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Telstra $69/80GB Per Month for 12 Months Plan + Bonus $400 Gift Card (New & Port-in Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)


Currently in store to sign up for this deal and found they’re offering a $400 gift card or $400 off a phone + free insurance on the $69 80gb/month 12mo plan, minimum $828 spend total.

Unsure of expiry.
Not as good as the previous $500 deal but it’s the best that’s available today.

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  • Can you confirm (if you’re still there) if there is the Telstra $10pm discount for porting in?

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      Just go on live chat to get it applied. You might not be successful with the first rep, but keep trying till you get it

      • I can't find how to access live chat - I feel like a numpty. All I can find is the robot.

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          Yes it’s a robot then someone will talk to you after the initial co no sedation with robot.

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          Type in speak with human. Just ignore the other questions ime it's usually the fastest way.

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        i haven't been able to get them to apply an ongoing credit now, so they give me $20 each month when i talk to them

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          Ohhh that’s pretty good. Can u provide ur reference number for the discount plz.

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        I got the $10 port in credit during the last deal before June 30. Mentioned the JB plan and asked about the $10 credit and mentioned that a few friends have received this before. Then he said he can’t do it so I said it seems like you aren’t very helpful and the he suddenly was able to apply the credit.

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        As a used to be rep. These talks are usually taken done into notes for the customers. If you keep trying and the rep reads the notes on your file chances are the answer will be no

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          If they are anything like 99% of the other Telstra chat agents, where I have to repeat my problems to at least 10 different people before I get a response that resembles a basic understanding of the question, then I think he/she will be safe.

          • @jamin: Agreed. To be fair, this seems to be common to Optus as well.

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      I got it on the last deal. Had to go on live chat and tried a couple of times.

      • Cheers!

      • Did you sign up the deal first at JB then get onto live chat to get the $10pm discount?

        • I went on live chat before I bought mine at JB, got them to confirm I would get a port in discount then went and got the S21 deal at JB, went onto live chat via the telstra app. ended up getting a $20 discount

          • @JimmyJohnson: Tried to contact live chat, but they said the deal is with JB so they won't be able to apply any discount.

            • @jus0212: Yeah I tried 5 different chats, all said no except 1. He said there is a port-in credit but JB have to process it. Mind you, I haven't got the deal yet.

        • I did this after I signed up. It took a few days as the case way escalated. I got a call on a Sunday confirming they will make the changes. It was a surprise they accepted it and I'm happy I signed up when I did as I was waiting since February. I have got 725MBPS on my PS4 (Inner city Melb)

    • Do I just ask for $10 discount?
      But I don't get on what basis would they grant you this, you've already signed up via jb isn't it?

      • Yeah how does this work exactly?
        Sign up and activate at JB Hi-Fi, and just ask for a further discount from Telstra after?

        • Hey there, I believe there was a ‘sign on’ bonus if you were porting in a new number. I’ve done this with two other numbers over to Telstra and have both received $10pm discount for 12 months. Hence I was asking if it was still on - seems like a ‘try your luck’ on live chat deal!

          • @bernzsta: I ported from optus on the S21 deal a couple months back, live chat said I would get a $10 pm discount for porting over, ended up getting a $20 pm discount. My friend who got the deal the same day had no luck at all. Guess just try live chat until you get somebody good

            • @JimmyJohnson: I've never understood how this can happen. Can't they see your chat history like you can on the app?

              • @kimba88: Yep, I spoke to live chat first time they confirmed $10 pm , the second day I went to live chat the guy said he could do $15 pm, after buying the 3rd person ended up applying $20 pm. I guess I just got lucky with live chat

                • @JimmyJohnson: I think you got really lucky! It's really interesting how you could just keep trying. How did you know they could do bigger discounts than $10. What exactly did you ask for if you didn't just ask for the $10 port in credit?

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                    @kimba88: I asked for the $10 port in exactly, then they brought up $15 was possible, when I bought the phone and went to get it applied they said they could only do it for 6 months. ended up telling the guy to transfer me because that wasn't good enough and the new person went onto apply a $20 pm for 12 months

              • @kimba88: You don't have to be logged in to do a live chat. Can even do it on your PC. I've usually been a Telstra customer and never see history of chat when I've done it, no matter which device I use

                • @Whisper Quiet: Interesting. I'll try next time I see a deal that appeals to me :-)

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            @bernzsta: So, process is
            1) get on chat confirm port in credit
            2) take history or screenshot of chat
            3) port into jb hifindeal
            4) get back on Telstra chat and claim port in credit as it was originally promised by showing chat history / screenshot?

