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Samsung Galaxy A52 $479.20 ($429.20 with $50 Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung Education Store


You need to log into the Samsung Education Store
To get to this store you need to be a student & have a edu.au email
You need to SUBSCRIBE to the newsletter to get the $50 voucher

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10% off Samsung Galaxy S22 or Tab S8 for Referee, $50 Voucher for Referrer

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  • These any good ?

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      Excellent battery life. Everything else is subpar.

  • They're great spec for a mid range phone. Rly pleased with mine, was looking at one for my wife. Highly recommend.

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    As has been said many times over, the subscribe $50 is more than likely never going to turn up in your inbox.

    You'll need to contact support who will then refer you to an email address… the recipients of which (in my experience) fail to respond.

    • Yeah, mine did arrive

    • I received it after 5 hours two days ago.

  • 5G?

    • No, the 5G model is $599 on the site.

    • +1

      If you want 5G, why not just get the Pfizer? Ever since I've had my second shot I've been able to pick up both 5G and shortwave signals.

  • +1

    My $50 never arrived

    • +1

      Number of times I've tried registering, each time with a different email address? 3
      Number of vouchers received? 0

  • +1

    Waiting for tab A7 lite to be included in the EPP store

  • It's been $479 for a while now, so it's probably regular price. Might be worth waiting for a discount on the main store, which will carry over to the education store making it a double discount, like what happened with the S20 FE recently.

  • Hi everyone,
    How do I sign up to the newsletter?
    I can't seem to find it.

    • It should pop up at the bottom of the screen, once you sign in to the education store.
      There can be a little bit of delay for the voucher, but I got mine okay.

      • Thanks for that.
        It looks like my pihole adblocker was blocking it.
        Figured it out with your comment and switching to mobile data.

  • Been looking at either this or the A32. Is there a reason I shouldn't try to save and buy the cheaper model instead?

  • Down to $449.25 now.

    • Is the 5g any cheaper?

      • $599.20 on Gov portal (and out of stock).

        • Damn, missed out, I'll settle for 4g.

  • Bought for $399.25 including the $50 off voucher from newsletter signup.

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