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Russell Hobbs Power Boost Blender RHBL700 $29 C&C /+ $9 Delivery ($0 with $45 Order) @ Target


Developing good eating habits has never been easier with the amazing Russell Hobbs NutriPower. Its blending function makes smoothies, soups, sauces, and delicious nutrient packed drinks easily and quickly without losing any valuable vitamins. Getting the right nutrients every day can improve your health, your appearance and the way you feel. The NutriPower is a great gadget for people who want to enjoy more fresh food in their diet without lots of fuss and hassle.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Thanks OP, ordered one to make mushy food for my 7 month old.


    The brand that I avoid my RH kettle died within 1.5 yr, RH toaster also died after the warranty period.

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      For $29 it's not bad even if it last for a year and over, compared to expensive brands that might do the same.

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    This used to be a quality name for worthwhile products. The "Air fryer" I mistakenly bought was a cheap crappy toaster oven with a fan and the construction integrity of an imbecile's sand-castle.

    Another name to go in the bin along with the once regal Nakamichi - the destruction wrought to their integrity surpasses the cluster-fork Philips made of Akai when they lost the spare parts inventory data-base and used them as a label for rubbish they didn't have the courage to land Pye with in the 70's.


      imbecile's sand-castle

      Totally using this phrase at every possible opportunity from now.


    for $17 why not. Had $12 left on a gift card


    700W isn't great but will do for some