Hisense 65Q8 TV - Burn in Covered under Warranty?

Hi I bought a Hisense 65q8 TV from JB Hi-Fi a few days ago when it was on sale, the only model left was the display unit but I thought that would be ok with 3 years warranty and it being an LCD TV.

Unfortunately after getting it home I've noticed the Hisense Uled logo is burnt in to the top left corner which I thought would be temporary image retention as people on here often say. Regular LVD TV's do not get burn in, but after several hours of running pixel fix videos and leaving it for a few days the burn in is still showing the exact same.

JB Hi-Fi said to bring the unit in to a store so they could inspect it but that is a hassle for me as then I need a friends ute. So I wanted to know if you guys would return the TV in this situation or if there is anything else I could ask for like a partial refund, or if JB/Hisense will even cover this as a fault at all if I do take it in store.

The burn in is not really noticeable most of the time during shows/movies but it is quite clear on flat coloured backgrounds like the TV menus and in some specific scenes.

Logo burn in

Note: my phone camera/Imgur compression make it harder to see in the picture than it actually is.

Also i have seen some people mention they received two remotes with this TV, I didn't get the original packaging and they only handed me one remote, when I called just before they said i should only get one. Is this correct?


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    once seen, it will never be unseen.
    back to the store with it

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    Hisense bought the support team back into AU (for AU clients).
    When I called them a while ago, just after they did so, they were pretty good.

    Drop them a call and as it's a 65"+ they will send an agent out to you. Onsite Warranty Baby!

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    If you paid via Paypal then:
    Returning something?
    Pay with your PayPal account and we can refund your return shipping costs if you need to send anything back – up to $45 per return and 8 returns each year.

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    I can definitely see it. Forget the partial refund, I would never be happy with that TV.

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    JB Hi-Fi said to bring the unit in to a store so they could inspect it but that is a hassle for me as then I need a friends ute

    did you have it delivered? if so, they should pick it up
    If you collected it, then take the hassle and take it back.

    No way I would accept that (unless it was massively cheap and for a second room tv) as you would see it every time you looked at the screen. Once seen, its hard to ignore.

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    yea never buy a tv on display…..

    burn ins are common


    I'd return to store, as dealing with Hisense could be an issue if it was floor stock. I have the 55Q8 and the warranty specifically notes that wear and tear includes displaying an image on the screen for a long period of time (i.e. burn in) . Unless you paid next to nothing for it don't keep it, it will annoy you forever, it's not work a couple of hundred bucks. I'd return it and get a cheaper TV instead if money is an issue.

    Depending on how far it is, UberXL might be easier than borrowing a ute?


    I thought only OLEDs burn in, wtf?


    There are 2 remotes in the standard packaging

    One appears to allow voice control We removed that one and threw it in the drawer

    The other is a traditional looking remote control with the 'apps' in the lower section.

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    Any burn in is unacceptable. I would definitely return it.


    A screen with a burn in is a faulty screen and should not be sold. This is not a warranty problem, it is just bad practice by JB.
    Call JB and demand they collect the set and give you a full refund or replacement.
    They sold you the faulty set so it is their obligation to sort it out.


    If you got a good deal call Hisense and they will come out and replace the panel or the entire unit, I heard plenty of people buying display OLEDS mega cheap that have this same issue and got new screen