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Sensory Lab Organic Santo Espresso Blend 1kg (2x 500g) $25 Delivered @ Sensory Lab


Purchase a 500g bag of Organic Santo Blend and receive an additional 500g bag for free.

Add 2x 500g bags to your cart, select One-time purchase and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Santo is 100% organic and ethically sourced. It’s bright, smooth, and fruity.
Sweet Peaches + Ripe Cherries
COUNTRY: Honduras | Colombia
PROCESSING: Washed | Washed

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  • +1

    Received exactly what I ordered. Roasted on the 27th. Tastes great. Happy.

  • +1

    arrived today but they sent a 1kg bag even though order says 500g x2… was going to put one bag in the freezer

  • +1

    Have most people already received the coffee? I have heard and received nothing from them.

    • +1

      Still not received yet.

      03 Aug 2021
      Shipment en route
      9:07 PM
      Pick-up failed
      5:47 AM
      02 Aug 2021
      Pick-up failed
      5:47 PM
      Delivery scheduled in the final delivery depot
      Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
      8:19 AM
      Order processed
      Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
      8:11 AM
      01 Aug 2021
      Order created
      Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      • same issue a pickup failure loop…called em nd they said no idea whats going on but pickup is daily so call back in a few days if it persists

    • email received on Aug 2 but no shipment info yet.
      my order# is 19197 so i guess they are pumping up with their orders to process.
      my current beans would last for another week so hopefully I get it by end of next week or two.

    • Mine with slow way, tracking shows it’s in limbo in Melbourne for the last few days.

      • Looks like fastway lost my parcel and need to investigate when I ask what was happening, I expected nothing less from them.

        • same stuck in melb since the 3rd….fastway are the worst

          • @bugman: update….fastaway the WORST company ever….ever…

        • Just got mine today. Did a complain last week and they raised an investigation and marked as urgent delivery.

          Mine came in 2 x 500g bags just as how I ordered. So no further complains.

      • +1

        Same here, no updates for three days.

        • same - payment taken, no update

    • Ordered Wednesday night, and this morning received two 500g bags (roasted Thursday) via Auspost.

      As a hot tip, ordering to a PO Box or Parcel Locker bypasses Fastway. That itself is worth a year's POB rental charges.

  • Still have not received the order, at this rate fresh coffee will be old coffee.

    • Same. Haven't received….with no tracking info either.

    • +1

      That's the reply I got.

      Thanks for reaching out. I can see your order is in transit still. There have been some significant delays with shipping with the lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne. This one should arrive to you this week. Thank you for your continued patience.

      • +1

        Ordered 1 Aug but didn't create an account so I've got no status update. Thankfully I paid via paypal so purchase protection is an option if this drags on >2 weeks.

        • +1

          I'm in the same boat but I will e-mail them now to see where my order is. I have a few coffee bags at home so I'm in no particular rush myself

  • issue is with them using fastaway,,,,, they are cheaper by around 10% -20% but there is a reason…they are trash……Melb to Ade….any other courier company a few days (5 days at most)….fastaway…. 1-3 weeks …..not good if you are shipping coffee beans….

  • +1

    Slow as hell

  • got SMS saying delivery
    i reply ok
    than i wait for hours not seeing anyone and check back on tracker to see it updated with RETURN TO SENDER


  • I sent a question to Sensory Lab and was told:

    I'm going to resend with a different carrier (express). We've unfortunately had a bunch of issues with Fastway last week and have lost confidence in their ability to deliver.

    Thanks for your support and I will get this moving again ASAP

    Good service I would say.

    • Are you getting another 1kg?

      • I think so.

        I am not sure what's going to happen with the original 1kg they sent, as it has been stuck with Fastway for a week..by the time it turns up (if it will), the coffee could've been 2-3 weeks after roasting (assuming 27 Jul is the roast date).

        • My reply said
          It was sent TNT, but has since gone MIA….

          I was just offered a 500g bag as a replacement for the 1kg that's MIA

          • @albanyson: Recieved my replacement parcel today. 2 x 500gm bags. Roast date 09/08.
            Arrived quicker than the original TNT parcel which went missing in freight space.
            Original notification for my replacement parcel was estimated to be 23/09.
            Keen to try these tomorrow morning….

    • How long did it take for Sensory Lab to reply? I have emailed them yesterday morning and again this morning regarding my order and are yet to hear anything.

      • about 20 mins.. the reply came from "[email protected]" and went to my junk mail by default.

        • Ok thanks. I have emailed them again. Nothing in my junk.

  • Wow after what a whole week…Finally arrived but at the local PO

    • Which city

      • South Australia

  • So I'm confused do these have to be used really quick? Even if they stay sealed?

    • We're paying for freshly roasted specialty coffee which is best consumed within 1-2 weeks after roast. The taste deteriorates after that.

      If we wanted stale coffee we would have just bought from the supermarket.

      • Didn't realize it has to be used even if sealed

        • You can still use it, some coffee beans have a 1 year after expiry at the supermarket after roast. It just the taste will be bad.

      • These beans definitely didn't seem 'freshly roasted' to me…

        • +1

          Yes for me it was not worth the wait . Aldi coffee is better. Probbaly good at one stage but a month after roast being in a warehouse probbaly didn't help

  • +2

    Still waiting…will be 10 days at least so far. I'm out of coffee now.

    You can't ship a product which deteriorates with Fastway. Disappointing.

    • +2

      Same here. Roughly ordered the same time but has been in shipping Limbo. Good work Aramex / Fastway couriers. Has a rating of 1.2 on Google with nearly 4.5k reviews

      Will contact Sensory Lab about this tomorrow

      • +2

        Same here. I actually ordered before this was posted here as I bought from them previously but never had this issue. It might be faster to walk from Melbourne to Sydney. I can understand delay because of Covid but seems like fastway is definitely a slowway to ship!

