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Family and Friends Offer: 25% off Full Priced Items (Pre-Registration) @ Freedom Furniture


Pre register for the opportunity to receive 25% off redemtion code when shopping in-store (or online) during 3-August through to 16-August 2021

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Freedom Furniture
Freedom Furniture

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    Family and Friends Offer

    It's not cool that Freedom Furniture discriminate against people without family or friends. They are amongst the most vulnerable in our community…

    • oh man…

    • If you want to shop at freedom, freedom is your friend.

  • +1

    I used to love Freedom. We bought most of our furniture there but haven't bought anything in about 3 years.

  • I know I can't buy gift cards - but can I pay with them?

    • +1

      Yes you can. You can buy gift cards from suncorp or whoever and get ~9% off. I did this during their last sale and purchased a mattress. You can work it out to cover every cent of the cost.

      • My Union has 7.5% off $100 cards but says Freedom limit them to 3 per transaction. Unsure whether to risk it or not!

        • +2

          I wouldn't bother with that. Use the suncorp gift card portal and buy them from there. You basically add the purchase amount, for example a $2100 couch, and you pay $1932 (that would be 8% off)

        • +3

          I can confirm you can use multiple in store, paid for a sofa with 18 gift cards.

  • -1

    Do I need a passport to walk into this shop?

    • No, you just need a medical mask

  • I have 5*1000=$5000 freedom gift card.

    I am located in Perth and happy to meet freedom Osbourne park

  • anyone received their code yet?

    • Yes got it in an email today

  • Anybody wants freedom gift card?

  • +1

    This doesn't work for me. I clicked on the link in the email I got which said the 25% will be applied at checkout but it doesn't apply anything? It's a full priced item.

    • Edit, does now on a different computer. Must be some weird history / cookies thing.

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