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    Can I switch to a different telstra plan after signing up ? This one do not have any international calls. Also what is the free insurance?

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      The lack of international calls is the main deal breaker for me. On previous versions of this plan, you could easily add a $10/mth calling pack. With this plan, you can't even pay and get it. On top of that they charge exorbitant rates for international calling, even for the 10-15 countries usually permitted.

      I guess you could try your luck with Telstra customer service, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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      This plan is not worth it. 7months ago i got the $59 deal with $500 bonus.

    • As long as the plan your moving to is more expensive per month then it's fine.

    • No you can't at least not without paying out the early termination fee. Telstra had an offer for $65 p/m for the 150gb plan a couple months after I signed up. (technically it was $115 with a $50 monthly discount for 12 months) I tried to upgrade to it but even after negotiating with live chat I always hit a brick wall in their system even when they were willing at first.
      If international calls are important this isn't the plan.

  • How long should you be not telstra Customer to obtain this deal.

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      Officially one month
      Sometimes you can get away with less than that, but they’re generally becoming stricter

    • I managed to do it after about 12 days last year but I had to try twice first time I told the truth and they were adament it couldn't be done the second time I just didn't even mention it (I was with Boost prior though) might be different if you are currently on a JB/TGG plan I'm not sure.
      Last year when I did it there were lots of people who were successful and just as many who weren't so it's hit and miss.

  • It only shows me $300 bonus, am I looking in the wrong place?

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      It’s not listed on their website (or in store even) - you have to ask and it shows on their system

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    I did below steps and it works for me.
    1) I had my regular telstra number with month on month plan
    2) got new number with this plan
    3) contacted telstra and changed this plan to old number telstra number

    Didn't do any port etc

    Also separately I had chat and got the 10$ credit.

    • Can anyone else confirm that this works?

      I'm thinking about doing this but I'm on an old in 12 month plan.

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        I did that once, took the life out of me, Telstra does not want to do that and they will make it an arduous journey for you to cross numbers over like that.

        • It does take a looooooooooooong time to do it
          Multiple steps
          Not all the reps know or willing to do it for you

      • Works, did that last time I signed up. But it was easier as the Telstra stores were open, I just went in, and they did it in about 20 mins.
        I imagine it'd be a royal pain trying to do it through chat or over the phone

    • +2

      No ozbargainer should ever go with telstra.

      You should have gone to specsavers

    • With the gift card it is around 35/month on 80gb.

      Yes they not the cheapest. Not to mention the network's coverage in regional areas. But show me a plan that cost less on 80gb/month then if you don't think this is a deal.

      Don't tell me to change provider every month for those half price first month deal!

      • The $500 gift card and $10 port in credit p/m which comes up every couple months is easily the best deal. Just over $17 p/m. Obviously only worth it if you already need a bigger appliance from JBHifi

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    I get they are trying to gain market share but it's annoying they don't want to retain existing customers with this deal

  • Who manages to use 80 gb data per month with everyone working from home?

    • Watch a few Dolby vision movies and it’ll be over

    • +2

      Yeah, i signed up last year, never crossed 5gb. Will finish my contract next month. Hope these deals will pop up soon

      • Just get Boost $150 plan which gives 80 GB a year. If you want more, can get 240gb plan for $300 a year. Boost is on Telstra network.

        • No 5G on Boost.

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            @cushydeskjob: Not sure abt others, but I can live with lte for next few years (more coverage and less battery drain and good speeds)

            • +1

              @hopper: So true mate. I am happy with 3 years old iPhone X and have a boost $150 80 GB plan. Wife has a iPhone 12 Max with Telstra 5G . There are very few places in sydney where her phone has between speeds than mine. My 3 years old battery is almost same as new shiny iPhone max.

        • Agree, but I'm planning to buy smart watch with lte, so must be with carrier that supports it.

    • The 5G reception in my area is miles better than 4G. I get reception even when I’m in the lift.

      But yes with lockdown in Sydney, I barely use close to 10GB and that’s including me watching the Olympics while I go for a daily walk.

  • -2

    Amysim $30 a month for 54GB. No contract

    • +4

      Crap Optus network

      • +1

        I've been with Telstra mostly over the last 8 years. Tried Optus, Kogan, Amaysim etc. Telstra has always been well ahead but last few months I get many dropouts and poor reception. So maybe they're all going a similar path?

      • From experience or just a telstra fanboy? I'm on telstra right now and can't wait to go back to Optus. Telstra are awful in my area. I literally get 1 bar to no reception in my kids school

        • So much like your own experience, it depends on where you're located that determines how you perceive a company's services.

