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Castrol Edge 5W-40 A3/B4 5L $37 + $4.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Repco (Ignition Rewards Required)


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From engineering explained He says you can generally use lower first number, and higher on the second number and it wont be terrible for your car. So for high performance vehicles thicker oil may be better (i.e. 40 instead of 30).

It's a good oil. 5 Star(100%) rating on website from 7 people. I generally think Castrol is better than Valvoline's, but its just personal opinion.

Its full synthetic so higher cleaners, additives etc. than a regular conventional oil.

Castrol Edge 5W-40 A3/B4 Engine Oil
Castrol EDGE 5W-40 engine oil A3/B4 with Fluid TITANIUM is the natural choice for drivers who demand maximum engine performance from today's modern vehicles requiring a high level of protection and higher performance oils. Today's engines continually push the boundaries of technology and engineering. They are smaller and ultra-efficient, without sacrificing performance. Advanced engines challenge the oil with increased pressures. These intense pressures cause friction, which can waste up to 10% of an engine's performance. Castrol EDGE 5W-40 A3/B4 is an advanced full synthetic engine oil suitable for use in automotive petrol and diesel vehicles where the manufacturer recommends ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4 or API SN/CF or earlier specification 5W-40 engine oil.

Castrol EDGE engine oil with fluid Titanium has been specially modified to transform its physical structure to be stronger under pressure to keep metal surfaces apart and reduce friction. For those that demand maximum engine performance whilst requiring a high level of protection you can trust Castrol EDGE engine oil to outperform their competition. Independently tested at the highest standards the Castrol EDGE range covers petrol and diesel passenger, light commercial and naturally aspirated or turbocharged applications so you can be assured of finding the right Castrol EDGE product for your vehicle.

For as long as many of us remember, cars using Castrol products and adorned with iconic Castrol livery have dominated motorsport. Whether it be Larry Perkins winning Bathurst in '93 in his VP Commodore or Victor Bray chasing down quarter mile records in his '55 Chevy Doorslammer, Castrol have been at the forefront of oil and lubricant research and development. Forged in the heat of battle, Castrol lubricants have helped power WRC Celicas and GT series Supras to wins in some of the most competitive and gruelling motorsport competitions. It is with this knowledge and experience that you know you are using the best when you use Castrol oils and lubrication in your vehicle. Trusted by top level motorsport teams and with a presence in Australasia for over 100 years you can rely on Castrol to protect and enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Browse online using our handy Rego Search tool to find the best Castrol oils for your application or come in store today and speak to one of our friendly staff. Changing your oil will also need you changing your oil filter to fully protect you engine and maximise the performance of your Castrol oil.

When it comes to Oils and Fluids, the range doesn't just stop at Magnatec, GTX or Edge, Repco stock a range of quality Castrol Grease, Transmission Fluid, Gear Oil, Lawnmower and Motorbike Oil, Marine Oil and Additives all designed to protect and maximise the performance of any application.

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    Buy enough and you go into the draw for a Ford Raptor too!


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      Plus Spend $30 or more on Castrol products using your Ignition membership for your chance to win a Ford Ranger Raptor! Entries close 3 Sep, 2021.


        Thats the one!

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    I use this in my diesel Pajero and have found it to be a very good oil. The pajero runs smoother, and much quieter than other oils I've tried.

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    It's really a bargain. I bought it a month ago which priced $68 at that time.