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Bonus Cryptocurrency with Specific Deposit into Your Celsius Network Account


Bonus cryptocurrency with specific deposit into your Celsius Network account within 20 days of activation. Withdrawing from your account within the holding period will disqualify you from receiving your bonus.

Promo Code Cryptocurrency Deposit Value Bonus Value Holding Period Eligibility
BNB40 BNB US$400 US$40 30 days First time transfer & existing users
PAXG60 PAXG US$400 US$60 30 days First time transfer
PAXG600 PAXG US$25,000 US$600 90 days First time transfer
UNI60 UNI US$400 US$60 30 days First time transfer
HODL10 (any) US$100 US$10 of BTC 30 days First time transfer
HODL50 (any) US$400 US$50 of BTC 30 days First time transfer
HODL500 (any) US$25,000 US$500 of BTC 90 days First time transfer

Referral Links

Referral: random (699)

US$50 Worth of BTC for referrer and referee with US$400 Crypto Deposit from referee.

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  • +1

    Are these all stackable?

    • +4

      Yes, as long as you fill the deposit requirements in USD and hold your crypto in the wallet for the required amount of time. Currently the only existing user code is BNB40

    • I used a referral and could only add on BNB40 after.

  • Bah, I have an account and they do KYC so you can't get a second one.

    Fantastic deal though especially if you wanted to park half a bitcoin in there

  • hahaha.. if only i had that much stuff to invest, amirite bois?

  • is BNB a specific cryptocurrency?

    • +2

      Yes, Binance Coin is the cryptocurrency of Binance trading platform.

  • +1

    A few say

    Available for first-time transfers only - eligible transfer must be made within 20 days of activating the promo code.

    Not sure if this means new users only? Or first transfer of the currency type?

    • Yeah I'd love to know too

    • +3

      First time users only unfortunately except for BNB.

      They have said that there will be a new PAXG code coming soon for existing users.

  • Those holding periods make the 5 figure deposit values an extreme risk. Unless you have money to burn :) - in which case there are better and safer investments out there…

    • +1

      There are risks, however.
      PAXG is gold. (Pegged)
      HODL500 can be anything including Australian Dollars/Usd (pegged)

      BNB it's self has gone from $14 to over $300 in 12months. so for $1500 USD a year ago you basically have over 30k USD. Getting more ontop even if you cashed your profits your still way ahead.

      on top is interest.

      • +6

        BNB it's self has gone from $14 to over $300 in 12months. so for $1500 USD a year ago you basically have over 30k USD. Getting more ontop even if you cashed your profits your still way ahead.

        Disclaimer: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

        • A ticker with higher highs and higher lows is always a good indicator that it will go up to the right.

  • Thanks OP! Will be chucking in some bnb :)

  • If i had 1/4 of a BTC, would this benefit me, or do you have to pay with cash?

    • Use any of the hodl codes or all

    • The HODL codes will work if you are new. You don't need to purchase more, you transfer/withdraw I to Celsius from wherever you currently store the BTC and start earning interest

      • So I take my BTC and move it to Celsius? Do I still own my BTC in day a years time? Do I need to declare it as tax?

        Only ask as it seems to good to be true 17%

  • I believe this is the first crypto-related post I have ever read that doesn’t include some comment about how it is going to save the world / evil corporations being corporationey / etc.

  • Does anyone know what's the cheapest place to buy and transfer BNB from? Is it Binance?

    • +1

      Prices across all exchanges will be mostly similar, any price difference would be momentary due to arbitrage traders

    • I’d like to know too. I know that Blockfolio (now FTX: Blockfolio) does free deposits and withdrawals but not sure if it’s the cheapest rate?

      • +1

        Binance appears to be the cheapest/best I could find:

        Coinspot .. $550 buys 1.21380649 BNB which sells for $526.98 ($23.02 loss)
        Binance .. $550 buys 1.255222 BNB which sells for $549.99 ($0.01 loss)

        Differences (spread + fees) between exchanges can be significant.

        Withdrawal fees for BNB using BSC are tiny (about 20 cents), so free withdrawals aren't an important factor.

        (I'm using the calculator at https://www.binance.com/en/buy-sell-crypto?type=BUY)

        I'm going to go with Binance. Does anyone know if there are any bonuses available for signing up on Binance before I sign up?

