Free Advance Technical Analysis Course (for Share Trading) @ Investoo (Free Membership Required)

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Have been learning how to do TA in stock trading and came across this free course. Found it useful.

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      Technical Analysis is the tea leaf reading of finance, don't waste your time.

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        What has that got to do with Technical Analysis.

        Have you ever studied it?

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          Have you ever studied it?

          Lol, I've studied the results. You know the one where a random monkey picks more winners than the average trader.

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        While I'm from the FA camp and don't believe in TA at all. The thing about the stock market is mass psychology, once enough people believe it in, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and TA certainly has more than enough followers.
        So IMO it's not exactly a waste of time. It doesn't hurt if you can learn it but certainly and most importantly do FA and don't just buy something because of a price.

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          I agree with you - but I think the danger with this is that its pitched at beginners who think that they've unlocked the secret to predicting the market - I know this because I've had to talk a number of people out of this attitude after they've taken courses like this on the internet.

          • @poppingtags: agree on your opinion. the key is knowing what you are doing.

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              the key is knowing what you are doing.

              And the people here bagging technical analysis are definitely not in that category…

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            I agree with you - but I think the danger with this is that its pitched at beginners

            That is not what you are saying in your first comment though.

            You are just bagging Technical Analysis, which is just knowledge and a set of tools to reduce risk associated with trading.

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          it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and TA certainly has more than enough followers.

          Technical analysis does not distinguish between investors that use fundamental or technical analysis or hot tips for Joe in the mail room. It looks at the behaviour of all the investors and gives you useful tools that reduce risk when making investment decisions…

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            @jv: 100% agree with JV:: If anyone thinks any form of investing is purely safe u have it dead wrong. doesn't matter whether its Super, housing, stocks, Misc other. You always take a risk. and we always use tools: some form of logic and or general market trend to take risk and Hope that position X increases.

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          im in the FA camp myself too - but I have started using TA to time my entries into stocks Ive picked with FA and have found I have started to find better entry points.

          TLDR: FA to pick stocks, TA to pick entry/exit points

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            @Blorgglorg: My lecturer always said you don't do both, either one or the other… I found it very difficult to agree with him right from the start…

            FA gives you the knowledge about the financial aspects of the investment and allows you to compare and find value.

            TA gives you insight into the behaviour of the investors and help to understand when and why changes happen.

            When the two correlate, you would be a fool not to consider that in any investment decision you make.

          • @Blorgglorg: This is what i was going to post, this is all TA is good for.

        • Fibonacci is the same, its BS until enough people start acting that way.

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    Have been learning how to do TA

    You'll need to try harder and post at least 5 deals per day…

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      TA in this case means Technical Analysis.. Jargons!! 😁

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        'Jargons' got banned for sockpuppeting….

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      Consent would be important, too.

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        Might be hard to get… There's a reason why he's called tight…

    • Id like to know what TA thinks….

  • Great post. Thanks OP

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    Had a look through the topics, it hardly looks advanced… More beginners to indeterminate at best…

  • Wow, its called Advanced

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    crap website, i cant even log in

    • yeah same lol

  • How to lose money?

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      If you don't really understand it, then quite likely…

      If you ever studied it, you'd realise it has some very good strengths and known weaknesses. Understanding that put you in a more informed position when trading and reduces risk…

      • Majority of day traders lose money, the best highly educated fund managers in the world underperform the market. I can't see some bozo on Ozbargain with a free course changing those statistics.

        • Majority of day traders lose money

          Where did I mention day trading?

          I'm talking about Technical Analysis…

          • @jv: Free Advance Technical Analysis Course (for Trading)

            Either way the best bet for 99% of people are boring ETFs. Putting in all this work to 'analyse' some company is a waste of time and will result in underperforming the market.

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              Free Advance Technical Analysis Course (for Trading)

              You are talking about day trading…

              The link is about Technical Analysis…

              They are not the same thing and not even related…

              Day trading just means you are buy/sell a stock over a day or so… Anybody can do that, even people who use fundamental analysis…

              • @jv: Lol let me just refresh my 7 figure portfolio. Yeah, looks like I do know what I'm talking about.

                You can put as much effort into the market as you want, it doesn't care about your back yard analysis or theories.

  • I have just created an account on investoo, how do I register this course?

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      Select the module that you want for the videos.

      • Thanks, there is a green link that says register to watch all free videos. Do I need to click on that? Will I be able to save the course into my account?

        • You have already registered by creating an account. Just click on the Unit # to watch the video.

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    Probably should mention you have to sign up to one of two brokers as well. Website is super dodgy in that it implies that there is a way to "sign up for free access" but they actually mean "join TOPOPTION or TRADERUSH"

  • Will this hurt us or help us?

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    Just tell me when moon? and how many rocket emojis? 🚀🚀🚀

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      To the mooooooooooon!!!

    • soon sir

    • Wen lambo sir

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    Finish the course, buy Z1P and APT anyway, stonks straight to the moon.

  • How to Apply it to Forex Trading: There are no units in this module.

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    Astrology for the stock market.

    • Dunnikg Kruger effect

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      Another person who has no clue about what technical analysis is…

      • Do you believe that the market is somewhat efficient?

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          If it was, there would be no point in trading and we wouldn't know who Warren Buffet is.

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            @jv: I think you need to read my question.

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            @jv: If you think that Warren Buffet's returns violate EMH, you don't understand how either of those things work.

  • Say I have 100k

    Agressive trader

    How to invest

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      put it into your super acc and select growth for your portfolio. it returns better than a savings acc.

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        Just know that chucking it into Super means that it’s locked away until you meet a condition of release.

    • Elon says Doge to the moon.
      Half joking.

