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[eBay Plus] Proscenic 850P Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $237.92 ($232.32 with eBay Plus) + Delivery @ Proscenic via eBay


Seems to have pretty good stats compared to others in the market. Has mopping function too.

Model Proscenic 850P
WiFi-Enabled Yes
Operating Time 90-120 minutes
Suction Power 3000pa
Amazon Alexa Compatibility Yes
Google Assistant Compatibility Yes
Battery Li-ion
Charging Time 3 hr
Capacity of Dust Bin 600 ML
Features Edge Cleaning, Rinsable Filter, Rotating Brushes, Carpet Cleaning, Self Propelled, Battery Operated, Dirt Sensor, Water Level Indicator, Silent, Removable Brushroll
Dimensions 32532573mm
Weight 11
Package Contain 1x robot vacuum cleaner, 2x HEPA filter(1 in the dust box, 1 free) 2xMop (1 piece on the water tank, 1 free) 4x side brush (2x left, 2x right) 1x remote control 1x dust container 1x charging station 1x charger

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    Looks like there are no xiaomi models in this price range? Would it be better buying this instead?

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    I'm in the market for a robot vac. Can't find much info on this one. Anyone know much about it?

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    Main website doesn't mention any mapping. Yet ebay listing says it does. I believe it doesn't because boundary marking requires a magnetic tape. This is an old tech. Robots with mapping can be restricted in app, hence there is no need for an accessory tape

    I'd probably avoid just to be safe. For this price, the viomi v2 is still better

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    I'm currently in the market for a robot vacuum myself. I have no personal experience using any robot vacuums, but from advice from family and friends this seems to be one of those areas where spending a bit extra gives a good return on investment.

    I'm looking at getting a Xiaomi D9 robot. I believe people were initially disappointed by its firmware and software; but from what I've read online there has been updates this year that have really turned it into a top product, but is currently a few hundred dollars less than comparable roborocks.

    The "stats" you've listed for this 'Proscenic 850P' robot do seem great for the price, but I'm personally trying to look beyond the stats in this purchase. This is somewhere where the ongoing ease-of-use will pay off in many saved hours and less frustrations. This could be a great product, but I'm not willing to risk it unless there is more information on the user experience and software, etc.


      You're much better off spending a little more to get one with lidar (laser) mapping. This allows it to map all the rooms in your house and from the vacuum's smartphone app you set up no-go areas, for places you don't want to clean.


        The Xiaomi D9 does use Lidar? It's the F9 that doesn't? I think…


          Yes, that's right.


    I just got a viomi S9….
    They are going for $550 at the moment…
    I’m really impressed and auto emptying is a huge plus…


      Where did you get it for $550 - I see it for $599 on both PCByte & Mi-Store
      Also, do the roller at the bottom of the vac get tangled easily with hair?