        • +1

          The difficulty I found with BSC is finding an exchange that accepts it, so that’s why I personally used FTX: Blockfolio.

          Not sure on any sign up bonuses sorry. The referral system is just to save 20% on trades.

  • I don’t quite get the concept of this service. I’m considering using code HODL50 at sign up and then BNB40 with a second deposit but…

    What am I actually depositing?!? Do I have to buy crypto from, say, BTCMarkets and then transfer $400US worth of that to Celsius??

    • +5

      You're exactly right, you would transfer crypto from other place, be it an exchange where you've bought it or another wallet or service if you already own it. If you're planning on buying bitcoin, consider FTX as it has free withdrawals for bitcoin.

      • +1

        Plus you can buy CEL token on FTX

    • +2

      Main benefit is the high yield/interest you earn. Paid every week and compounding

    • +1

      2 clear, concise answers that addressed my lack of understanding perfectly. Thanks guys.

  • Just a quick question, I added the HODL50 and BNB40 into my promo codes, can I deposit a single US$400 worth of BNB to get the bonus for both HODL50 and BNB40? or do I have to deposit two US$400 worth of BNB totalling to US$800 worth of BNB to get the bonus for both?

    • You have to deposit two US$400 worth of BNB totalling to US$800 worth of BNB to get the bonus for both.

  • +2

    Is there a cheaper way to send to Celsius? I see on Binance it costs over $20 to send ERC20 tokens…
    Does Celsius accept BEP2/BEP20 deposits for BNB, UNI or USDC?
    Does Celsius have its own Exchange/Swap where you can buy directly from within the web app. If so, is it cost effective?
    I see you get 25% bonus rewards if you hold 25% or more of your holdings in CEL. Are the listed earn rates inclusive of this bonus, or is it an extra 25% on top of the listed earn rates.
    For example, is the maximum earn rate of USDC paid in CEL and holding at least 25% in CEL 11.21% as listed, or is it 14.01% (+25%).

    Appreciate the input from any current users of Celsius, seems like a decent platform.

    • +1

      I think it's an awesome platform! From my Celsius account for BNB only, "Only transfer Binance Coin (BNB) to this account using the BSC blockchain".
      Pretty sure all other coins are ERC20 or their own native chain.
      Look at FTX Exchange for potentially better transfer fees. I just sent about $600 of CEL from FTX to Celsius as cost was 0.25Cel so under $2. Not tried USDC etc from them yet. They have pretty good AUD onramp too.
      Celsius have way to buy in app but it's not good vaule. In app swaps are being introduced next month, we're not sure how it'll work yet
      on website below check 'international rates', there you can toggle the interest from 'in kind' to Cel
      Worth considering investing in some Cel Token, view the chart for last 90days to see how little it dropped in price compare to 95% of the market (and how much it went up before)

    • For BNB, Celsius accepting BSC network (not ERC20), which is Binance owned, so that should be fine.
      The other though, you might want to use different exchange like others mentioned, such as FTX, Gemini or else

    • +1

      FTX is decent, no withdraw fee for non-ERC20.

      Gemini has 10 free withdrawals per month.

      11.21% is inclusive the 25% bonus.

      • Ftx was Blockfolio, is free withdrawals low fees and gives free crypto. Also free card deposits (visa) and just added AUD bank deposits.

        FTX Pro is better for larger orders especially using otc.ftx.com but if buying USD blockfolio is now cheaper using a card and your Visa rate provided that your card has no fees.

      • Thank for the info tajid. They really should add that to the disclaimer at the bottom, its a little misleading regarding the 25% bonus. Still a good platform overall

  • Anyone got tips to minimise the flat rate withdrawal fee out of Binance?

    • +1

      Isn't the withdrawal fee from Binance only 0.0005 BNB (about 20 cents)? (assuming you're talking about withdrawing BNB)
      I don't have a Binance account yet to confirm, but that's what is says here: https://www.binance.com/en/fee/cryptoFee

      I'm trying to find the cheapest place to do the buy and transfer of US$400 BNB for the BNB40 promo now.

