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Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds Black $149 (Was $299) Shipped @ David Jones


Hi Guys, first post so please be kind.

Came across these while looking for a present for my brother, seems like a good deal and had nice reviews.

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David Jones
David Jones



    Good price. $159 at OW's, so could probably get a price match/beat for slightly cheaper or if DJ's go OOS.

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    Good price, though not historical best.

    This was ~$126 during Good Guys 15% promo a few days ago, just FYI


      LOL they have them on clearance now for $299?

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    The replacement version of these (same name but without the "400BT") was released recently but with a much lower RRP of $199 (from $299). Means they should theoretically be around this price bracket as well.

    They have some notable improvements such as IPX4 weather sealing, talk-through, better bass response and improved battery life (6hrs to 9hrs).

    I have these and the audio quality is phenomenal - arguably the best under $200. Everything else was kind of middling though, but to their credit Sennheiser have addressed most of the shortcomings of the originals while tightening the pricing. Problem is it's difficult finding them in store due to the naming similarities.

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      You share my thoughts on the “400BT” successor.
      JB and senneheiser AU store have it priced at RRP$199.
      Wait for a JBHiFi to have a special sale on the NEW Sennheiser CX True Wireless 2021 version.
      I weighed around buying a pair of 400BT or discounted Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds but the 2021 CX True Wireless won out. Can’t compare sound quality, ergonomics, durability etc with Sony’s xm3 and 400BT.
      If you can watch reviews on YouTube. And make your own informed decision that fits your budget and personal audio taste.

      But for me, I am more than satisfied with 2021 CX True Wireless. For the price bracket between $140-$200, the 2021 Sennheiser CX True Wireless earbuds is excellent choice I reckon.

      *EDIT add more to this:

      -Anker soundcore earbuds is also good. Good reviews on it. Priced around $180-$230 depends where you buy it of course.


    These have gone back up to $299 but the new CX is $199?