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40% off Sumatra Blend Coffee Beans: 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 + Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Deal Ends Midnight Wednesday 4th or when stocks run out.


Use Code AIRJO40 at checkout.

Get 40% off 500g bags and 1kg bags PLUS Free Express Post.
Sumatra Only.

500g Bags $18.93 - 1Kg Bags $30.57

All Orders get FREE Express Post - roasted and shipped within 48hrs.

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  • +26

    Mate, what happened to the jelly beans? The disappointment I feel I my heart every time I open another order of you’re beautiful and shockingly quick to arrive coffee is only over come by the joyous memories of all the times I opened my deliver to those free “surprise” jelly beans.

    • +1

      Hear, hear.

    • +34

      Ahh MrFizz, they are but a distant memory of sugary times gone by.
      Let’s not focus on the disappointment of no jellybeans, let’s focus on the LOVE in the coffee beans.

      Please still love us as we still love you :)


      • +5

        Your customers clearly love em #bringbackbonusbeans

    • +3

      I thought the mail man tempered with my coffee delivery. Totally devo!!!

    • +2

      Wait…you got jelly beans?

    • Those jelly beans were amazing. I made mine last for 3 days.

  • Ordered thanks

  • Just curious how do these beans compare in flavour to Lavazza Qualita Oro? I usually use these beans in my coffee machine and half price at Coles/Woolies usually brings it down to $15/kg.

    I wouldn't mind trying these if they're day and night better but the Ozbargainer in me is trying to justify beans that are double the price!

    • +1

      Hey there syx. Thanks so much for your interest and questions.
      Hopefully there will be some feedback from your fellow OZBargainers that will help you.


    • +7

      Ohh this is a billion times better. The beans are super fresh with a very smooth but full bodied experience.

    • +9

      I used to buy Lavazza Oro before trying out Airjo Sumatra, and haven't looked back.

      You just can't compare the flavour of freshly roasted beans with supermarket beans that have likely been sitting on the shelf for 6months+, especially with a decent machine. Even better if you have/upgrade to a non-pressurised cup.

      If you struggle send the Airjo guys a message and they'll help you get the best from your beans.

      I always wait for the 40% off sale, with the free express delivery it is actually really good value.

      Fall back on Oro when waiting for the next sale.
      At this price I say its worth a try :)

    • +1

      I could guarantee you it is day and night better, try it out at this price and you won't look back.

    • Haven't tried the Lavazza, but if it's like any other supermarket coffee bean, it would be comparing chalk and cheese.

      Despite being a light roast, I find a 92 degree C brew temp to be optimal for my machine (Lelit Mara X).

      Gives a lovely, rich crema using a bottomless portafilter.

    • +4

      Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I'm going to treat the wife and myself and give these a go xD.

      We have a Breville Barista Express and I'm going to run the clean cycle prior to trying these beans to get the maximum experience haha.

      • Airjo Sumatra is my wife's favourite coffee. You'll be keeping an eye out for these discount offers :)

    • +3

      One is actually drinkable, the other one is only good for the compost.

      • Be careful with the coffee in the compost bin, unless it's composted for a long time (6m+), the caffeine is not very good for plants.

  • Do you offer delayed shipping options?

    • No sorry mrdunu. Jump in while you can if it suits.


      • Thanks for the confirmation!

  • Been waiting for this deal since I bought my new coffee machine, ordered 1kg, thanks Dan!!
    Would you be running promotion for Stargazer or Thunderchild soon? Surprisingly Stargazer is the most popular one in our house.

    • Hey there jnbluv2h. Thanks for your order.
      We do have email sales on most of the other blends if you keep an eye out. Hope that helps.
      Thanks again

      • Thanks Dan for the reply.
        Was waiting to finish our starter packs to place a new fresh order for the flavours we love… And this deal just came in time, we are down to our last satchel. Will definitely order Stargazer once a deal comes around :)

        • Great to hear. Thanks so much for your feedback.

  • +2

    Anyone out there using these with a Breville Barista express? What's your ideal dose / brew time?

