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[PC, Origin] Battlefield 1 A$1.14 @ Eneba


cheap Battlefield 1 game. make sure you scoll down and select the cheapest seller. item is $0.47 but there is a $0.69 service fee at the checkout.

I just bought another game (Running with Rifle) from this website and can confirm the code redeemed on Steam without problem.

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    You can save $1.14 and get it for free here, the true Ozbargain way.

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      Free by paying for Amazon Prime? That isn't free.

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        Trial is free

      • You mean you don't have a Prime account? scoffs in Amazonian

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          I dont have anything amazon. I will not buy or pay mazon for anything. ever.

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    It's currently free if you have Amazon Prime.

    Note that this is the base game only and you won't have any of the downloadable content. To access and play on the various multiplayer maps, you'll need to buy and own BF1: Revolution. It's currently going for $5.99 on Steam

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    great game ruined by cheaters

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      Too much hackers on official server.

    • Too many people who don't know to

      Throw ammo / med pack
      Shoot flairs

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      There's aussie community servers that are way better. Active admins and discord channels for reporting. Look for ACE and A1. That's where you want to be for a high quality experience. It's a really good community (I'm on daily and love it)

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    I'd be weary buying anything from this company. Have been sold codes already redeemed. A nightmare trying to contact customer service for a refund. Asking for lots of unnecessary details.

    You've been warned.

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      Same here - I bought a heap of Xbox game pass codes and 16 had already been redeemed.

      After leaving a review on trustpilot last week (like they ask you do after every purchase hoping they get a 5 star rating) they contacted me, asked a few questions and processed a refund, it was annoying process, but not too painful. I got the email saying it’s being refunded a few days ago, but it’s not hit my PayPal yet.

  • This would be perfect if your main interest was playing through the very fun campaign.
    If you are wanting to play multiplayer, Battlefield Revolution is on all time low sale at steam for $5.99 and includes all four multiplayer dlc packs.

    • Just bought, thanks :)

    • I'm with you on that one. Constantly changing servers cause a DLC map was chosen is a pain, which is what pushed me to buy the Revolution, which is cheaper than buying the Deluxe edition even if you already own the base game.

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      If Amazon Prime isn't free, then it isn't free HAHAHA

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    Eneba are great, I bought so many good games from there recently.

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    Why do I get the feeling that the low price is related to the Amazon Prime giveaway…

  • steam code? website only shows origin.

  • Want us to pay for something that's free atm?
    Hand in your OzBargain license dude ;)

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      But Amazon Prime isn't free

  • Looking to buy a new 14inch ultrabook laptop. Would a 3050/3060 graphics card be able to play this game smoothly?

    • Not sure how well those laptop GPUs perform but yes this should run fine. I play ultra on 150+fps with a 3080

  • Eneba has closed comments on all their EA Play / Xbox Game Pass deals, Anyone have the same issue i do? I bought a few of the EA Play 12 month vouchers which Eneba said will convert to 4 months GPU, but they are only converting to 2 months!

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