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[PC] Escape from Tarkov 15% Discount on All Editions - EOD Edition US$111.99 (A$152) + GST + Credit Card Surcharge


Beware: Prices DO NOT include taxes.

Not the best sale, however, it is a sale nonetheless. Enjoy.

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Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov

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  • +4

    Warning: this game will make you sad. And angry.

    But you’ll also have good times and be shaking with adrenaline.

    • Absolutely top game though, im a few hundred hours into it myself and still feel like i have a huge amount to learn..you won't find a game with such detailed technical aspects of gunplay and modding
      Dollar per hour value is great

    • The game's main developer, mr. Bujanov, said it's the main idea of the game to make you sad and struggle. But for Russians its ok, so playing the game you feel yourself more like a Russian guy)

  • Is there AU/OCE server or are we directed to USA servers?

    • +7

      There are absolutely OCE servers, i average 30 ping from sydney

  • Has there been better sales than this?

  • +1

    Just save yourself the hassle now and upgrade to the top tier. You will after 2 months or less anyway when you realise how pitifully small the stash size is.

    • You can upgrade your stash size through hideout I believe

      • Sure, if you enjoy grinding 6 hours daily for a few months.

        • +1

          yeah, and after that do it again after the game server WIPES!

  • +1

    The price you noted in the title is the price to upgrade from the Standard edition to EOD pack. Might want to clarify that.

    • Yep, just logged on thinking why is the upgrade price the same. I'll probably buy it anyways.

    • modified now to show outright price

      • Thank you.

  • +1

    This game been in beta for 4+ years?

    • +4

      They dont need to finish the game when people pay over $100 to test it. Smh.

      • to be honest, the game has more NOW content than Dayz for example
        but I don't think they release it before 2024

    • +3

      less beta and more "in progress" its very stable and could release as a full game today, they are just adding maps and features still

    • Makemkv has been in beta for 11 years!!

  • +4

    There is a single player mod for the game called SPT-AKI, can learn the game and practice lots here before playing online as you will get thrown into matches with people with 3000 hours and max level armour.

    Also it is imperative to learn ammo types from the game wiki as ammo is what determines your damage.

    • Is there any risk of Battlestate banning a user account using the SPT-AKI mod?

      • +3

        Copy the game into a separate instance and run SP Tarkov on that (dont run it in the live game folder). Do a search on this, it has been asked many times before.

    • lol mate WHY the hell will you play this game offline, the main idea is to learn through accepting misery!

  • Why don't they time these sales with the resets? Makes no sense.

    • They normally do, but they also have regular sales throughout the year.

  • +6

    I hate Escape from Tarkov - I play it every day. It's such a brutal game but the highs are unmatched by any PC game I have played in 30 years.

  • New mutant is bonkers good! Few hackers here and there but the game is really fun with friends.

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