18650 Battery Recommendation?

I’m seeking good value 18650 batteries, just 2 or 4.
Concerned that they are of adequate quality, as many seem to have unrealistic mAh ratings, and concerned for safety, as don’t want to buy a hazardous product.

I have a couple bought some years ago with a flashlight that have performed well. They are labelled Ultrafire 3000mAh protected, but it seems like there are lots of fakes now.

Can anybody offer a personal recommendation?


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    I've been using 30q and they've been pretty good. I do have a LiitoKala charger that I can use to check capacities.

    I've been eyeing these ones for my next purchase.

    I've purchased these ones and they work well.

    Make sure you buy the right one for your product as some 18650 batteries have button tops and some don't which may or may not work in your device.

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    (Not a snarky comment, but) I didn't know Ultrafire was a real brand - there's so many of these batteries on eBay with unrealistic mAh I just assumed Ultrafire was some kind of umbrella brand to sell poor quality 18650 batteries.

    I use Panasonic NCR18650A (3100mAh) / NCR18650B (3400mAh) - they're pretty awesome.
    I extracted them out of an old Acer laptop battery packs - was this dangerous? I think so - when I ripped open one of the battery pack plastic coverings, a puff of weird smelling smoke came out.

    I've also bought a few high mAh eBay batteries and the capacity is nowhere near stated. You can also feel the difference (mainly the weight) between the Panasonic and counterfeit eBay batteries. Panasonic feels dense, counterfeit ones feel hollow.

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    I would stay away from anything ending in "fire:" UltraFire, TrustFire, etc.

    Stick to known reputable brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, but also know that lots of other brands (like KeepPower) re-wrap these cells with their own label (maybe also add a protection circuit too) and they are just as good.

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      That's the same rule I followed back when I vaped.

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    Do you need protected? If not, buy an aldi 18v battery pack and split the cells out. They are Samsung but only 20q


      whack a rubber on if he needs protection

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    Check the end you need. Flat is designed for soldering, and may not make good contact in the torch. I have some of these, and needed to add solder to the end to make contact in some torches. Check the length too, protected won't fit in some torches. I don't use protected. NCR18650B I have, and is commonly recommended.


    Master Instruments.
    If you find what you want - ping me via PM and I'll send it to you direct. Just need to cover the MOQ.


      Thanks, but I only need a couple.


        No prob. offer is still there is you need/want anything else.

        Try wagner.net they resale MI gear.


    I'm also looking for a quality set of 18650's, and I'm watching this video by Project Farm who's done some really extensive tests. Worth a watch!

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    I bought theses - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/302975633953

    Been going on 3 years still work like new.

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    Buy an Aldi 4ah battery when they go out for $20… 10 quality cells inside.

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    For sub-10amp you cant go past the Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA's, safe chemistry, they wont light up if you abuse them, and excellent lifespan… I have some that are around a decade old with many hundreds of recharges and they're still over 3000mAh…

    $8.49 each delivered if you order 2 or more:
    I've ordered a few from that Aussie company in recent years and they've been all-good, I'm confident they're genuine..

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    I buy mine form vape shops LG, SONY, and SAMSUNG are good brand 18650s

    eg: https://www.wickandwireco.com.au/collections/mod-batteries-a...

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    I bought Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh off Aliexpress Litokala a few years ago.

    They're flat top batteries without protection circuitry and work very nicely in my torches.