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30% ShopBack Cashback ($30 Cap) + $25 off $150 Spend (New Users) @ BoozeBud


Yet again another booze cashback time to stock up again.

Shopback Cashback link.

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Referee gets $20 off their first order (Min Spend $100). Referrer gets $10 store credit.

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  • +1

    New users :(

    • ye for the coupon but the 30% cashback aint :)

  • so if I spend $150, $55 cashback?

    • if your a new user yes

      • I’m not new user I got $55 off

      • New users of Boozubud or Shopback?

        • +1


          • @Kostie: can different person/cc/mobile/email in the same house become new member?

            • @ChiMot: nope tried it :( new dif address

        • Both I’m an old user I got $55

          • @Dex38313: you got lucky cause its new users only

      • on shopback app doesnt say anything about new user

        • press details on the $25 off deal and it does or even try adding it on boozebud and it says new users only

          • @Kostie: yeah tried it says promotion can be used on your first order.
            so maybe not new member but first order? well some created new account long ago but never purchase

  • anyone can help with recommendations on whiskeys similar to lagavulin 16 (out of stock) between $100-120?

    • It’s hard to get anything as amazing as the lagavulin but I’d say either the Caol Ila (12yo) or the Laphroig

    • Oban 14 if Laga is out.

    • Try Macallan 12, if you haven't already, even Balvenie is good

      • They’re sherry aren’t they??

        Only thing that comes closer would be Oban 14 or caol Ila 12 or a bow more 12??

    • Talisker 10
      Laphroaig quarter cask

      • I'll add Ardbeg 10 and Ailsa Bay to the list

        • tried ardbeg 10. good experience but not easy to drink…

  • +8

    Still waiting on my cashback from a 30% Shopback/Boozebud deal posted on here about 7 weeks ago.

    Jumped through all the hoops and it did not track, submitted a missing cashback claim and was told that there was absolutely nothing Shopback could do, it was ultimately up to the merchant (Boozebud) to decide if it would honour it or not, but that Shopback would appeal on my behalf (so generous !)

    Deals like this are an absolute roll of the dice as to whether they will be honoured, and it seems that Shopback can entirely transfer responsibility to honour claims to third parties, and absolve themselves.

    • +1

      weird ive done multiple cashbacks and never had a error even 3 from boozebud

      • +2

        It sounds like you are talking about the time it takes for a cashback that has tracked to be confirmed and paid.

        I'm talking about cashback for a transaction that hasn't tracked for whatever reason.

        I think it is useful for people to know that if their cashback fails to track for ANY reason, Shopback will not take any responsibility and states that the decision as to whether this is honored rests entirely with the merchant - despite the fact that it is their extension that is facilitating the transaction, they are the ones pushing the deals, and of course they make a commission on everything.

        Even if you follow all the steps to give the best chance of the extension working correctly (and have the screenshots etc.), if it doesn't, then you can appeal to Shopback, who then appeal to the merchant on your behalf, who can just turn around and say that the conditions haven't been met etc. There's really nothing compelling anyone to accept responsibility.

        • well that sucks

        • I always use the app now, for both cashrewards and shopback. I've had things not track even in incognito (with no extensions).

        • +2

          Hey mate, I apologize for the poor experience you've had so far.
          If you'd like, send me a DM with your account details & order info, I'd be happy to take a look for you.


          • +2

            @gotyourback: Thanks, have sent the details, hope it can be addressed. Cheers mate

    • Same. Got tired of them and their dodgy arts. Went with Cashrewards and very happy.

    • +3

      As long as you have clickthrough and related purchase history that should be adequate. Email Boozebud yourself and explain what happened, that you bought in good faith after seeing the offer of cashback. Insist that they honour their offer and that they're (potentially) contravening Australian consumer law wrt advertised inducements. Both Shopback and Boozebud are both parties in the transaction. Has worked for me with two liquor merchants - LL and BWS. Make sure you keep their responses.

      If that doesn't work then complain to the ACCC. They won't act but will record a complaint and when they get enough they might get their fingers out and investigate what is essentially rorting of the law imo.

      • +2

        Thanks very much for your response (and follow up on DM)! I will absolutely go down that route if needed. The frustrating part is the amount of time required on our part to prosecute the case just to obtain what was advertised. Which is of course, the advantage of the whole set up for these operators.

        Anyone else might be interested that there is a section on the ACCC website about cashback offers (https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/advertising-promotions/cas...) which states:

        "It is against the law for retailers and manufacturers to mislead or deceive consumers by offering cash back deals without intending to or failing to provide them."

        Of course it is a bit of a difficult case to prove, given the ambiguity about how the tracking process works, and the time and effort required in order for a customer to 'prove' a transaction qualifies.

  • +2

    @gotyourback will the 30% off work with STAYSAFE for free shipping? It's not listed on Shopback but I think last time it was allowed?

    • +1

      Hey mate, STAYSAFE is not an eligible code for cashback.
      Boozebud asked us to remove this from our site recently.

      • of course existing users cant have a discount code be eligible for cashback its always only new users :(

        • +2

          Sorry mate :(
          It's completely up to Boozebud on what they'd like to promote through us though.
          Hopefully, they'll provide existing users with some nice incentives soon!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: There’s credit on my account and they deduct it from my next order. Will this affect the cashback on the remaining amount??

            • @ny8wolf: It's possible that the credits applied will reduce the cashback amount you get.
              If you have a $100 order value (pre-GST) and use a $50 credit, it will most likely only earn cashback on the $50 value (pre-GST).

              You can always reach out to me if there are any issues with this :)

              • @gotyourback: Thanks! As long as it doesn’t disqualify your order for cb

                • @ny8wolf: It shouldn't. If it does, reach out to me :)

                  • +1

                    @gotyourback: Tried clicking thru ShopBack app this time since pretty much all of my promo click throughs didn’t get tracked, but still no luck!
                    Very annoying having to come back in two days to manually submit with screenshots etc!

                    Update: just got the email. I’m going to use the ShopBack app from now on!

      • How do I cancel my order, and make a new order without the code to get 30% CB tracked? The CB tracked already, but I used the code, so don't want to only find it invalidated in November. Meanwhile, I've already used that $30 cap so I assume any new order would only track at a lower rate… Might give this a miss, as I usually do with Boozebud.

        As others note, Boozebud's stock levels are horrendous. They are also more expensive (price match, I know, but a hassle) than others, delivery eats into CB and the website is not user-friendly (for me, at least).

    • Would also like to know

      • Bummer

  • +1

    Boozebud price matc they send u credit code will this affect cash back

    • Id say yes. I have some Groupon codes i bought, waste of money cause i won't be able to use them ever with shop back

    • the last time i tried, credit is fine. you wont get cashback paid with that credit portion of course but the 30% ShopBack Cashback ($30 Cap) should be fine

  • +5

    I use the Shopback app and haven't had a single tracking issue.

  • Would be nice to use the free shipping code but presumably would void Cashback?
    Answered above. Stupid to disallow this given the shipping cost doesn't even apply to Cashback so makes no difference to Scamback

  • Just in time. I'm down to my last few cans.

    Pity the free shipping offer is gone. :(

  • i just wish they had asahi cans in stock! - never seem to….grrrrrr

  • +1

    Constant issues with stock availability with these guys!

  • Thanks. Got some 4pines Pacific Ale cans for $61 and a carton of heaps normal alc free. It is bloody good for an alc free and great at helping me have a few days off the booze each week.

  • Will using the boozebud gift card purchased from shopback to shop on boozebud website eligible for the cashback?

  • Picked up Glen Livet Illicit still and Bulleit bourbon with 10% off and $30 cash back for $87