      • BTC withdrawal transaction fee seems to be flat rate 0.00057 BTC = 31 AUD through binance. Must be the higher cost for btc network…

    • Ftx was Blockfolio (free) or ftx pro. Both have free card and bank deposits. Free crypto withdrawals for non pro, you pay blockchain rates for erc-20 coins which is low atm ($1-2)

      Check ozbargin for a referal as it makes buying slightly cheaper

  • +2

    Can this stack with referral too?

    • +1

      It should stack. The BNB one for sure, as it's for existing user too. The other usually stacked if u transfer each amount ($400 for referral and $400 for PAXG60 for example). Do the BNB later just to be sure.

    • +1

      Only the BNB one stacks

      • Damn ok thanks anyway

  • If I deposit for example $400 worth of BNB and then lock it for 30 days, will I get $40 in bonus and also earn yield?

    • +2

      Yep correct you get the yield every Monday.

      • Thanks. I also noticed this T&C:

        • You must maintain an account balance equal to or greater than your balance after completing your transfer of $400 or more for 30 days following your transfer.

        Does that mean if the value of the coin drops after initial transfer, I would have to transfer more coins to keep the value at $400?

        i.e: I transfer 1 BNB (worth $400 at the time of transfer to celcius) but 2 days later BNB price drop to $350, I would have to transfer more BNB to keep the value at $400 to be eligible for the bonus?

        • Deposit more than the minimum and don't worry about getting a call. 2 BNB covers a -38% dip.

          • @rektrading: Thanks for the suggestion.

            Wasn't planning to deposit more than what's needed but seems it's the only way to make sure I get the bonus.

            • +1

              @BitRyan: I believe that Celsius will use the value when the deposit is made, it doesn't matter if the price drops later.

              I would do 10%+ extra to cover any drops between the time you buy and transfer to Celsius.

              PS. It needs to be $US400 worth, not $AU400, so around 1.35 BNB would currently be a safe amount.

              • @devilbabies: Thanks devilbabies. Great tips on the USD/AUD. Will definitely keep that in mind when I transfer. Cheers!

            • @BitRyan: The change in price does not matter. As long as you don’t withdraw that crypto you will get your bonus after 30 days. As soon as I deposited the required amount it displayed in my transaction history as “Locked” and it has the date it will be released.

              • @billybob1978: Thanks billybob1978. Appreciate the details.

                Did you also try to stack 2-3 promo codes by any chance? For example: Can I use HODL50 & BNB40 both in my account and then deposit DOT & BNB to get bonus for both codes?

                Also, when you deposited the amount and it's locked, do you still get the yield?

                Sorry for thousand questions.

                • @BitRyan: No worries at all happy to help.

                  Yes that’s correct you can do that but I didn’t actually do that.

                  Yeah every Monday I’ve been getting it and it displays on the dashboard.

  • Is TAUD stablecoin trustworthy? Can I buy inside Celsius app?

    • Also interested in TAUD to avoid the inflation on USD, however the price action on coingecko put me off. Is that accurate?
      As far as i know the best way to buy TAUD is on Crypto.Com where you can get 1:1 AUD-TAUD, though not sure if this is just in the first 30 days or not. Anyone else with experience buying/selling TAUD?

      • I’ve been using TAUD for quite some time now, they are backed by reserves, you can check info on the trust token website.
        So far they’ve been good for the past 12 months I’ve been using it to earn more TAUD
        On both celsius and Crypto.com

  • +3

    Anyone planning on using hodl50, you'll get the same bonus using a referral link right now. So help another OZBargainer out and use a referral instead :)

  • If I transfer $400 BNB to Celcius, do I use BEP2 or BEP20 for the network? Does anyone know?

      • +4

        Thanks mate it worked. For others wondering, got to use BEP20 for BNB deposits

        • Doesn’t that cost like $10-20?

          A comment above said “Celsius accepting BSC network (not ERC20)” and I know that’s cheaper.

          • +1

            @billybob1978: No, withdrawing it from binance it will be less then $1.

            If using ftx it supports the native Bep2 BNB you can transfer this to the Softwallet called Trustwallet > click BNB then click More.
            Click convert to Binance smart chain.

            This will switch the Bep2 BNB tokens to Bep20. This will cost a maybe 1usd.

            You can then use that for Celsius. Test with a small transaction.

            Just a note Bep20 addresses are the same as eth addresses but exchanges may not accept Bep20 deposits.