          For me, the places I frequent, including my home (well definitely just home nowadays), Optus is pretty terrible. Telstra has been the most reliable in terms of connection and call quality.

          There were a few very particular areas where Telstra would drop but Optus would be fine, but those are few and far between.

  • Wish was $500 like last month, could pay off my HN 24month S21 contract after I sell the GC.
    Im over dodgy optus coverage. They have been "upgrading" my work suburb now for 2months.

  • Tempting to pull the trigger on $99 to get $700gc or this is better save?

  • I am struggling to move my service to Telstra. I need an Esim and I am getting mixed messages from reps.

    After I ordered, I was told they don’t do Esim on the “Upfront Plans”, today another rep tells me they do….

    Does this JBHifi plan support Esim?

    • +1

      Both Upfront and JB (siebel) plans support esim.

      Upfront previously didnt so perhaps are advising you based on old info.

      • Oh okay, it was 3 days ago…haha
        So now need to re-order my cancelled order 😩

        Does JB do the Esim in-store?

        • I had the Mobile Broadband plan/iPad deal activated with an esim today.

      • I'm not sure if mileage varies with each support person, but I'm on an upfront Telstra plan and I've been refused an esim twice in the last week. (Most recently 15 mins ago). Any tips on the best way to get it done?

    • You can get a physical sim to start with and swap it to an esim later on

  • +3

    59/m*12 and 500 GC is once a year, i will wait

  • Any Optus deals? Already with Telstra, happy to go with Optus.

  • Anyone else having trouble with Telstra porting today? Mine is still pending (from Vodafone) after 6 hours

  • Do they check to see how long ago you ported away from Telstra?

    • +1

      Generally yes - it’s very obvious on the system but it depends whether they choose to ignore it or not

  • If only the international pack could be added!!

  • Is it just me or is the JB Hifi site for this deal now showing "$300 JB Hifi Gift Card"? I'm not seeing any $400 gift card deal.

    • +1

      In store deal only

  • Does anyone know if I port out mid month out of contract do I get a credit for the unused days or they don’t refund?

    Been meaning to port out then I can port back.

    • +1

      Telstra will send you a cheque

  • As an existing Telstra, what’s the cheapest way to port out and port back in again? Just buy a $10 prepaid sim from Vodafone and wait the 3 weeks or is there a more efficient way?

  • +1

    What’s the free insurance on that’s mentioned?

    • Im betting the first month or so, then you PAY.

      • It's one year of JB Mobile Extras - I just did it!

  • I made use of this yesterday. S21 Ultra lead in model I got for $1251. I got them to discount model to 1651 from 1849 as they were on special previously for 1599 then they applied 400 gift card on top. Pretty happy with the result and the 1 year trade in/upgrade warrenty was a bonus as I want to upgrade to the 22 ultra when it comes out next year.

  • +1

    How do you take advantage of this if you are in lockdown?

  • +1

    Guy in Enex told me today that the $400 GC (rather than $300) finishes after this week.

  • +2

    I asked for the $10 discount and got it first try on live chat 🙌🙌

    • Post port into the jb plan?

      • Yep. Just logged on and said “Hi, I just signed on to a Telstra plan and heard I might be eligible for a $10 monthly credit” - they just confirmed my mobile number and that was it

  • +4

    Can confirm the $10 port in bonus can be applied, I just got it after signing up to the JB plan yesterday.

    Here are my 3 lines that I used.

    Fire up live chat,

    "Speak to Human"

    Clicked on Accounts and Billing

    "Hi, I just ported in my number to Telstra and I was told to contact you about applying a $10 monthly port in bonus on my account"

    "Thank you so much"


    • You legend!

  • Telstra are dropping $500 off the S21 Ultra 5G for one day tomorrow. Do you think jb hifi would price match? And can you get the same port in offer through the good guys?

  • Has anyone managed to get a port-in credit in the last couple of days?
    I just had a chat with Telstra online and they said port-in credit expired 30/06

    • +1

      Did exactly what a Raging said just then and they applied the credit. Did it through the telstra app and just said JBHIFI told me to get you guys to apply it.

  • how do i even get to live chat?
    i cant even find the link

    • +1

      its not the old live chat i remembered but its via their "message us" link.

      support couldn't give me a $10 credit but gave me a reference code for next support staff to add $60 credit to my account once the first bill comes in.
      They mentioned check back in at 6 months time t see if they can apply the other half of credits i was asking for.

      better than i had anticipated for the first respondent agent.

  • Does anyone know if this gives you access to 5G?

    Does anyone know if JB will offer better deals like the $500 voucher in the near future?

    • Yes there is 5G access

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