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MacBook Air M1 $1,294.70+, Mac Mini M1 $977.90+, iMac M1 $1,755.60+ @ Apple On Campus (e.g. Australian Education Union)


Credit to skido
This is the Apple Education store for AOC AU Australian Education Union. Price is cheaper than your regular Apple EPP
You do not have to provide student ID or anything related to AOC, just check out normally.
Sadly, iPad & XDR display's prices are still the same

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    Would JB hifi possibly price match these prices?

    • they do price match with regular EPP if you can provide your student ID
      for this AOC EPP I guess you might need to prove you are a union member

      • what is AOC?

        • I think it's Apple on Campus

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            @Danny N: Here I was thinking it's Australian Olympic Committee. 😂

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              @xoom: I thought it was the monitor company 😂

            • @xoom: with AOC's fat cheques they don't need discount, they get premium for everything.

        • Maybe Australian Olympic Committee :D

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          Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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      I spoke to apple chat and they provided me a link to my universities apple store which also had it for $1294. JB HiFi price matched it. I decided to go with them as it's 2 year warranty rather than 1 year for apple.

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        Can you put the link here? Or DM please.

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        Apple has 2 year warranty.

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    This is great, thanks Op. I usually purchase through the standard education store and try and time it when there's a good Shopback/Cashrewards deal but will just use this AOC store from now on. I wonder how long this has been going on for?

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    Can someone please explain this to me: It has a GPU but it doesn't have a GPU card? How is that? What I know is we usually see another GPPU card but these don't seem to have one (as opposed to the MacBook Pro 16" for example)

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      m1 cpu has a built in gpu.

    • GPU is built into the SoC.

    • So performance-wise, how does this compare to the traditional GPU discrete cards? Also, where does it take its memory from? The available RAM?

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        where does it take its memory from?

        my guess from the also built in ram.

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        Watch YouTube reviews.

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      Don't let the fancy jargon confuse you. Same as all laptops these days, built in gpu to the cpu. Intel iris , AMD radeon 5XX etc. Same shit. Not a dedicated GPU.

      Shared with your normal ram.

      Also note this Mackbook can only support 1 external screen unless you pay more for support hardware.

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        Quite different architecture though.
        This is a unique Apple designed System On a Chip referencing Arm architecture.
        It is more like the SOC found in an iPhone, but much higher power envelope.
        The SOC has separate cores for the CPU and GPU components, and designed that way from the ground up.
        You can get intel CPUs without integrated Iris etc. Eg K series that are really for gamers who are always going to have a dedicated GPU.

        The bandwidth on each of these M series cores are extremely impressive which gives them very high performance compared with much more expensive traditional architecture laptops. Close software integration helps too.

        Are they the absolute fastest? No. But they are up there, and these are Apple’s base products. As the rest of their line up switches over, well people now have very high expectations.

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      Does your phone have a "GPU card"?

    • The GPU is part of the processor core which delivers fast processing. You can google some articles for game performance on MBA M1.

  • So I shouldn't list my business name in the checkout then 😅

  • Just remember they dont really work with more than 1 external monitor

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      Can get around this by using a display link compatible hub.
      Dell D6000 is probably the cheapest at ~$200 on ebay.

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        For those searching, it's actually DisplayLink

        • Thanks for the link.

          Does that mean that if a Docking Station is listed on DisplayLink Web page, both monitors will work while plugged into MacBook Air M1?

          I have a "LENOVO THINKPAD HYBRID USB-C WITH USB-A Dock Max Resolution: 5120 × 2880" listed on DisplayLink Web site (via your link).

          My 10yr old Lenovo W520 laptop works fine with two QHD monitors plugged into Lenovo DisplayLink docking station. I shook my head in disbelief when I heard that Apple M1 would only support a single monitor.

      • Dell D6000 are an awesome displaylink dock , also charges ;)

  • Soo.. 8GB or 16GB RAM?

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      If you are not sure, go for 8GB. Because new 8GB is more powerful / useful than old standard 8GB.

