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HP Slim S01-AF1132A i3-10100, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Desktop PC $679.15 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Price drop on this one, 15% OFF at Checkout.

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    Not bad but you're almost at laptop territory of equivalent specs at that price. Depends if you foresee portability requirements.

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    An i3 thats 4 core 8 thread.
    What an age we live in!

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    If all you’re looking for is a basic desktop, it’s worth considering many of the 3-4 year old i5/i7 ex-corp Dell/HP/Lenovo machines for around half the price too.

    Something like this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/183059824318


      Agreed, less e waste ftw.

      Though id say the 7050 is worth the extra $20 over the 7040.
      Both still good buys.


        For sure, there are so many options out there that are worth a look.

        I’ve had a bunch of ex-Corp Dell machines over the years for myself and set them up for family, and all have been rock solid.

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      correct me if im wrong but these old ex-corp machines cant install windows11


        you're not wrong.


        After 2025 you'd have had an OK life out of them already.

        Also; you're right officially, but at the moment you can diy an ISO using windows 10 "system check" tools, and it will still install.

        If they dont patch the workarounds; then technically you could. (Can also technically install macOS or Linux, if you're feeling like a change).

        But at less than $100 per year of life left; and assuming they do EoL windows 10 like that, its still not bad. Big IF there from a lot of us IT guys though…

        Lots of us in the industry expect (since its a true hardware requirement) is that they'll end support (no call centre, no helpdesk, no compatibility patches), but continue critical security patches till 2030.

        There will just be too many business systems in the world, and the IC shortage wont have fully recovered by 2025 globally, to have every gov, every business, every mcdonalds, every atm (yep, they run embedded edition), replaced just like that.

        They're going to be forced to be a little more gentle.