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Ajax Eco Antibacterial Disinfectant Surface Cleaning Wipes, Bulk 110 Pack, $5 ($4.5 S&S) + Post ($0 Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


half price on cleaning wipes - looks like amazon is price matching woolworth deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Bought these once and never again.

    • Curious… any reason in particular?

      For these sort of disposable wipes, there's not an awful lot they can get wrong.

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        I'm the same. The smell of them is awful. The smell of all Ajax products are awful so I should have known. The detol ones are much better.

        • Yeah… if it's the usual ajax scent, I can imagine that being fairly off-putting.

      • theyre also very thin and barely damp

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      I’m surprised. Out of all the other varieties in the supermarket these are the ones I always go for. They’re not overly damp so they don’t leave streak marks everywhere, they don’t rip or fall apart easily, and I quite like the smell.

  • these are always this price on amazon now :) not just when price matching

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    Buy paper towels and IPA. The IPA will last you about a decade if you buy 5 litres. I paid 20 bucks not sure what is is now.

    Mix it with water to make it more effective , 80:20 if you want disinfectant properties.

    Mix it with deionised water to clean glass and screens (do not use strong IPA concentration on screens without caution).

    Adding detergent can yield further solvent abilities.

    • IPA? Hmm I Googled this: is IPA Indian Pale Ale? or Institute of Public Accountants (perhaps a better and more exciting use for accountants from all perspectives) or International Phonetic Alphabet….please advise

  • Ahhhhh

    IPA – Isopropyl Alcohol is a highly effective, general use cleaning solvent that is used to clean a variety of substrates and remove a variety of soils. This 99.8% isopropyl alcohol is available in a variety of sizes for all types of use.

  • There is a very confusing claim on the Ajax packet also: "kills 99% of germs". What the hell does this mean? What about the remaining 1% or does it mean that of all bacterial species, it will kill 99% of them. Whichever way one interprets this, it's pure piffle.
    Now, the wipes may be biodegradable but what about the packing it comes from? What happens to this? The ocean is dying from plastic poisoning.
    Finally, can we be to clean? Probably: there is a body of thought that says being too clean is likely to lead to allergies. Read about it.
    At the end of the day, do you really need this product? I like Diji1's suggestion. Much better idea (and if you get caught short during a party you can press the IPA into a different role.)