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        I'd stick with 8Gb and then get 512Gb storage.
        When the ram allocation is exhausted it adds virtual ram from the SSD which won't be possible if it's full.
        512gb also gets an extra core for graphics fwiw.

      • Possibly keep an eye on your current usage, if you find yourself close to maxing out or plan on adding more memory intensive tasks to your workflow like video/photo editing, 16GB might be good to future proof or just get it for peace of mind since it will switch to using your ssd when running out of memory leading to slightly faster storage degradation (even then it's not much of an issue unless this sort of usage is frequent).
        Otherwise i'd just prioritise more storage.

        Another thing to consider is shipping and pickup estimates, it's usually slightly higher for customised/non-base models in some places. You should be able to see these when customising your mac.

    • 16gb

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      16GB of RAM if you do lots of heavy photo or video editing, or if you're a software developer and you compile code or run virtual machines a lot.

      For everyone else, 8GB is more than enough on the M1 series.

    • What sorta stuff do you plan to do with it? That'd determine it. I do software dev stuff so would definitely grab the 16GB. More RAM also has more potential for future-proofing depending on who you are

  • Whats the historical cheapest the M1 Airs have been 256 / 512?

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      it's a simple search on Ozbargain.

  • Damn such a good price for the M1 Air, not sure if I should wait for gen 2…

    • How far off is Gen 2?

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        There's speculation it's coming Q1 next year, but it's hard to say if it's a replacement for the MBA, or will the new 13" device be a replacement for the 13" MBP in terms of pricing/positioning (ie priced more than MBA).

    • Wait for the gen 3.

      "It's a game changer".

  • Air or Pro ? Can anyone confirm if the air display is dimmer than the pro ?

    • Correct, it's 400 nits vs 500 nits.
      For in-door use it shouldn't matter

  • Looks like a decent deal, looking to upgrade to Air from my current Macbook Pro 13 2015 with apple trade in at $610. Would it be worth the upgrade?

    • Totally worth it, it's a massive leap in CPU performance from 2 cores to 8 cores, plus Touch ID and much better battery life.
      I traded in my Pro 13" 2015 as well

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      Just be wary, I would take the trade-in values with a grain of salt. It's generally a waste of time as you need to send it in, they take a week or 2 to assess and then give you a new value to accept or decline.

      In my case, they offered me $380 originally for a 2012 MBP Retina, then after the inspection they offered $200. I declined and sold it privately on eBay for $400 instead and that's what I would recommend to do.

      They use a 3rd party company to assess them, and it seems as though they make their money in giving lower valuations than what they tell you originally and hope you just accept their offer.

      • It depends on the condition of your laptop. I and my friends have traded in for a total of 4 times recently (to buy this Air M1) and we all got exactly the quoted value. All of our MacBook were in great condition with little scratches.

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          That's fair enough, I guess it comes down to the age of the device also. Mine was still in great condition for its age, so doesn't exactly excuse the near 50% drop in valuation but I sold it privately for more either way. Just a warning for others about the trade-in program as I have read plenty of other forums who have had the same issue.

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            @doweyy: Yeah I've looked on ebay and other market places, it seems as though my pro model is selling for roughly the same amount ($610) or less than the apple trade in which is interesting. Generally I thought that these trade in programs offer significantly less than selling privately.

        • @Fudely: Personally the trade in gave me more value. I tried to sell my Pro 13 2015 on Gumtree and Facebook but most of them low-ball me around $400-$450 whereas Apple offered me $610 so it was a no brainer to go for the trade in.
          A friend trade in a MacBook Air 2014 and got back $410 which I also think was a hard price to sell.

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    I used this recently with click and collect from a comment in a previous post.

    A good price without having to worry about too many steps.

  • https://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#mac

    Here is a link to help you make a decision for buying now or later.