            • @shadowangel: Oh I see, good to know. Previous experience albeit limited with ETH related transactions has cost me a bit in fees.

              I thought BSC was the cheapest way to send BNB.

              Would you recommend using Bep20 over BSC to transfer to Celsius?

              • +1

                @billybob1978: BEP20 and BSC are the same. Celsius only supports these.

                BEP 2 is the one with memo id, Celsius doesn't support this.

                • @tajid: I didn’t know that thanks. I’m keeping an eye on the price and when I think it’s a good time I think the best way is to to deposit funds into Binance > buy BNB > withdrawal as BEP20 (BSC) - make sense?

                  • @billybob1978: Yes when you withdraw from Binance & putting the wallet address, it should automatically read the address as BSC.

  • So I’ve got $400 BTC in my account, to get one of the bonuses do I need to withdrawal to say FTX and then deposit again?

    • If you withdraw, you will cancel the promo code as there is a holding period before getting paid out.

      • Yeah I should have clarified once I’ve got my bonus which is in the next few days.

    • Why don't you buy more BTC?

      • I would love to but my wife doesn’t want me spending anymore on cryptos, I’m addicted.

        • +3

          Digital assets will give people wife changing wealth. What people choose to do with it is up to them.

          • @rektrading: I couldn’t agree more and I love the pun!! The funny thing is we have investment properties which is a long term plan so this is no different. She’ll come around in time.

      • Damn entered the code and it says “You have already made your first transfer” so is this for new customers only? Is BNB the only one for existing customers?

        • +1

          Yes for now.

  • Celsius - The TRUTH about Alex Mashinsky | CTO Larsson Interview

  • Is there any way to reverse or replace the promo code? I accidently input HODL10 but was meant to input HODL50.

    • You can try to email them but no way of doing it yourself.

      Why doing HODL50 when you can just sign up with a referral and both you and referrer will get $50?

      • I know I screwed up, didn't know about the referral thing until it was too late. And I feel bad for not accepting someone's referral code.

        I tried emailing Celsius before the promo and they never responded even until now. So I doubt they will respond.

        To be honest, if Alex Mashinsky wasn't running this company, I probably wouldn't have trusted it. Seems like they've got a lot to work on in terms of customer service.

        • Did you do Kyc? If that's not completed you might be able to create a new account.

          • @shadowangel: Do you know if we can get the bonus if the coins are transferred from a different Celsius account? e.g. a family member or friend.

            • +1

              @tajid: Don't do it, you risk having both accounts banned. Setup a gemini or ftx (not pro, was blockfolio) account make sure to use referrals.
              Then transfer from there.

  • +1

    Another great interview with Scott Melker and Alex Mashinsky on how banks pay 0% interest to customers while making 10% to ~17% on the money market.

    How crypto yields work

  • +1

    Good deal but doesn't seem worth it imo considering we're about to see some ATHs by the end of the year..

  • Where do you put the Celsius referral code? Do you download the app and then enter it?

  • Has anybody tried sending MATIC to Celsius? Mine hasn't reached after 12 hours :(

    • Hopefully you sent as erc20?

      • Swyftx was my exchange. The default is ERC20 there

    • Check the Tx.

      • It doesn't show up on etherscan. Shows up on https://polygonscan.com/

        • +1

          That means you sent it via polygon network which isn't supported by Celsius, where did you transfer from?

          Unfortunately your funds might be lost. Try to contact support on Celsius to see if they can help you but it might be out of their control

          • @anthonej25: Yes I think so too. Looks like Swyftx moved from ERC20 to MATIC Blockchain sometime recently. FML

            • @0FoxGiven: Celsius have a team of blockchain experts that have helped recover funds from BSC but not sure about polygon, email the support team to see if they can assist but if not at least they have it on record, the support email is [email protected]

              Please be careful when transferring!

              • @anthonej25: Ye I have raised a support ticket. But almost accepted that the crypto is lost. Any profit I stood to make from Celsuis promo codes got wiped out :(

                • @0FoxGiven: The coins aren't lost. MATIC on Polygon uses the same ERC address as it does on Ethereum.

                  Celsius has the private key to the deposit address. You should 🐦 @mashinsky and he may be able to get a CS to help.

                  Good luck.

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