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Bosch Freestanding Dishwasher Serie 4 SMS46KI02A $815 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


This is the advanced version of the Serie 4 model. Made in Turkey, not Germany, but comes with a cutlery tray as the Serie 6 does. The cutlery tray for me was the make-or-break part, I use an older version of this dishwasher at work and it's awesome having that tray.

Probably not the best price it's been, but I've been looking for a new dishwasher for a couple of months and have pulled the trigger on this today.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    That’s a lot of money for a series 4.

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    Had bought the same one from TGG for $743 on 03/11/19. Covid has really pushed up prices.

  • I didn't bother with series 4. I went for series 6 recently and I'm happy. It's a white colour too and it matches my bench's colour.

  • Appliances Online price matched "Bosch SMP66MX01A Serie 6 Under Bench Dishwasher" - got it for $1260 and asked them to waive the delivery fee :)

    During the recent 15% at TGG

  • Anyone having strong rubbery smell or chemical smell on the new machine ? My new series 6 still smell terrible after 5 washes.

    • I have the same model OP posted and had this smell. It hung around for 3-4 months and dozens of washes.
      Was really annoying but bothered me more than my wife so we just persisted until it slowly abated.
      In hindisght, probably should have complained but seems a fairly common problem.

      • I can't take the smell and have to manually rinse off after wash. What a pain!

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        Interesting ours also stinks… been about 3 months, reduced but still smells particularly if you open it when still warm.

        I do find that the cutlery drawer reduces the height of the top rack so wine glasses don’t fit in well. I know the racks are adjustable, but if you reduce the height of the top rack, my plates then don’t fit.

    • I got the series 6 and have no smell. When I got the machine, I rinsed it with vinegar a few times and always keep door open after wash so that dishes air dry.
      Try this method and see if it works for you.

      • How about first time wash, also no smell? I tried vinegar once, and always let the door open when it's not running.

        • I don't remember since I didn't pay attention, it's been 4 months since I got it and it doesn't have any smell at least now. Check the drain hose to see if there's anything blocking it. Have you tried running it with just vinegar and no dishes? Maybe run 30min cycle and have a look.
          Note: I run 1hr cycle 90% of time.

          • @raven3090: I run the new machine without any dishes many times with different combination like vinegar, dishwasher cleaning tablet, dishwasher tablet and even just water. Nothing works. Now wash with dishes, it end up all dishes got plastic/ +rubbery smell if I dint rinse it manually.

            • @Kuyaozb: That sucks. I guess you might be one of the unlucky ones here. I would contact seller and ask for options.

        • It's 100% a manufacturing thing. The smell is really strong of rubber/chemical. I agree it is worse when warm.
          It does eventually fade away but yeh - it sucks.

    • Same thing with my Series 6. I just sprayed the internals with vinegar. It goes away after 3-4 rounds of the vinegar. Also filled up the liquid dispenser, the one used for quick drying agents during the rinse cycle, with vinegar for 2 rounds. So not sure which one did it, but it did it.

      • Will try out both. Finger crossed.

  • Bought in Nov 2019 for $680

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    Got 2 months ago from TGG for $787 when the local store did a free upgrade for me. Love it - very quiete and easy to use. Comes with a cutlery tray and a basket.

  • Bought this one year ago at $898 (with 10% cashback + $80 store credits)
    love this device, my dishes are now way cleaner than washed with my old dishwasher (Omega)

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      Glad to hear you love it, I was hesitant with it being a Serie 4, but my horrible Euro dishwasher bit the dust and I'm sick of waiting for a good sale on the Serie 6 whilst I wash my dishes by hand like a peasant. Being the model with the cutlery draw I was sold. Looking forward to having a dishwasher again. Hopefully, it'll be reliable for me.

  • Hi,

    My wife and I are looking for a new washing machine.

    We noticed everyone seems to recommend the series 6 over the series 4.

    What are the differences, as the series 6 is $300-400 more than the series 4? What makes the series 6 worth the extra $$$?

    Thank you :)

    • I can't speak on the quality of one over the other from personal experience because I've never owned either, but I think the biggest differences in these dishwashers are that:

      • the Series 4 is made in Turkey and the Series 6 is made in Germany
      • The Series 4 has a higher water consumption per wash.
      • The Series 4 has a plastic tub, the Series 6 has a stainless steel tub.
      • The Series 4 is ever so slightly noisier (still quiet apparently)

      There are some other differences, but these are the main ones I can see.

      The Bosch website has a handy little comparison tool you can use to check the differences between their products.

      • He is looking for a "washing machine", not "dishwasher" LOL

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