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KORG B2 Weighted Digital Piano $599 ($569.05 for New Customer) Delivered @ Belfield Music


Apply code: wel5offpu at checkout to receive 5% off (valid for all first time purchase).

Item qualifies for FREE DELIVERY as it is above $50.

KORG B2 (Black)
$569.05 ($599 w/o coupon)

KORG B2 (White)
$569.05 ($599 w/o coupon)

Also available bundled with the wooden stand which is even cheaper than purchasing them separately.

KORG B2 with Wooden Stand (Black)
$692.55 ($729 w/o coupon)

KORG B2 with Wooden Stand (White)
$692.55 ($729 w/o coupon)<— I just purchased this one

Unfortunately the 3 pedals bundle models are currently sold out in both colours.

Previously listed deal is for the NT model which has a lighter-touch keyboard.

From my brief research the B2 is one of the cheapest entry level weighted digital piano but performs as well as other known brand in this space (Roland, Yamaha, Kawai, etc..).

Can't give you a review since I haven't received the item yet (I'm also a complete beginner) but I'll try answer any questions in the comments.

I've never shopped with these guys before but they've been around since 2009 and plenty of positive Google reviews.

Cheers and stay safe everyone!

Edit: White models are no longer on sale, price went back up.

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    Is this thing built like a rock ;)


      Mine got some of the sensors broken after a few years so some notes sound 3x louder than others. Since the pandemic they have no spare parts available to fix. Its a very common problems and if you have them broken on multiple stripes the cost easily add up


        Out of curiosity how much did repair cost for such issues?

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    Isn't it $692 with the stand, not $629?


      Fixed! Sorry, did the post at 2am in the morning.

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    I was doing some reseach on this keyboard a year ago while I was shopping for weighted keyboard, this is what I found.
    Korgs used to be a good name, but they've outsourced to pre fab Chinese Manufacturers, quality is now terrible, reliability issues the sounds is not clear and the keys feel mushy and degrade rapidly over time.
    For alittle more money at $750, the Roland FP10 uses PHA4 weighted Keys, this tech was very recently only available in their +$2000 line and feels alot closer to real pianos keys. It also uses Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, I dont know the technical details, but I know it sounds alot better than Korgs B2.


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      Thanks for sharing.

      I based my purchase on a couple of positive reviews like this one: https://youtu.be/UniU5Ya0Zn4

      As a complete beginner, I was looking at the cheapest option as I may end up not committing to this hobby. I did come across the Roland but at nearly $200 difference I thought it’ll take my chance with the Korg (plus it comes in white ;)

      I hope the reliability do hold up though!

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      Rolands cheaper action has a lot of problems reported but the feel is much better than the rest in the price range


        The next action up from the Roland PHA-4 is the PHA-50 which is in the FP-90 at $2899. The difference between the two actions are minor, except FP10 is only $750. Thats alot of bang for buck.


    How does this compare to Donner DDP-100 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano $720 after using DDP10 code? This model has triple pedals included. A music instructor suggested Donner brand.

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    Although it may have a weighted feel it definitely doesn't feel like a real piano key. To get that you need to spend a tad more unfortunately. Went through this process a while ago and have been keeping an eye on them. Bought the wife a Kawai CA-78 can't tell the difference between a real piano and this…as it has a grand piano full key motion in it with some fancy magic.

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      The Korg B2 is an entry model electric piano so definitely keep that in mind. Had a quick look at the model you mentioned, it’s over $4000, don’t think that’s a fair comparison.

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        Not saying it's a fair comparison just saying that they say it's weighted but it may as well not be. Defo isn't a fair comparison but if you want weighted you're gonna be spending $$.

        I'm a n00b compared to my wife and I can tell the difference.

        If that makes sense?


    Is it possible to PM with JB with the promo code price?


    keen on Korg B2SP but looks like sold out everywhere

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    So I’ve had this piano for almost a year now and so far so good. Complete beginner but can play a few things by now and have shopped extensively against the competition from Roland, Casio and Yamaha.
    great sound, the piano sounds very natural;
    Powerful speakers - best in class- and no distortion or vibration at max volume.
    Connects to computer or tablet via USB without any issues so you can have your headphones and watch and follow a tutorial online without disturbing anyone.
    Pedal is better than anything else in the price range.
    Actions is probably the heaviest so good prep for the real thing
    Cheapest by far
    Action takes a while to bed in and not as good as Roland but I prefer it over the cheap yammy’s p45
    Polished white keys get slippery if you tend to sweat a lot
    Other voices apart from the piano are hit and miss (not that it matters to me cos I don’t use them)
    No Bluetooth, only a b-time USB port, no switch for headphones
    Pedal despite being the best is only in/off and doesn’t do half damp

    Summary - much improved on B1, best value in class, perfect for beginner, if speakers matter to you, this is the best in class, if action matters get the Roland
    I would not waste $250 on fp10 if I wanted a better piano I’d spend $300 extra and get fp30 that has a much better overall features range

    My 2c