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[eBay Plus] $10-$70 off Selected Items - e.g. adidas Shoes $30, Mini Circular Saw $19.99 + More @ eBay


Another promo from generous eBay - handpicked by eBay in preparation for Father's Day 🤩

Links (prices after discount):

$70 off

$40 off

$15 off

$10 off

50 redemptions per person


This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +4

    50 redemptions per person, wow! I'll take 50.

    • +12

      Excessive times redemption allowed may mean that the deals are not so good.

      • +2

        Just bought the shoes for free. It was supposed to be $100 minus $70 from coupon but for some reason price shows up as $40. Plus coupon it's free.

        However I'm guessing Adidas will cancel the order, they did it last time to me.

        • Thanks for the reply. Grabbed two free pairs.

  • +2

    Nice price on the shoes but quick look at reviews specs suggests they are not designed for too much mileage. Check out runrepeat

    • +1

      not expecting a $30 pair to do much though. maybe good for certain use like matching dress?

      still recommend to try before buying any shoes….

      • What if they were a $100 pair, as the original price suggests?

        • Have the kids versions of this and they are average quality at best. For $30 they are decent for lrixet.

        • $100 rrp for name-brand shoes isn't super high-end. Built for heavy-use, high end trainers, are more like $250-300 I think?

    • I'm looking for something to walk off some covid pounds at lunchtime, I'm surprised at $30 it's useful for running at all.

      Probably a better choice than my dried out, 5 year old new balance.

      • I'm sure these will be fine unless you have had specific joint issues.
        Or if you have a certain shoe type you like then this may not feel as good.

    • -1

      Only 1 redemption, just got 3 of 4 refunded

  • Getting confused with PLUSPAPA and PSAVE17 items as they are on same page. Are the few ones on the deal page only eligible for fathers day offer?

  • +9

    this page have all, but plus member only.

  • Great find, OP. Thanks. Picked up a couple of pairs of Adidas for casual use.

    Classic jacker here though.

  • +8

    Jack is up to his old tricks again. The same Ugg boots I bought for $37 last week is now advertised as $75 less $40. Woohoo I saved $2!!!

  • +1

    Hmmm $20 mini circular saw… am I asking for trouble

    • +6


      perfect for this project

    • +3

      Saw that, bad idea?

      • saw what you did there :P

        • saw what you saw lol

    • I was going to ask the same thing

    • that saw is a steel

    • cannot go wrong with a small house project… 20 bucks..

      • Is it good for table top cuts?

        • +1


          I have the worx brand one which is very similar.

          Easier to do clean cuts if using a guide. Much lighter than a circular saw.

          Sadly this is no longer part of the deal as I would've bought it just for the blades.

    • As long as you are wearing your safety Ugg boots slippers, no. :)

    • +2

      I pulled the trigger on this for a few reasons. Last time I bought a blade for my angle grinder was 15 bucks, and this comes with 3. Also I prefer this tool not to be battery powered, more power, and unlikely to use it where I can't plug in. Also I don't need a huge cutting depth, but I just want neat cuts on laminate boards and sick of hand sawing, and and jig is out of the question. Also the small size means less of an angle on the cut than bigger saws so should give a neater cut. Only detraction is would need to go slow as the blade will heat up faster and potentially scorch the wood

      • Same here, cant go wrong for $20 delivered.

      • +1

        Oh no expired lmao

        • You've been here long enough to know the mantra

        • Yeah, I was too slow as well.

  • It is US size, right?

    • With Adidas, yes.

    • check the chart, the falcon model is supposed to fit large.

  • -1

    Nothing for m'lady?

  • Off topic, anyone received their asahi deal from last week? Had no update at all

    • -2

      Nope but it is on its way. They will be getting a neg feedback for not sending by express post though.

    • Halfway through the case lol

    • I got mine on Thursday, not Asahi, but a different case from CUB

    • Normal Asahi cans not posted yet. Asahi black delivered in 2 days.

    • I'm the Champ that got the bottles and received :)

    • I got my cans delivered yesterday.

  • +5

    Spend another $50 at bunnings and you get to use your fingers after using your saw

  • +1

    How much is this drill for, is it worth buying?
    my ebay plus expired last week, waiting for new joining offer.

  • -3

    how many times can you use the code?

    • +2

      Read the deal or the first comment.

  • +1

    I never order shoes online for a good reason… But damn they're only $30 I'll get a pair

  • Anyone tried the BBQ grill and comment on the quality?

    • +2

      I have used similar ones, rubbish quality.

  • Is it so complicated for eBay to provide search links for these promos?

    • +1

      The idea is to let you go though all the listings so you may buy something you don't need for their profit

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought stuff I didn't think I needed due to FOMO

  • +1

    All I want for father's Day is a heavily discounted 65" tv. Am I asking for too much?

    • Have a look at eko tvs at big w


  • WOW

  • Thanks OP, bought the Adidas Falcon Shoes. I'm not planning on running a marathon, just casually walking the dog.
    Great price at $30

  • Whenever I get the urge to buy a pair of shoes online I'm going to stick my head in a bucket of water for 2 minutes until it passes.

  • Thanks OP, bought the saw cant go wrong for $20 delivered.

  • code not working on saw anymore…

    • refresh or press link again nvm doesnt work my bad

      • Nope.

        "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

        I can see the tickbox with the code, but won't work.

        • Yeh I tried again doesnt work my bad

  • +1

    Thank you OP! Bought the shoes for my dad

  • Thanks OP. Bought a pair of Adidas

  • +2

    Has the voucher stopped working for the circular saw? Seems to have gone back to full price at checkout

  • Got the Saw, thanks OP

    Must have got in just before it stopped working.

  • +2

    50 redemptions per person

    Some papas will be so spoilt this year ;-)

    Also adidas AU Men Tennis Advantage Base Shoes $40

    • +1

      Just got them for $0 thank you

      • They reduced the price after I posted (11:34:04 AEST). Lucky you :-)

    • 0 for me

  • -2

    Code is not working for circular SAW. Please help

  • anyone have any experience with the dirt cheap earphones?

  • Damn 20 bucks cheaper than dremel bits. I'd get it for sure but expired.

  • $55.99 for Forty Spotted gin (It was listed as $64.99 during last deal … ) now it's $95.99

  • +1

    are the uggs made in australia? all I could find was Australian wool

  • Good timing :) My original adidas shoes from a previous deal now almost a year old are still fine but I'd like to just have a spare set at this price ;)

  • +3

    [When I see somebody wearing adidas falcons and an oakley lanyard:] knowing wink

    • Where did the oakley lanyard come from?

      • came from here
        the post originally was get Free Lanyards and morphed into what it is now

    • lol

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