    • I don’t have the express, but on my breville grinder I do the standard single shot/9.8sec grind, 5 scale. 24sec brew

      • It may be quite a bit easier to achieve a good result using the double shot basket, comparing to the single-shot one.

    • 13 grind goes alright for a standard double shot dose… I get 20s pull time with 20g of coffee when the machine has been warmed up. You can add more coffee from there

  • Tried code not working

    • Hey zylyz- get it working?

      • Hi if I buy 2 bags and use 1.. how long will sealed bag last

  • damn I just bought 1kg on Friday and it just arrived today and now i'm seeing this deal :(

    • Same situation here..

  • Hi rep, code is not working, is it sold out?

    • Should still be working
      Let me check and reply

    • It seems to be working ok here and for others.
      Are you getting an error message?

      This is only for Sumatra FYI, is that the one you are trying?

      • My mistake i chose the S&S option instead of 1 time purchase.
        All done now, thanks!

  • Probably the wrong forum - but not sure where else I could go to ask but what do I need to do if the coffee isn't coming through the unpressurised portafilter evenly? It seems like it's gushing way too quickly out of only a few spots. And if I grind coarser (thinking there might be channeling) it just comes out way too fast. Can't seem to get an even flow through the puck no matter what I'm doing. I'm also weighing dose with a scale and using a levelling distributor and no tamp.

    • +1

      Try wiggling the portafilter as the grounds are being distributed. That way the beans are leveling as they fall in. Once it's finished grinding, tap the portafilter gently again before tamping to further level.

      • Yeah I use a dosing funnel and distributing tool. It's isolated down to grindsize I think. Everything else is consistent.

        • What machine and grinder?

          • @sphinxy: What's your dose?
            I had a similar issue with channeling, the trick.was to use straightened paper clip or something similar to run through the coffee grounds in the porta filter to make sure you have no clumps . Then tamp.

        • It's probably up to distribution and tamping, given the reasonably good grinder (I had the better results after upgrading the grinder). Distribution is important, not all tools are working, the auto-leveling tamper also helps.

    • +2

      You need to tamp. And make sure the level of coffee in the portafilter is high enough such that it is pressing against the shower screen when you lock it in place. If there is any gap the coffee will swish around and you'll get a fast watery extraction. Inspect the puck after extraction to ensure it holds it's form.

      • Also, try tamping harder. I've used a spring loaded tamper before that resulted in channeling due to the spring force being too low.

  • +3

    These beans are probably my favourite so far. Bonus points for the zip lock bag!

    Just ordered #18846 - feel free to send mine standard post as I'm still going through my other set of beans.

  • +1

    Will give these a try with my new flair pro 2 :) Thanks for the sale. I was thinking about the sensory lab deal, but can't get through 1kg quick enough so this 500gm deal is right down my alley.

  • Thanks Dan. Ordered a kg

  • Is it good for pour-over or just espresso?

  • I think I prefer your twilight blend, I couldn’t seem to get the grind right for these one. Will wait for another twilight deal!

  • -3

    Better off with $15-$19 Merlo 1KG

  • Tx ordered some

  • does anyone rate this for pourovers?

    • I suspect you'll find this is really only suited to Espresso.

      You'll generally want a Single Origin for Filter/Pour-over.

  • Thanks!
    (Got a 1kg bag)

  • love this coffee, ordered 3 kgs.

  • My go to coffee is Yirgacheffe and the local roaster sells it at about $3/kg more than the AirJo Sumatra blend.

    I figured that with the free shipping, this is worth a try. Looking forward to tasting the blend. :-)

  • The first time I ordered I got some free jelly beans which made my kids day, so I re ordered but no jelly beans the second time :(

    • +2

      you know they sell jellybeans at the supermarkets right?

  • How do they compare in flavour to the deal for sensory lab coffee???

