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½ Price Spice Tailor Meal Kits 225-300g $2.75 @ Woolworths


Half priced Spice Tailor varieties at Woolworths. It's been a while since they were discounted.

The Spice Tailor Classic Butter Chicken 300g
The Spice Tailor Keralan Coconut Curry 225g
The Spice Tailor Rustic Rogan Josh 300g
The Spice Tailor Fiery Goan Curry 300g
The Spice Tailor Original Tikka Masala 300g
The Spice Tailor Delicate Korma Curry 300g
The Spice Tailor Hyderabad Red Korma 300g
The Spice Tailor Southern Pepper Curry 300g

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    I know they are very nice. Anyone can recommend which one to get?

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      One of each to decide yourself :-)


      If your folks don't like spicy and have a western taste - go for the korma. nice smooth and creamy


      Butter chicken was said to be very good in previous threads. But below they say its not as good anymore…


      Fiery Goan with 250g minced chicken.

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      Their biryani is da bomb! Comes out perfectly everytime. Quite easy to make.

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      I would suggest getting one of each and trying them all.

      I don't normally buy this kind of thing as I prefer to cook from scratch but these are pretty good.

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      LMAO that's very accurate

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    I tried the butter chicken last time and I found it pretty disappointing.


      Is there any other brand you liked? These are the best IMO from the neatly packaged, "Western" brands.


        I tried a couple of different Patak's jars recently and didn't mind them. Are these better?


      Add extra butter


      I tried the Kerala coconut last time off the recommendations here and it was bland and watery :( But I don't normally cook it, let alone from packet mix.


        Quality has plummeted on the Spice Tailors ?


          Yes, first wave was good then went down


      I’ve tried these and they are not very nice. The coco earth ones are better imo

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      I agree their butter chicken and tikka masla are average at best. Try my recipe for butter chicken sauce https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10825374/redir


      Butter chicken is one of those surprisingly easy to cook things, marinade is slather chicken in yogurt, garlic, lemon juice and a bunch of spices, let it marinate for however long you want, chuck the chicken in a pan and cook it then dump on a can of passata, a tub of cream and some salt, sugar and butter. If you have a jar of minced garlic and some lemon juice in a squeezy thing, you don't even need to cut anything.

      Except for the waiting to marinate (which to be fair, is annoying), it's not particularly harder than one of these packs. Same principle, cook in a base sauce then stir in the main sauce. Only doing it properly actually tastes good (probably because it is way less healthy for you).

      edit: ok, above's butter chicken sounds a billion times better than mine, I used masterfoods spices and mostly wing it.


    Goan (add fresh prawns & capsicum) & Keralan (with a deli chicken & broccoli) are the best.

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    i had the rogan josh, i prefer the pataks paste.

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      Yep. They are great and they have Jamie's stamp of approval


        Must be the chilli jam in that sauce

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    Their briyani is pretty good. Just add chicken and ghee

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    Butter chicken sauce that goes will with bbq chicken from rotisserie to lobster. You can even spoon this over pizza as pizza sauce.

    STEP 1
    30g Butter or Ghee
    10g freshly minced garlic
    10g freshly minced garlic
    - cook slowly until fragrant

    Step 2
    0.5g Roasted Fenugreek - this is what makes butter chicken taste authentic. Roast this in pan on its own very low heat. Make sure not to burn them.
    2.5g Kashmiri Mirch - not spicy rather for colour and flavour
    3g Coriander Powder - preferably from freshly roasted seeds
    3g Cumin Powder - preferably from freshly roasted seeds
    3g Turmeric Powder
    5g Salt - sea salt or kosher
    - Add this to Step 1 and cook for 2min on low heat. Nobody likes raw spices

    Step 3
    150g Tomato Paste - I get organic $1 can from coles and Aldi
    - Add this to step Step 2 and cook for few minutes

    Step 4
    500g Water or low to no salt chicken broth - sometimes I make stock/broth from roasted chicken wings.
    - Add this to step 3 and bring this one to slow simmer and cook for 5mins

    Step 5 aka transformation
    30g Sugar
    30g Unsalted Butter or more but never less
    60g Cream or more but never less
    - Add all of the above to step 4. This is what turns red sauce to lovely orange hue colour.

    For non-dairy aka South Indian version
    You can swap butter with coconut oil and cream with coconut cream. You can also swap Fenugreek with curry leaves.
    Disclaimer- I never tried this but in theory it should work?please do let me know.

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    Thank you, @lostinsydney for the recipe above.

    In the first step, it's 10g garlic and 10g ginger, right?:

    10g freshly minced garlic
    10g freshly minced garlic

    I didn't hit "reply", so you can still edit it, perhaps.


      Sorry, yes you are correct. I wrote garlic twice instead of garlic and ginger 😅
      Looks like I can’t edit my post.


    I love these. I add half a can of diced tomatoes, a spoonful of cream and 50g butter just to add a bit more body.