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Captain America: Civil War (4K Ultra HD) (OOS) and Many Other Movies $11+ Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    About the same price as a month of Disney+ :p

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      Is it 4K?

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          At a lower bitrate.

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            @PainToad: No Dolby Vision on most Disney 4K discs though, whereas it is offered for most films on Disney+. Depending on your setup, the bitrate trade off may not be as significant as losing that feature.


        I think only one 4k disc.


      Does the Disney+ stream in Dolby Atmos?


        Yes, for many films.

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        Technically yes, but using the lossy DD+ format. Blurays often use the lossless TrueHD format which has significantly higher bitrate and better dynamic range. Will this matter in a proper HT system, definitely. Using TV speakers or a soundbar, probably not.

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    The movie is 2K upscale.
    Not a huge improvement other than HDR.
    Sound has good improvement


    Heard previously that Marvel movies in general are pretty unrewarding in 4K, given they have been filmed and finished at often much lower resolutions, and even the upscale job is quite bad. Recently bought the Thor 3-movie collection (thought it's worth a try for sale at $29) and yeah, that was exactly my experience. So, personally, not tempted to buy any more of them until I have anything better to get.


    Why would anyone buy these when for the price of a single disc, you could stream all the movies and a load of extras to boot?


      Already answered up there.