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Bosch 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher SMS6HAI01A $1245 Delivered @ The Good Guys


I had an old euromaid dishwasher which died couple of weeks ago so was looking to get a new one and came across this deal
Made in Germany but doesn't have the cutlery tray

The Good Guys have other dishwashers with the bonus free delivery option (upto 30kms)

Other Dishwashers that I saw on the website with the Bonus delivery Options (could be more though):
Bosch SMS2ITI02A - $844
Bosch SMS66MI02A - $1185
Bosch SMS6HCW01A - $1299
Bosch SMP66MX03A - $1499
Westinghouse WSF6604XA - $648
Westinghouse WSF6606XA - $747
LG XD4B24PS - $995
LG XD3A15MB - $1348
LG XD3A25MB - $1395

Friend was able to get an instore deal (Melbourne) for LG XD3A25MB, delivered for $1290

You guys think any of these dishwashers are worth it at this price?


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    Just got a SMS66MI02A a few weeks back. Absolutely loving it.

    • Yeah, I got one a couple months back for $999, great machine.

    • I'm also interested in this model - how much did you pay and from where by any chance?

  • My dishwasher broke last week too … was thinking of getting the LG XD4B24PS , anyone used it ?

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    Last week i bought the LG XD3A25MB for $1224 including delivery from JB.
    I think that was a good deal

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      how is LG dishwashers are they good?

      • Also interested in this question. Looking to replace a German made Bosch that has failed after 4 years. LG I'm interested in because I have other ThinQ appliances.

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        I have this LG dishwasher that I bought ~2 years ago for about $1300 I think. It now fails to do the final drain at odd times, especially if the cycle is interrupted at anytime for some reason (open to put in a plate for example). In contrast, our Bosch DW ran trouble free for ~4-5 years before its Turkish made lower plate leaked and main board got destroyed as a result. I think the quoted repair bill was like $400-500, at which point we dumped it.

        I have found the thinQ app quite useless, especially when I tried it recently for trouble shooting. LG customer service also have no solution to our problem, except for $250 technician to come and take a look.

        In summary, buying 3-year extended warranty with it would not be a bad idea.

    • That's a great price, how were you able to get that deal?
      When I called JB, they said the best they could do was $1400 delivered

      • It's $1,260 at Good Guys Commercial.

        • I don't have access to Good Guys Commercial.
          Does anyone know if I call TGG sales number, will they be able to price match with the commercial site?

  • I'm sure Bosch make good dishwashers, but their freestanding dishwashers so so unattractive aesthetically.

    Weird, but their underbench dishwashers are aesthetically pleasing.

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      Agree with you. I think it’s the curved top

      I’ve got a 2013 under bench which I think still looks good to this at

      • It's the curved front fascia. If they made it flat or just use the same design as their under bench, it would look much better.

  • This one doesn’t have the cutlery tray

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      Yes, plus all the other info already mentioned in the description :)

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    LG 60cm QuadWash Dishwasher Matte Black

    Got this last week. Never had a dishwasher before so can't say if it's better than anything but so far working great for me. Comes out clean.. also love that at the end it opens the door so the dishes dry faster.

    Got it for $1,158.30 (Good guys had like a 15% off night) - on top of this price I got gift cards that gave me 5% off. Also they had readca$h on this item so i might get $120 also.. not sure but crossing my fingers.

    Also did it with cash rewards. Might get another $45.43


    Hope this helps someone

    • Can you disable the chime at the end of the wash cycle?

    • How did you go about claiming the 120 realca$h bonus?
      Do we need to contact store or claim online, couldn't find instructions on the website


  • I got the Bosch SMP66MX03A 2 years back and its been great with excellent cleaning and drying results.

  • I just got this one, SMS46KI02A.

    Had a friend with a trailer bringing something else for me at the time, so that was handy; but the salesperson seems to think it will lay down in many hatch backs and wagons okay.

    Okay, it's made in Turkey, but it is BOSCH and therefore it should be good or it wouldn't get the "Bosch" brand name.

    Appliances Online had a very similar model and the best they would do was $870 when I asked them.

  • AEG currently have a $500 promotion on the FFB72600PM 60cm ProClean Stainless Steel Free Standing Dishwasher, making it $999. It also has free delivery and install according to the salesman at Harvey Norman.
    It had a better review then the Bosch's on Choice (although they did not review the SMS6HAI01A model), and AEG has a 5yr warranty vs 2yr for Bosch.
    Mind you, I ended up spending a few hundred extra $$ for the integrated Bosch as I also don't like the plastic control panel on this Bosch and the AEG model and I wanted the cutlery tray.

  • Whats the difference between those 4 series 6 models?