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    This is the Education Union link. Normal Education Store remains unchanged on price. Too bad the Shop back reward dropped from 4% back to 1.5%

  • Thanks I just purchased one for the wife who is teaching from home, got the call today our trusty old HP has just died so perfect timing for us

  • I’m going to hold off until January. I’ll wait for free AirPods, 8% Cashrewards or ShopBack and try to buy 5% gift cards too. Would I still qualify for cashback if using gift cards I wonder….

    • +3

      I just found out from a very good source that cashback is not eligible on the portion of the purchase made with Apple gift cards.

      • I haven't gotten around to trying this yet. Do you know if you can pay for the entire purchase using (discounted) Apple gift cards?

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          I had a fair balance in my itunes account.
          I then bought $1100 worth of Apple Store gift cards at 5% discount (stupid Rewards Gateway has a max of 3 cards, with $500 for first card, then $300 for 2nd and 3rd - they are really stupid sometimes).
          I got that added to my account (via App Store on phone - copy paste code in)
          Then I bought some from Shopback at 4%.
          Once it was all loaded, I was able to purchase a M1 machine via the education store (went via my daughter's UNSW store - same price)
          No issues.

          • +1


            No issues.

            Nice. Thank you for confirming.

          • @Zippy7: Can you confirm that the full amount of cashback tracked successfully, or is it still pending? Hearing so many mixed reports on this with lots of people saying the gift card balance is not eligible for cashback.

            [edit] ah never mind, I misread your post, it looks like you weren't going for Shopback on the actual Apple purchase itself. Shopback was on the gift card purchase.

          • @Zippy7: My narcissistic urge wants me to do the same. No student to back me up so I guess I forget the shopback and use a burner debit card that will be kept empty after the purchase. Shall I confess in church?

  • Does the receipt say education on it?

    • My receipt is showing UNSW as the company (daughter's uni).

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      Have ordered from this link before, my invoice does not mention it.

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    costco is little bit cheaper

  • Is this an ongoing or one off kind of deal?

    • ongoing!

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    Does anyone know if this will end soon? Looking at buying gift cards to maximize the deal but scared it will change in the midst of the codes being sent.

  • Anybody else have their order cancelled?

    I haven't received a cancellation email, but I can't see the payment in my credit card history anymore. Also, when I check the tracking number that was emailed to me, it comes up with a 404 error page.

    • nope got mine delivered no worries.

  • Thank you so much OP for sharing
    Awesome work

  • Have anyone received your order?

    • Yep - 3 days after I ordered :)

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        I ordered more than 2 weeks ago and haven't received it. The order status is still at processing

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    I bought some GCs at Woolies this morning, placed an order at about 9h20, just got back from picking up my Macbook. Thanks OP !

  • Great find OP. Good price.

  • Back up to $1,349 :(

    • +1

      I still see $1294

    • +1

      Also see $1294

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    Thank you so much!!

    I had 2014 MBA which Apple accepted trade in $425.

    Recently I signed up ANZ credit card and got $800 Apple gift cards.

    Cash back was $17


    • How did you get this price? I have an early 2015 MBP and the online quote is just $160.

  • thanks

  • Has anyone ordered here recently and received free airpods when buying a macbook? I can’t see the banner on top. The banner shows up when in the regular Apple Education Store.

  • Anyone have experience with Lightroom Classic on 8gb RAM? I'm seeing hugely conflicting reports about performance on base MBA M1

  • Sorry late to the party
    Can I use this link to buy and still claim GST even though I use it for ahem research but I’m not in the education field/union?

  • Speaking of GST, I'm heading overseas in a couple of weeks and want to buy something from the Apple store so I can get the GST back at the airport. Does this still work if you use discounted giftcards to make the purchase? I'm assuming method of payment would not make a difference, as the invoice would still have the same price and GST amount?

    • Discounted gift cards should still give you a full price invoice.

      But with trs you will now have to declare any item claimed trs on if you bring the item back into Australia. No more $900 limit per adult traveller.

      If you claim trs on an item and you brought it back here. You have to payback the GST you claimed.

      Oh sure you try risk it and not declare it but that's on you if you get caught.

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