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25% off All Blends + Free Express Shipping @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Great coffee and quick delivery.

Sale ends midnight on Saturday

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster

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  • Just got the enterprise blend and using it for French Press.

    Quite delicious

    Ordered 23rd, roasted 23rd, delivered 27th.

    May be worth not ordering on a Friday!

    • +1

      not a coffee expert, but I thought beans hit their peak around 10-15 days after roasting anyway?

  • Great coffee and excellent delivery.

  • Bugger. Still labouring through the god awful beans from the Grounds of Alexandria

    • Interesting! I ordered from that deal too, quite enjoying their Beanstalker beans. Which did you order, and what's so repulsive about it?

      • Got the Huntley. Found them quite bitter and lacking acidity and flavour. Not sure if due to roast date being a few weeks before Delivery.

  • Any recommendations for drip coffee?

  • First time using the twilight blend, with my gaggia and sette 270. Had issues dialing it in at the start but once perfected it makes a nice blend. Just ordered another bag with the code this morning!

    • what recipe are you using? I'm currently going through twilight and so far finding it underwhelming. 1:2 ratio in about 30 sec with 95c brew temp.

  • Ordered yesterday afternoon and got it today.