.

        • +1

          Sorry must to the auto-spell.

          Cant people use apps like zoom, whatsapp etc. to do conference calls? Or telecom providers (like Telstra) and resellers (like Amaysim) offers conference call features directly these days themselves too?

  • +1

    I am with Catch using Optus network - which Amaysim is operating under as well - and it is really awful! I will change back to boost when my sim expires.

    • +1

      Same, optus has been awful the last two months, have already bought a boost sim card

      • Yep, I had to switch permanently to 3G to eliminate the constant 4G dropouts.

        I blame Bill Gates, 5G and covid

        • Thanks all, saved me the effort, will go with Boost :)

      • For existing customers, Boost is considerably more expensive GB/Per dollar wise:

        6 months expiry:
        60GB/$100 or

        12 months expiry:
        80GB/$150 or

        • Existing customer can still use the starter pack that often goes on sale…

          • @Danneo: Is there any current deal on Boost starter packs?

          • @Danneo: Last time I checked with my local telstra reseller, he said the existing customer can't use the starter pack.
            My 1 year plan is getting over next month and I need to renew same for my family as well.
            There are some good discount $200 starter pack available. Please suggest if anyone had tried this successfully recently.

    • +2

      I used to use Optus.. Worst carrier IMO.

      Now using Vodafone through Kogan. It's so much better.

  • Does not work. Says cart is not available.

    • I just odered one… also got cashback conformation too

  • When do you have to recharge by?

    • First recharge will be on when you buy it.. But ur plan will start once you activate the sim… That's what I think… There is a chat support on website you can get help From them too

  • +2

    not as good as @TA deal.. waiting

    • me too..

    • What is @TA deal?

  • +2

    What is expiry for this kit? My current plan is due next months but planning to port out and port back in

    • Yeah would like to know this too.

      Does anyone know by what date this deal needs to be activated by?

      • I found that the last sim i bought from Amaysim was activated when it arrived

        • Doesn’t quite make sense to me cause what about for those who wants to port in their mob. no.?

          I think someone also mentioned in the comment below it’s 30 days?

          • @ilovefullprice: I have this sim that arrive 3 weeks ago and was going to activate it.. it was not required and when I logged into my account, it said expires in 5 days.

            I probably used the same e-mail as I have with amasim and trust that might be the issue.

            Whats more it had auto recharge to this sim based on my credit card they had on profile.

            • +1

              @skinny: Amaysim always send out the sim pre-activated, and auto-charge default to On unless you toggle it to Off.

              • +1

                @DisabledUser27274: SIM took 10 days to arrive and I think it is sneaky to auto activate upon purchase.

                • +1

                  @skinny: they'd extend expiry once the SIM is activated - either automatically or upon contacting CS (not 100% on that one)

              • @DisabledUser27274: pre-activation: only for new number but not if you're porting an existing number across

  • I think you can buy now and activate later

    • +1

      I was just on a support chat and was told that you have to activate within 30 days of purchase but not sure how that would be enforced (ie: if you activate later you lose the value completely?)

    • Should be activated within 30 days for the cashback … ! !

      • Should be activated within 30 days or it will expire.

  • +5

    I am waiting for $50 cashback from TA

  • No cashback, no deal.
    Just got my family member connected on Coles plan, $99/year

    • Unfortunately Coles mobile has worst network where I live

    • How’s the coverage? Planning to move to Coles Mobile have read mixed feedback here.

  • Nothing beats the $50 cash back. Essentially $4/month for 20GB of data for 6 months.

    • Where's the $50 cash back from? I can only see $35 from cashrewards

      • I haven't said $50 back… I said $50 discount on $200 prepaid plus $35 cashrewards cash back..

        • I was replying to @idonteven, not you.

  • +2

    I should wait for the $50 cashback, but I think I'll go for this. With my luck, that means the $50 cashback deal will pop up right after. So for everyone who gets that - you're welcome!

    • haha … But again that amaysim server error might pop up ….. Reading the comments, you wont regret .. :D

    • Did you do a manual claim? That helped speed my cashback.

  • It adds Promo: X6DHF9 in the shopping cart, which is a promo code not listed in Shopback. Has anyone confirmed if Shopback will allow the cashback? I'm still waiting to hear from them.

    • Shopback reckons yes:

      If the code is auto-applied, then yes the cashback will track :)

  • Does amaysim have VoLTE or VoWifi?

    • +1

      if not may be soon

  • waiting for eSim support

  • Cheers TA wherever U are, currently enjoying the 6 month amaysim plan for the measly total of just over 4 dollars a month thanks to the $50 cashback offer recently :)

    Service is pretty dog shit in Canberra but does the job while waiting for the next good port in deals.

  • Expect 1.5 weeks for sim delivery from my previous exp (Sydney) so time your expiry.

  • I ported into this plan today and put the SIM into my iPhone. Unfortunately iMessage is not activating with my mobile number (still works with my Apple ID). Apple says to contact amaysim; amaysim says to contact Apple. Anyone else experience this and manage to fix it? Not a huge issue due to unlimited SMS though.

  • I tried to buy the 6 mo sim for $75 at 1130pm 31/7 but it was $150 then. that deal expired before 31/7 but wasn't it supposed to end on 1159pm 31/7? I still want to buy it asap when it's $75 again

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