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Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger $5 @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Available to all mymacca's app users (not targeted)

$5 Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger @ mymacca's App

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  • gj

  • Not showing up for me..
    I only have the 10% off and 20% off vouchers with minimum spend

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      Try after midnight Perth time

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        Perth LoL

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    I got this deal last Saturday via MyMaccas app for $4. Don’t if it was targeted just a pleasant surprise. Maybe cause I hadn’t visited Mecca’s in a month or more.

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      That would’ve been the small cheeseburger meal plus extra cheeseburger for $4.

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    "Small Big Mac"

    Isnt that the truth these days.

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      Are we just getting bigger or are the Big Mac's now actually getting smaller?

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        Didn't they have a grand mac that was advertised as being how they used to be? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought they blatantly pointed at their own shrinkflation

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        No, definitely they're smaller. I remember when they were packaged in the yellow styrofoam containers which were probably closer to the size of a whopper.

        • Whoppers have shrunk LOTS too

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          easy, just look at any other country basically, there is a negative size difference.

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          yeah nah they're the same weight they've always been you're all just older and fatter. shrinkflation is real but maccas straight up list the weight of their patties and would be crucified if they were found to be fibbing.

      • shrunk to size of Junior Burgers used to be.

        Like Hungry Jacks Whopper… Now you can just about see through "meat" - at least at our local its not even a meal anymore.

    • you think with the $$$ they spend on marketing and copywriting they would avoid this stuff lol…

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      Whoops, thought this deal was the small cheeseburger meal + cheeseburger, which was $4 then they swapped it to $5. Ignore above comment.

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    good deal 2x for $10 + couple of custart pies for $3. Lunch + dessert sorted for $13.

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      4 burgers for lunch? Breh

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        Nah thats why i get custard tarts so I'm not hungrt

  • Hungry jacks/burger king app has better deals on all the time and tastes better

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      Like what?

  • Got it but bought $8 two small Big Mac meals

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    I created a second account just for this particular deal lol

  • I also got 2 small quarter pounders for $9 alongside this one

  • Fine…I'll stop eating take-away tomorrow then!

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    mobile order down in maccas atm. went to 2 maccas in sydney both said their online system crashed and cannot take my order

    • They can't even scan the QR code?

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        Happened to me last night.
        The girl at cashier couldn't be bothered looking it up.

        So I couldn't be bothered giving her my money.

  • had it today :)

  • does this work with % off coupons?

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      No, it won't let you stack

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    The more you use these type of apps the less young people get employed by maccas and similar.

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      You can ask the staff to scan the deal's QR code at the counter to keep them employed

  • My local claimed the server was down and "couldn't" put the deal through manually. :X

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    You can actually order this more than once.

    It's removed from your deal page once you get it once
    But you can go to previous order and reorder it.

    Worked for me today

    Great for this recession times. Haha.

    Hope McD won't see this and update their apps.

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      Yes I just did the same! I went there to get my free big mac advertised this morning but they removed it so I checked my order history and it let me order again. This also happened awhile back with the $4 small cheeseburger meal - you can order it again through your order history even if they removed it

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        That never happens on my app. If I order a past 'deal', it charges the full price.
        The $5 deal is something like $15.20 when I add or to the bag/basket now.

        That's never worked on any deal I've ever had.
        $2 coffees deals are usual full price once the 'reward' is used and I try to order them again.
        I've tried this often enough

        • Yes it doesn't work all the time but it does occasionally so it's worth checking. This one isn't working for me anymore. One on going hack that still works is the double beef and bacon small meal for $4.95

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          Hey bud,
          I've just checked my apps and it is not applying the $5 anymore.

          I guess they've fixed it.

          Maccas must be snooping in this forum to see any hacks we've found. Haha

    • Can't seem to see recent order on my app, I remember it did show on the app previously but it's empty now- maybe it's periodically cleaned up?

      • My past orders are shown when I click the 'order' tab and I've never seen them cleaned up

  • Is the Big Mac the smallest front line burger or the worst front line burger or both. Vote here .. :-( .. !!

    Smallest ?
    Worst ?
    Both ?

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      the only front line burger since you just invented the term?

    • Front line Burger fighting a different kind of Pan-demic

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    Attempting to order from the nearest McD gives the message:

    Products under this deal are currently unavailable. Please select another deal.

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    Did anyone else have this deal replaced by the new 20% off offer in the app?? This should still be active today but it’s not there anymore for me :(

    • Yes, the bastards. I was saving mine to use today and it got replaced

    • same, want to use it in the last day, today, they removed it.
      but i have a 2 big mac for $6 deal in a different account so used that instead.