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Join Club Plus for $1 (Was $5) and Receive $10 Welcome Credit @ Supercheap Auto


Looks like this deal is back, join for $1 and get $10 credit!

Get your burner email and phone numbers ready

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    Cracker deal mate

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    Make sure you use a completely BRAND NEW, never-before-used Email and NEVER BEFORE USED mobile number.

    If either of them have EVER been used, it will flag you as an existing customer from way back and will not give you $10.

    Supercheap Auto never actually DELETE emails nor mobile numbers, they just flag them as "former customers".

    I've had this issue numerous times!

    So use a completely virgin one for both, to get the $10.

    • Perfect, will use the amaysim card ordered couple of days ago, will only use it for a month. Will they ever contact you via phone?

      • Yes.

        • Why do they contact you by phone?

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            @gvnlm27: if you do a click & collect order, some stores will call you even if you ticked the box to be notified by email.

            e.g. the Whitfords store in Perth used to have this one guy who was very persistent in calling you up like multiple times a day, every day until you picked up your order. so (profanity) annoying I avoided ordering from that store for years.

    • I used my old email. It was fine.
      I think I have cancelled it before. But really had no idea about the membership and what benefits I'm about to get. They just told me I'm gonna get $10 back, and I said ok.
      Got the order number, but no confirmation, yet.

    • +1

      I have never joined their "plus" club, but I think I'm in their "normal" club. Am I eligible for this $10?

    • What if I use the same home address, will they flag you as a former customer?

      • No, still got the credit with same address here

    • Do you also have to use a different credit card?

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    they have quite short expiry too, I got one and forgot about it lol

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      The $10 credit was instant … And the expiry is 29/09/2021 ….

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    Oooh the number of times I've seen this deal on OzBargain and forgotten to actually sign up!! :)

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    I have seen this go for $0 in the past.

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    Can the credit be used for click and collect?

    Edit ok it can. Got one of these for c&c https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/decor-decor-ice-wall-sof...

    • Nice

  • +1

    Time to stock up on air fresheners again https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/search?q=Air%20freshener&s...

  • Can the credit voucher be stack for purchases if I make 2 accounts?

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      Most likely no as when you order, you order while you logged into the account to use the credit.

  • Perfect timing, needed to pick something up today. Signed up for a convenient click and collect order.

    When I was in there this morning I saw flyers for free membership signups in-store.. for the very frugal ozbargainer who wants to save another dollar :)

    • I assumed the store is not in Sydney as all stores only allowed click and collect

      • Qld, more or less still open for business.

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    What about existing loyalty members….do they ever give out random credits?

    They used to say they did, but never received 1 cent lol

    • Its for frequent spenders, I used to work at Super Reatil Group BCF and they gave it to people who buy $1000 reels and haven't come in a few months.

    • they do but the last $10 credit i got was back in november last year, although a more targeted selection of members got credits in march and june this year as well. you have to opt into their marketing emails to get it.

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    Got a can of SCA contact cleaner for $1.19. Pretty decent. Thanks OP

  • Anyone got experiences using the sca brand oil filters v the more expensive ones?

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      To be honest, I reckon they all do the same thing (filter the oil) and it really shouldn't matter unless you're racing your car that is a different story.

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    Bloody scam. The credit expiry is very short, even when you pay full price for the membership up front. If you raise an issue with them at the shop they tell you they can't do anything, and you have to contact head office. My local shop told me point blank that head office are useless, and you have to hound them to get a response.

    • Can you give a better idea of how long the credit expiry actually is?

      • 7 days - i'm still pissed i let it lapse on me ..

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    Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks Op, this deal is a no brainer. So spend 1 get 9 free.

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    Can anyone please confirm if I can get $10 credit by using "brand new" Sim Card + "Brand new" Email, but same payment method (bank card + Paypal) with exsiting account?

  • I literally just signed up few days ago for free and got the $10 credit, lucky me.

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    How long does the $10 credit activation take to come through? I signed up 4 hours ago.

  • Anyone else have trouble paying for the $1 membership? After filling in my details the 'Continue to payment' button is greyed out despite filling in all blanks?

  • Damn looks like it's back to $5.

  • Expired, It's back up to 5$ now :(

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