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Salt & Pepper 24cm CON-IUM Frypan $12 (Was $24) + $6.95 Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


Was looking for a 20-24 size Pan
Found this. Cant find it cheaper elsewhere
Is on Myer website as well
Was $90 now around $45


Was also considering STEEL pan size 26’ since its better than a non stick coating for health reasons
but my wife wanted something nothing beyond size 24
"Convinced me saying we all going to die someday"


For $17 was $34 on catch and
Myer claims was $140 now $70


That's what they said about PFOA Tefal coating.
Please do your own research.


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  • -1

    not sure what recipes require you to fry salt

    or why you need special fry pan to fry salt/pepper

  • but my wife wanted something nothing beyond size 24

    The true Ozbargainer would use the ring sizer from the previous deals

  • +2

    No more non-stick coated cookware for me…

    • Yeah for me too, but for dumplings the cast iron pans don't work well, even after being seasoned well

      • I switched to cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel only

        Pan fry dumplings can be done with carbon steel or SS

        • I'll get a carbon steel one, I've got a SS one and the dumplings stick on it as well, I must be doing something wrong. Cheers for the suggestion

          • @otter-raptor: Add water and close lid

            • @DarthLord: Cheers , will try it

            • @DarthLord: i usually keep them moving so they dont stick to it, but yeah water-oil mixture is where its at. also your dumplings had to be dry, thick wall ones (cooked overnights)