  • Giving it a try. Thanks Op

  • How long do these last before they start to go "bad"? 1kg takes me about a month to go through

    • +2

      I also take about a month to use 1kg. I just leave them in the Airjo ziplock bag that they arrive in (making sure I lock the zip each time). At the 1 month mark they are still making good coffee with nice crema, which isn't my experience with other beans. I guess one big advantage is that they are roasted very close to the day you order them so they haven't sat on a supermarket shelf.

      I had thought about freezing or refridgerating though I think there is more risk of condensation ruining the beans versus just leaving them as-is.

      • One additional note. Towards the end of the month and my 1kg bag, my coffee's start to run a little fast. I then set my coffee machine to grind a finer which solves that.

  • +2

    Can anyone confirm what the "new" blend of Sumatra is like compared to the old blend?
    Quite liked the original, and I always tend to be a little skeptical of companies that change up a good thing.

  • Do you have any medium or light espresso roasts on sale? Been itching to try something lighter in my machine.

  • Got one this morning, cheers mate.

    • +4

      Plot twist. You now have the clap


  • Is this generally the best blend for milk based drinks like cappuccino, latte etc or one of the other blends?

  • +5

    Good deal but a pretty tricky blend to dial in. Lots of variation in shot time due to channeling and that's using a niche zero grinder. Make sure to distribute and prep consistently otherwise can be quite frustrating.

    • Curious to know - How do different blends cause channeling?
      I thought channeling is usually caused by uneven distribution / poor puck prep / clumping / etc.

      Or are you potentially thinking there’s too many bean varietals meaning each dose ends up having a different mix each time making it difficult to use the same recipe?
      For example today’s scoop might be: 10% of bean#1, 60% bean#2 and 30% bean#3, and then tomorrow’s dose ended up with 30% of bean#1, 20% bean#2 and 50% bean#3.

      • Also different beans will grind differently. So bean #1 might grind at the setting you want, but bean #2 might be a harder/darker roast which tend to shatter creating more fines.

      • Darker roasts tend to be more problematic and require more skill and a good grinder.

        • Damn! I’ve always read the opposite.
          That dark roasts are easier for people with less expensive set ups as they’re more soluble and the machine doesn’t need stable high temperatures (ie lower temp works better).

  • Op, is this any good for filter?

  • +1

    This has become my go to bean when it's 40% off.

  • My new Breville Barista Express should be coming this week. This deal came just in time.
    Thanks OP!

  • Got this deal last time and it was great coffee. Perfect timing as I'm nearing the end of my current bag so just grabbed this one again!

  • Folks …

    I'm new to non-instant coffee at home, and purchased my first bag from Airjo last night :)

    Interested in your thoughts & suggestions …

    How Should I Keep My Coffee Beans

  • Morty 'you son of a bitch im in' .gif

  • Hi OP, I have pm'd you :)

  • Love these beans. Ordered some more. Can never have too much coffee in lockdown 😄

  • Just yesterday we got our Breville Baristta Pro - so did buy Campos beans from woolies to get used to how to use the machine so i guess by the time we finish that packed this will arrive and we see the difference.
    Just ordered 1KG..based on glorious review of fellow ozbargainers on these coffee beans.

  • Let's give it a shot :P

  • How long is delivery normally?

    • -3

      8 letters

    • If I order before mid afternoon I usually get it next day, it always shocks me how fast it arrives!
      QLD > SA

  • Ordered! Haven't had this blend since November 2020.

  • +1

    I usually get the Bonnie's special blend. Ordered a 1kg for my Ozbargain'd Breville Dual Boiler. Let's see how it goes :)

  • +1

    Buying for the first time. Interested to see how it compares to my local roastery. Cheers for the deal

  • weeee, love this blend!

  • First time buyer of anything other than supermarket coffee. Thanks for the deal, looking forward to trying this.

  • Thanks, just starting on my second 1kg pack from Inglewood now I've ordered two of your 1kg Sumatra packs! Lockdowns mixed with a new coffee machine I bought at the start of Covid and ozbargain deals are a dangerous blend :P

  • +1

    What do you guys suggest for quality decaf bean/ ground coffee for a late-night coffee drinker? Currently using supermarket Vittoria decaf and not happy