      • +1

        Do you know if it is fastway doing the delivery for them? I left a parcel at a Sendle's drop-off location last week, but it still has not been picked up by Sendle's courier, which is Fastway in this case yet! Today, I tried to drop another parcel at a different drop-off location, a newsagency. The lady running the business rejected and told me they "do sendle, but not sendle by fastway". Fastway must have some serious issues, I guess.

        • +1

          Yeah mine was being shipped by Fastway which is now either owned by, or branded to, Aramex. Do a search for them and see the Google reviews. I take Google reviews with a touch of salt BUT 1.2 stars with 4.5k reviews is seriously not a good sign for your business

        • For my order it does say Shippit and carrier is fastway and it has been in transit since August 3.

  • I finally got mine a week later

  • What is the recommended recipe for this I.e. brew ratio and time?

    • I've never used this before why can't I just add it to hot water

      • LOL if your post is serious you may be in a world of hurt Wilco88

  • Fastaway did lose my first delivery (they advised no idea where it is)….but Sensory labs did re-send new bag and already have the second delivery today.

    No idea if my first delivery will ever turn up….

    • That's mad. Mine was sent TNT and apparently lost 🤷

      Also had one replacement bag sent
      (No idea if its just 1kg bag or 1x 500gm bag)

      New ETA 23 Aug

  • Mine has the date of 02 08 21

  • +1

    Anyone have good espresso results? Can't say I am getting any fruity notes.. definitely not what I was expecting.

    Would appreciate brew recipes if you are having success.

    • only using for filter here, really enjoyable taste - lots of fines however.

      • I'm using a French press thingo plunger

    • For milk drinks ratio 1:5 and 30 seconds contact time. I have a barista pro and noticed if I increase brew temperature, I was getting better results at 1:5 but at 28 seconds. It's quite acidic but mellows considerably well with milk.

    • Gotta say the same. It tastes more acidic and sweeter than other brands I've tried. I've put it down to the blend. So trying to see how best to enjoy this. Are people brewing this coffee with their espresso or a different way?

    • Nope, just not good beans for espresso unfortunately. Not a lot of extraction of… well, anything, really.

  • Early yesterday morning I got a SMS saying with the driver and will be delivered yesterday but no one turned up. Almost two weeks now, unbelievable.

    • check your tracking
      probably says return to sender already

      • I did, no further update

  • Mine still hasn't arrived…

    • same still in transit since 02/08.

  • I've been waiting 20 days no delivery.

  • +1

    fastway is slowway. always deliver with no respect dumping it on driveway or at the entrance without buzzing the bell.

    amazon used to use fastway in my area and thought driver had some issues always delivering late and dumping it on the street.

    seems other business use fastway is being treated the same.

    slow and slow and slow and just dumping the parcel without buzzing.

    coffee is great but avoid fastway at all cost!!!! terrible carrier!

    • Got mine on Monday, although it supposed to be delivered on Thursday. It was on the entrance floor without buzzing the bell as you said.

  • +3

    For the benefit of anyone who sees this in future, these beans were (IMHO) stale and have not been making nice coffee. No roast date on them but they are pretty lifeless, which I guess explains the deal. Would not buy again.

  • +6

    Will never buy these again. I was releived to go back to my usual beans.

    • +1

      Never knew terrible beans existed till now. Looking forward to going back to our usual ozb fav beans

    • +1

      Happy with their service, was advised to keep the extra kg of beans I received due to useless fastway.

      But i agree, the coffee was not that great.

    • I thought it was just me, and I've been trying to palm off this brew to friends. One commented, "Is this just milk? Where's the coffee" <- pretty much my sentiments as well

  • +1

    I contacted Sensory Lab via Instagram after this Santo deal and asked for some help getting the most out of the Organic Santo blend. They put me in touch with Tsu Teoh, who apparently liases with Sensory Lab / St Ali's wholesale clients, gave me a call and we worked through dialling in Santo. Here's the low-down of what we discussed on the phone specifically for that batch of Santo blend.:

    1) Work on brew ratio and yield first: 21g in, 43-45g out (1:2.1 ratio). 93deg brew temp, 3bar pre-infusion for ~5 seconds, 9 bar extraction for ~25 seconds. Even distribution of the grinds in the portafilter basket and flat, consistent tamping is required.
    Taste both as single espresso and milk-based with ~120g steamed milk in a 6oz cup.

    2) Finely tune grind to taste palate after establishing 1), and not necessarily by going finer, as there is potential to choke and cause channeling. I found that going slightly coarser brought out a much better espresso in my 21g VST basket. Don't forget to purge grinds after changing grinder settings to remove any pre-ground coffee in the grinder chamber that is at the previous grind size.

    After 3-4 back-to-back pulls I was able to pull out some decent espressos out of the Santo, both tasted espresso and in a latte. Decent body and mouth feel, although nowhere near as the Steadfast blend. Cream was also less, but I feel that is also due to the lighter roast profile given to the components of the organic blend.

    - If single dosing, account for popcorn effect changing particle size distribution, potentially fill in grinder hopper with a little extra beans to provide that pressure feeding in the grinder.
    - If the espresso is coming out unevenly through a double-spout, then taste both espressos as the sum of the two may be more balanced the each espresso (avoid this by ensuring even distribution and tamp).
    - Freezing the beans is good for managing bulk amounts of roasted espresso, and allowing them to age at room temp for a total of 10~14 days post-roast date is optimal. If you put the beans in the freezer 3 days after roast date, then let them sit for +7 days outside the freezer for a total of 10 days resting at room temp.

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