expired Telechoice Mobile Contract Deal Virgin/Optus Network


Telechoice deal
HTC incredible deal - you can choose any phone on either optus or
virgin network.

You pay 29 per month for 24 month(Taking HTC Incredible as an example) .

The following are the savings:-

5 dollor device cost per month waived off for the next 24 months
(savings 120 dollors)
2 months free on the above deal(58 savings)
Get Samsung E3210 on a $10 per month plan 12 month contract,
telechoice pays this $10 per month for the next 12 months(savings 120)
Free mobile cover(20 dollors)
Free incard(worth 50 dollors)-details on incard.com.au
35 credit on your account if you go through an existing customer like
me(savings 35 dollors)

Total savings - 403 dollors.

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    Whats the "dollors" to dollar exchange rate these days? (http://goo.gl/eWfyo)

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    $29 for the next 24 months - total cost $696
    2 months free on the above deal - worth $58 (note that most carriers have similar offer)
    Get Samsung E3210 - worth ~$50 (unless you have someone who can benefit from a $10 plan)
    Free mobile cover - worth $2
    Free incard - worth next to nothing
    35 referral credit - worth $35

    In summary ~$25 for 24 months ($603 total) You get:
    HTC Incredible (outright $250-300)
    $29 Optus/Virgin Plan
    Samsung E3210
    Protective Cover

    Not that fantastic of a deal in my opinion

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    dont c any deal about it…
    virgin network (even though it's part of optus network)? think again.


    ref the free $5 sim plan deal that ended last month. has anyone gotten their promised $5 credit from telechoice credited to their accounts yet? also can the $5 sim account holders get another Samsung E3210 on a $10 per month plan 12 month contract free too or do you need to be on a minimum $29 contract to qualify for this new deal?