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Euromaid 269L Top Mount Fridge $206 after Instant in-Cart Rebate @ Appliances Online


Fridge is advertised @ $506 with $300 instant cash off / discount once put in the basket to purchase! Cheapest 269lt fridge ever! $206

Mod Note: Additional $20 off when your sign up for newsletter - Credits to Uncle Roger & King Tightarse

Mod Note 2: Targeted - Westpac Mastercard $20 Cashback with $100 Spend at Appliances Online.

Update by rep:

  • The end date of the offer has been updated to today, Friday 30th July, 6PM AEST
  • Strict limit of 1 purchase per customer

While the offer ends at 6pm, Appliances Online reserves the right to withdraw or extend the offer as per our terms and conditions.
Please read the full terms and conditions for this offer here: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/euromaid-fridge-300-inst...

Please read the representative statement here

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    • Your tracked cashback won't be approved if using the $20 code by signing up to the newsletter as it is not an approved code on either cashback providers website.

      • +1

        Because the promo code is not on their website? Bugger… still great value either way.

        • Yep, still a good deal. Good luck hopefully they honour the deal.

  • +2

    Not available for SA…

    • Probably never was or someone bought the lot!!!

  • +1

    What a deal OP. Thanks, we're coincidentally moving in to a new place tomorrow and a new fridge would do nicely, even if it's an el cheapo that would only last a couple of years.

  • Some items in your cart cannot be shipped to the location provided. Please remove the following item from your cart, or change your shipping location. ETM269WProduct ETM269W-Euromaid 269L Top Mount Fridge ETM269W not available in your location. Please remove from your cart, or change your shipping location.

    may not be available in SA?

  • +1

    BTW excellent first post OP - well done!

  • +1

    Amazing! Brought forward my purchase of an outdoor beer fridge for summer. Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Power consumption is 330 kWh per year, so less than 1 kWh per day. That's pretty good.

    • interested to see where you got this info? I couldn't find it on the appliances online website. So if my cost per kwh is 20c, the actual cost to my electricity bill for this fridge is $66pa? Or have I missed something here?

  • +11

    OZB, are we impulse buying fridges now?

    • Guilty as charged

    • +1

      Yes - bizarre but true

      Hoping I can somehow leverage my exceptionally large eneloop battery collection as a power source

    • -1

      Now to inform the misses of this new purchase.

      • +1

        She will be angry with you for the new purchase but she won't hesitate to use it once it has been delivered XD

  • +3

    Didn't realise I needed a fridge. Thanks OP. Bought one

  • Timing mate

  • Bought 1 with delivery due tomorrow. Let's see if it actually gets delivered.

    • +1

      received the delivery message

      • same here

        • Ordered last night, received the delivery ETA SMS this morning.
          Received a second message from the delivery guy a bit later on ("I'm 40 minutes away"). All good so far.
          A few hours pass, I follow up with a message. No reply.
          I then try calling a bit later on. No answer.

          Next, I log onto my account via the website. No record of any past orders (despite this not being my first AO order).

          Optimistic that it gets sorted out soon, I can only put it down to the influx of orders. And the traffic jams along parramatta road today.

  • Bought one, thanks

    • Delivered this morning. Perfect beer fridge. Thanks!

      • That’s quick.. less than 24hrs

    • +2

      only 5?

    • +1

      5 you say? That joke gets better with every telling …. (not)

  • +12

    This is a cracking deal - well done. And it’s what ozbargain is (should be…) all about. More of this and less marketing, crappy ebooks and amazon groceries please!

    • +3

      Yeeep, feels like a good old classic ozb deal

  • Damn NA Adelaide….

  • Got text message from Appliances Online…
    Your delivery is ready to be shipped .

    I needed one thanks OP

  • +1

    Is Appliances Online a legit site? You guys ordered from here before?

    Edit: I ordered the fridge btw

  • thanks OP my 10 yr old fridge broke last night so was going to get new one but ordered this now, so will give time to find right one in few weeks time and this can be in garage/spare

  • Not as good as this discount, though they're also offering $100-$250 off Euromaid top loader washing machines..

