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Callaway Men's 10 Piece Right Hand Golf Club Set $829.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Long time non member lurker, first time post

2021 Callaway Edge 10 piece set is back in stock at Costco. Includes irons (6-sw), driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid and Odyssey White Hot Pro putter with head cover and super stroke grip.

Not the cheapest it has ever been however, very good clubs from a good brand and still significantly cheaper than buying an equivalent set from a golf store or amazon (see https://www.amazon.com.au/Callaway-Mavrik-Right-Steel-Regula...) for just irons

Earlier rendition reviewed by Rick Shiels (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxHLtcHWnzI )

They also have graphite iron shafts in stock for $899.99 (see https://www.costco.com.au/Sports-Fitness-Leisure/Sports-Equi...)

Bundle with a good push buggy (https://www.costco.com.au/Sports-Fitness-Leisure/Sports-Equi... equivalent of a caddytek usually around $300 plus) and a bag (https://www.costco.com.au/Sports-Fitness-Leisure/Sports-Equi...) and you are good to go to join the apparent masses taking up golf in Covid-19 restrictions (which I admit I am one of)

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    Pretty decent deal.

    If I had membership, I'd buy as backups.

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      I am a member and live near Costco Moorabbin. Let me know if you are keen, I will be happy to help you get it through my membership.

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        Thanks so much mate. That's extremely kind.

        I don't know where Moorabbin is though and I'm in cell block Sydney anyway.

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    If you NEED a brand new set these a decent budget clubs, but if you're getting into golf best to get fairly good condition used clubs from a reputable brand, the tech in golf clubs moves pretty slowly, 10 year old clubs are still pretty good. And depending on the brand new golf clubs usual don't hold their value well.
    The better you get at golf and more you play then you can suss out the possibility of getting fitted clubs.


    The push cart is only $169 in store in Adelaide the last couple times I went.
    I have been using one for about a year and they're fantastic.

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      Damn! I paid $250 last year for it.

      Highly recommend it as well. The phone holder is really good if you use a phone based GPS app


    They've jacked the price up $30… I've been keeping an eye on the regular price waiting for lake Macquarie Costco to open :(


    $799 in store.

    Costco Prestons has 5 of the 2018 Green versions, but still $799….


      Same as Docklands


        Hi, sorry to be THAT guy, but did the costco @ docklands have any of the green versions? :)

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          Sorry to be that guy, but go there yourself!

          jokes aside, yes, there were about 8 left :)


            @pippohippo: thanks very much! :)


              @Htu08: no worries! Any reason why you're after the green one?

              I'm only starting out golf and just went with gold the one since it says 2021, vs the green which says 2018.


                @pippohippo: I suppose that should be a no brainer then! :D

                I am just going to do some research to see if anything we are missing btween the two versions. I didnt want to research and then have no green ones to buy :)

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                  @Htu08: Fair enough!

                  Hope this will help if you have to get the gold version.
                  On costco website they have the gold version in all graphite, or iron and graphite drivers. In store is only the latter.

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    Use these things right and they'll pay you back 1000 times over

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    You can't compare Mavrik irons to Edge irons. The Mavrik line is more tour spec premium, whereas the Edge range is considered to be more entry level.
    Still a great deal at this price!


    Bought these online last week but there's a significant delay in postage. Located in Sydney. Anyone else having this issue?