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Guylian Creamy Milk Block Chocolate 100g $2.50 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Savor Guylian’s deliciously rich Creamy Milk Chocolate bars with their exquisite taste, created with passion and love by our Master Chocolatiers. Each block contains 4x25g individually wrapped mini bars embellished with the iconic Guylian Sea Horse

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  • Are these chocolates any good? How does it compare to lindt

    • I’d rate them better than Lindt

      • Fair enough bought one to try, I do love the lindt ones though

  • Bought one to try. Thanks OP.

  • Dunno what happened OP but I added 4x to cart and it came out to $3 after some invisible $7 promo. Got 4 for $3!

    • I think you might be the chosen one.

      • +8

        If that means people think I'm going to feed the masses with my 4x blocks they're dead wrong. Gonna feed my fat ass with them.

        • +1


          • @bdl: Taco The Fat. Worst Star Wars character. Ever.

    • I got 4 for $5 , not as lucky as you. but 1.25 for a block is not bad at all.

      • Wait. What on earth is happening?

        • +5

          Could be the recent offer of $5 credit for buying a $75 Amazon gift card.

          • @Plutonus: It's not. Never bought a gift card in my life and it was $7 off, not $5.

    • After checkout or in cart prior to clicking payment button?

      I'm getting 4 for $10 lol…

      • That's the correct price as posted by OP.

        • +1

          I want @Tacooo's diabetus discount though :)

  • Do you guys have gift card credit sitting in there?


    • If I used all my current Amazon gift card credit on this bargain, I would have to put my medical costs on Afterpay :(

  • OOS, added to cart but cannot check out :(

  • Where can you buy these besides Amazon and the guylisn brand stores?

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    back in stock and other types also