  • Euromaid are very cheap appliances that don't last long.
    You cant make something dirt cheap and expect it to last a long time
    Good luck with this one

    • +1

      with 2 year warranty $100 for each years is good enough

    • +2

      its got 2 yr warranty plus extra 1 yr on platnum CCard.. for 180 bucks its good

  • +4

    Shower thought - you never meet someone with the same fridge as you….

    Maybe that's all about to change with ozbargain

    • Maybe we also need Ozbargain fridge stickers, so that we can all have matching Ozbargain logos on fridges?

    • Shower thought - I don't remember the last time I had a shower in the middle of the day

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one, but will see if the price will be honoured.

  • +2

    Considering buying just to take away my old fridge and then selling this one for profit on FB marketplace haha great deal.

    • That's what I just did. My garage fridge died yesterday and was going to pay someone $70 to take it to the tip and buy a new one. So really I got this fridge for $116 (they takeaway broken fridge) and I'll keep this one until I get around to finding a bigger one or not, lol. Fantastic

      • +4

        $70 to take to the tip…. got this fridge for $116

        Error 404… does not compute… beeeeeeeeeepppp!!!

    • Fridges are so difficult to move, I see 1k fridges basically being given away on the used market that are 6 months old.

      The same with washing machines, when I was looking I couldn't believe how cheap they all were.

  • Thanks op .I paid $176.20 after cashback & sign up $20 what a insane cheap deal if it goes though .

  • Update just got email saying booked for delivery 2/8/21 .

  • +2

    Can you please restock for adelaide peeps!

  • +3


  • Got it for $156. Had a $50 voucher in email

    • wow lucky

  • Thanks OP! $186 after signing up to the newsletter. Cheers!

  • +2

    For comparison, identical model at (not including shipping, which was free on appliancesonline)
    catch.com.au $519
    Kogan & DSE $459 (won't deliver to Perth because Kogan're a bunch of [deleted])
    Costco (AU) $649 (silver colour model)

    Just be aware that 269L is fairly small, great for singles and maybe couples but you'd want something bigger for if you have kids to feed. Perfect for me though - $186 well spent!

    • +1

      great for a second fridge for man cave or rumpus room to store froffies

    • -1

      For fridge of this size $500 - $600 each is tops. For $650 you can get a 2.5 star 400L fridge.

      Why the promotions page on Appliances Online only shows $300 off this fridge is strange. Seems like price was meant to be a little high then the $300 would reduce it down to $350 - $400 for those with a keen eye. I guess the web team doesn't have a much of a keen eye.

      We have 221L but we live around the corner from supermarket and markets so we use them as storage.

  • Thx OP. Bar fridge at home just leveled up!

  • i like the way the fridge flies into the cart

  • +3

    doesn't seem to be adding into cart…. sold out?

  • +1

    seems to be out of stock, which sucks

  • Just come to buy one and oos

  • Had it in the cart and hesitated right before it went oos. Oh well

  • OP it's sold out, please hit that golden buzzer

  • Damn missed it!

    If anyone in VIC changes your mind I’ll take yours!

  • Grabbed it for $186 and 9.20 CR cashback!

    $176.80 well spent!

    • +2

      Your tracked cashback won't be approved if using the $20 code by signing up to the newsletter as it is not an approved code on either cashback provider website

      But still a good deal

  • Out of stock :( any Sydney stock available?

  • +1

    Great deal. Would have got one if I had spare room.

  • I don't have fridge from last 2 weeks as moved to new house, so needed one urgently. Just saw the deal :(

  • +1

    $186 for a fridge/freezer that actually works, rather than the constant beeper/defroster currently installed in my unit, without having to battle the body corp for new hardware… easy choice!

    • +3

      My current one used to beep constantly because of broken defroster until I took the motherboard out and drilled a hole straight through the beeper. No more beeping!

  • Awww…. sold out and I really need a new fridge.

    Tired of the tiny mouldy fridge I got from someone's basement for 50 bucks.

  • +9

    Need more deals like this here, we are seeing too much of the ads, bargains just don't occur often now.

  • +1

    Already delivered!
    Super quick

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