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iPhone 11 128GB $16.06/Month with a 36-Month Mobile Plan (Plan from $45/Month, Mininum Cost $1,064.66 + Plan Fee) @ Optus


Step 1. Choose a phone
Step 2. Choose a sim

Save $500.40 off RRP $1,078.56 Ends 01/08/21.

Discounted price
per month
Interest free device payments if you remain on any month-to-month SIM plan for 36 months. Min. cost $1,064.66 plus your chosen plan fees

Different iPhone models available for different prices
Can choose 12, 24, 36 months plans

If you already with Optus, you can get additional discounts. Like 25% off sim only if you have their internet

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  • +9 votes

    36 months, lol

    • -2 votes

      This is on a month-to-month plan, you can pay for the phone in a max of 36m.

  • +15 votes

    I’ve said many times, such “deal” can only trick ppl with poor maths. You got ripped off by the plan while seemingly got “discount” for the handset.


      Yeah I looked at this and just wondered how it is financially viable, especially with ways to purchase a phone and pay it off on a repayment plan, afterpay, zippay etc and then just get a cheaper plan like the ones that are frequently posted on here, surely better off doing it that way..

      Am I missing something?

    • -3 votes

      If you select 12 months and $45 plan you will pay total $1,081.86.


    This is BS. There is a minimum of $45 a month to add on for the plan, making it $61/month for 3 years.

    • -3 votes

      It’s a month to month plan so you can cancel early

      • +6 votes

        "Discount forfeited if you cancel either plan"

        You have to stay on the plan for the term. This deal sucks.


    No you can't.

    Discount forfeited if you cancel either plan.

  • +3 votes

    This can be a good deal if you are already with optus and you wanted to add a second plan for your family member
    For example 24 month contract for 128GB
    $1078.56-500=578.16 for the price if Iphone 11
    578.16/24= 24.09 per month for mobile
    Minimum plan 45$ (20GB per month) can get 25% off =33.75 $
    = (24.09+33.75)*24=$1388.16


      The $300 trade in credit is sweet a deal too.
      iPhone 7 32gb seems to be thea lowest model for trade in.


      yup i did this today but on a 12mo plan. $48.18 + $33.75 per month phone and plan total $983.16 contract price

  • +6 votes

    This is a terrible deal before you even figure out that the minimum cost is way more thsn the OP states. It's so bad I think you work for Optus.


      “plus your chosen plan fees”


        I shouldn't have to read several paragraphs before getting to that info.

  • +4 votes

    1079 to buy out right from apple. Not save 500 off rrp save 15 off rrp and stuck with 36 month contract.

    This ain’t no deal

    • +1 vote

      The OP actually posted price of the phone and service, not just the phone, I think the minimum cost is throwing off a lot of people.

      This deal is "Save $500.40 off the RRP $1,078.56 Ends 01/08/21." The phone itself is ~$578 over a 36 month contract. Any mention of the $1,078.56 min cost is not the min cost of the handset alone.

      16.06 x 36 = $578.16

      I did this deal with my wife, called before signing her up to be sure and the paper work all accounts for the $500 discount. Also gave my wife $300 for her iphone 8, which I thought was decent.


    Gee, I bought my wife a iPhone 11 Pro 64Gb outright a couple of months ago for $875, so it is a struggle to see how $1064 is a deal for basic iPhone 11 - even if it is a 128Gb ?

    • +1 vote

      Read my post above, it is $578.16. The OPS price us the phone plus a plan. Not just the phone.


    If sign up 36 mths, would that mean the iphone's warranty become 36 mths?


      No. Australia is always 24 months for electronic goods

      • -1 vote

        This is not true


    It come to $41.52+$45=$86.52/months or $1038 for a 12 months contract on 64Gb iPhone11. The phone cost slighly less than $1000 in Officeworks, so around $50 for 20G/months for 12 months, which is't bad for someone want the exact plan. Just that iPhone 13 could be avalaible in around 2 months, the outright price for iPhone 11 may drop.


    Terrible misleading