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Set of 6 Bodum Canteen Large Double Wall Glasses (400ml) $57.95 + $13 Delivery ($0 with $60 Order) @ Bodum


Meeting a friend for coffee, cradling a cup of tea on a rainy day… sometimes the smallest pleasures deliver the biggest enjoyment. Now you can make these moments even more unique, courtesy of Bodum’s CANTEEN double wall glasses.
An elegant addition to your kitchenware, our double wall glasses are as stylish as they are functional. Each glass is individually mouth-blown from borosilicate glass to produce a thermal effect. This keeps hot and cold drinks at their desired temperature for longer, while a clever silicone valve regulates the external temperature of the glass – so you can wave goodbye to scalded fingers and messy condensation.
But it’s their appearance that dazzles. The double wall design produces an eye-catching optical illusion that makes the liquid appear as if it’s floating in the glass. So whatever you’re serving, it will look truly sensational. From coffee, tea and cocoa to cocktails, cold brew and chilled desserts, CANTEEN is a glass for all occasions.

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    Can anyone comment on the quality and durability v price

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      I've got a few of their normal sizes and 10 of their piccolo ones (I like piccolos…)

      Very good quality, they've lasted me a long time

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      Quality is awesome, but durability not much.

      This is by design though, as it's a double wall glass.

      I highly recommend their products, but maybe not this specific model.

      The top shape is contoured outwards, which may result in spillage whilst sipping (based on similar shaped cups I've had from other brands)


      I had older bodum double wall glasses (pavina) and they've all but one broken now. I bought a set of these canteen ones about a year ago at costco, and they seem to be better - thicker glass. I use them daily for flat whilte and they're excellent to drink out of - I prefer this Canteen design (in the 200ml approx version) over the pavina, the flatter shape is nicer to drink out of I find.

      For the deal I got at costco which was cheaper than this from memory for a total of 8 glasses, I think they're excellent. (but note they were the smaller size).


    I love them despite having broken 3. Very slippery when wet and soapy. Very fragile.


      I figure any glass will be slippery when wet and soapy, not sure why these would be more so. I also don't think I would call them "Very fragile". I have broken a few over the years, but it is always been from dropping something heavy onto them getting stuff out of the dishwasher.


        Mine have broken from less than a cm drop in the sink.

        They are way more slippery than normal glass due to their shape and their (lack of) texture.

        Try holding a soapy wine glass and soapy one of these and compare, very hard to drop a wine glass.


    Also if water gets in between the glass walls, game over. Flatmate put them in the dishwasher without either one of us knowing what that would cause (the manual says not to do this, but who reads manuals on glasses??)

    Otherwise, drinks look fantastic.


      Because that trapped water in between?
      Have you tried putting them in rice?


        ….And get fungus in rice


      But it says you're able to put them in the dishwasher? Unless I'm missing something.

      "Use & Care
      Wash in warm, soapy water before first use and dry thoroughly. For all subsequent uses, wash and dry by hand or pop in the dishwasher. CANTEEN double wall glasses are safe to use in the freezer, oven and microwave."


        I put ours in the dishwasher regularly, have owned for approx a year or more and use them daily. I haven't had any issues with this so far. touch wood


      Really? I put these exact glasses through our Fisher&Paykel dishwasher every day for years and I have never had one get water in-between the walls. They have a small silicone plug in the bottom that prevents this.


    I just got one cracked after finish washing inside a bosch dish washer 2019 model. Poor quality


    First post. Long time lurker.
    Logged in just to say I have an older ‘Skal’ model with 6 large glasses. Picture of dark beer on the box. Don’t know how to post a pic.
    Very poor mouthfeel (expecting the puns here) with the lip of the glass and the shape of the glass lip. Feels oddly unlike glass in the hand too. Bit like plastic but not completely. So overall was not ideal for my intended purpose of cold beer with no damp glasses but ended up feeling like cheap picnic glasses.