    • Copy trades from others and select double/triple trade volume

      • What platform and markets is that?
        How to proceed?

        • Its forex/metals/oil trading.
          Metatrade 4/5 is the platform and you can sign up for any forex brokers (Pepperstone, IG, ICMarkets to name a few).
          PM if u need more info

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      Boring ETFs. Hard to outperform them, less risky, less fees.

      • i think people dont get that etfs can also fall, as the follow the market.

        • That's certainly true, they certainly have risk, however they are still less risky than many other options.

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    Why learn phony 'TA' strategies when you can train a monkey to throw darts at a stock board for better returns

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      phony 'TA' strategies

      Which particular ones do you believe are phony ?

  • If someone here is really interested to learn Technical Analysis in Forex (foreign exchange) 1 on 1 for free - please send me a message here.
    No catch, I promise.

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    Oh sweet, a free course on reading tea leaves!

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      Have you ever studied Technical or Fundamental analysis?

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        No, I've been waiting for mercury to go into retrograde before I start the course.

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          I thought so…

          You have no idea about either approach on trading and what they are based on, yet you think you are any expert…

          • @jv: I never said such a thing, but I do know enough experts in the industry to understand the current volatility of the market and complexity in high frequency trading that pushing this to mum and dad investors as a "make money with this one weird trick" can only end really well for everyone involved.

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              complexity in high frequency trading

              Technical Analysis is not high frequency trading.

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    Very misinformed people here. I have no views on this course btw.

    JV is right. Technical analysis is not reading “tea leaves”, nor does it mean “day trading”. There’s a case for it alongside fundamental analysis.

    Technical analysis can mean looking at volume trends, price trends, opening and closing prices, patterns etc. there’s a lot of theory that goes in to it and a lot of people who can do well out of it.

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      Technical analysis can mean looking at volume trends, price trends, opening and closing prices, patterns etc.

      I like to think of Technical analysis as giving an insight into the behaviour of other traders in the market for a particular stock… A way to reduce risk in trading…
      Ignoring it just means you are trading and limiting the information you have at hand…

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      None of it matters though. It's all bs to make people THINK they can beat the market but they can't.

      If the best schooled and most prestigious fund managers UNDERPERFORM the market, what chance does some bozo on Ozbargain have?.

      I suggest watching Ben Felix on youtube and the rational reminder podcast. Putting effort into the market does not equal results.

      • It’s not BS, but I acknowledge that it takes a lot of time (years) to master the art of technical analysis. It’s a long slog, and from memory forex is the worst to do it on. Stocks are seemingly OK.

        Fund managers from yesteryear had the wrong incentives. You’ll find now that they should be meeting / outperforming. Also, fund managers are fundamental I would think, not technical.

      • you have to have more information - via social networks - and meme stocks

        most fund mangers act in stereotypical ways

  • can you save this course or do you just log onto this page everytime you want to study tbjs course ?

    • I want to know that too, looks like the video is available for public access. I registered thinking I need to register in order to access the video. It doesn't seem to have an option to add the course into your profile so that you can still access the course if the course becomes not free one day.

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        I just used the 'Simple Vimeo Downloader' Chrome extension to grab all those Vimeo files.

        Uploaded this to Mediafire (~900mb) if anyone wants an offline copy of them:

        Seems like Module 6, Unit 1 and Module 7, Unit 3 don't have videos but the rest should be there.

        • legend. thanks!

        • Is the link broken? Can't access it today. Any chance of mirror links? Thanks.

          • @dofdaus: Link still looks online, was able to download again a moment ago. Maybe your VPN/Antivirus/ISP doesn't like Mediafire and is blocking it?

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    TLDR for the course:
    1. Open MS paint
    2. Randomly draw some straight lines over stock price charts
    3. ????
    4. Profit!

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    I use both TA and FA extensively. TA has it's uses for trading. Calling it useless is just ridiculous. Things as simple as knowing the supports and resistance levels and knowing when to cut your losses and take profits alone will save you from making a lot of stupid decisions and getting rekt.

    • So are you underperforming or are you beating the market? if not, then what is the point? lol.

      You also need to make sure you are actually 'beating' the market after all fees/taxes the works are considered vs just buying the index.

      • Knowing a bit of price action is always good. I trade crypto and i have posted before the prices i bought at so i am indeed outperforming the market. Don't need to worry about me.

        • Lol so your a gambler, good luck then!

          • @Duram: I don't need luck if i do my homework, it's not the casino. Thanks.

          • @Duram:

            Lol so your a gambler

            Those people who buy and sell shares without doing any fundamental or technical analysis are closer to the definition of a gambler.

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          TA + Crypto is like the ultimate culmination of tea leaves, astrology and your ex-wife's dog walker's insider covid info. A complete gamble that short term winners have convinced themselves was all because of their 'due diligence' and 'resistance analysis'. Shame I'm not hearing much from the crypto crowd who bought in at the peak… but I'm sure their misfortune was because they didn't correctly identify the 'Rising Dragon' pattern, or whatever bullshit snake oil pattern the TA grifters are spinning

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        So are you underperforming or are you beating the market? if not, then what is the point?

        Investment always has risk.

        The point of Technical analysis is to reduce the risk.

      • vs just buying the index.

        You can apply Technical analysis to an index fund too, if that is what turns you on…

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      Even for the guys who just want to make a one off investment, you can change the timeframes and it’ll help understand the trends and where a good entry point is. It’s not all about day trading and staring at charts all day.

  • What's with this increasing trend of highlighting certain words?
    It comes across as overly intense and stresses me out..

  • You're wrong people! Use this pro tip from those tiktok pro investors!!



    TA gives a "sentiment" if you momemtum trade but DYOR on the companies please. It's just better.

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